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‘Be Prepared’: Violent 24-Hour Storm To Batter Britain As England and Wales On Track For Wettest April In 250 Years

The Telegraph – “Widepread flooding, property damage and power cuts are expected as April’s fiercest storm delivers another month’s rain and 70mph winds from tomorrow – but the Environment Agency says the drought has got worse.

Homes and businesses in York city centre were flooded today, with other roads and farmland submerged as an inch of rain fell, with tornadoes also expected.

Trains were cancelled and delayed in West Yorkshire, while beach hut owners sobbed as their holiday bases in Seaton, Devon, were destroyed in gales.

The Environment Agency had 13 flood warnings and 42 alerts in place – with the north-east worst-hit – with 38 previous alerts making a total of 93 in 48 hours.

The month’s most powerful storm will batter the country for 24 hours from Saturday with the south and west worst hit as two inches’ rain – almost a month’s worth – and 70mph winds strike.

Flooding and fallen trees are forecast. Damaged properties, downed power lines, bridge closures and cancelled ferries are likely.

The Met Office is considering upgrading the severe weather alert for England and Wales to amber – meaning ‘be prepared’ – one level below the maximum red alert meaning ‘take action.’

The Environment Agency expects to issue dozens more flood warnings and alerts.

Independent forecasters Netweather predicted 70mph gusts in Wales.

Deluges mean England and Wales are on track for the wettest April since records began in 1766.” Read more.

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