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‘Deliberate and Growing’: Christian Persecution From ‘Arab Spring’ Insurgents in Syria Becoming a Steadily Growing Reality, ‘It Will Never Be the Same Anymore’

“Jordan (MNN) ― Refugees who have fled to Jordan from Syria are telling mission leaders supported by Christian Aid Mission about deliberate, new persecution from the ‘Arab Spring’ insurgents who are seeking to overthrow the brutal Assad regime in Damascus.

Nearly 100,000 Christians so far have fled from Homs and other cities being targeted by government forces, but it is no longer just to escape the crossfire. Now, more reports are revealing that a new wave of persecution is deliberate and growing. As a result, Virginia-based Christian Aid Mission is sending additional aid to help the growing numbers of refugees which have fled to Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey.

‘It is over; we can’t get back what we lost,’ said one discouraged Christian refugee here in Jordan. ‘It will never be the same anymore for me or my family. We’ve lost hope.’ He said he had to flee with his family at night, because anti-Christian persecution in Syria is becoming a steadily growing reality.

‘I had my own business. I ran a supermarket, and we were financially stable. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Our dreams vanished when a group of terrorists threatened to kill my family, burn our house, and set fire to the supermarket if I didn’t pay them $7,000.

‘I paid the amount, hoping that they would leave us alone, but they did not. Instead, they kidnapped me for a whole week. They only let me go on one condition: that each month I would pay them the same amount.

‘What do you think I could do? I fled. I packed our stuff, taking only the basics. I took my family and came to Jordan. My son, Omar, has one year left to finish his bachelor’s degree, but now his dreams have vanished as well. I used to be a business owner…but now I am a laborer who can hardly provide the day-to-day basics for my family.’

Meanwhile, indigenous missionaries supported by Christian Aid are standing in the gap to help by visiting Syrian refugees in northern Jordan, sometimes every day. Like the grocer, they also have left everything. Many have lost sons and other family members since the fighting began.

Another older woman told native missionaries how close death is for Syrian Christians, ‘I was talking with friends next to our building when suddenly, from every direction, we heard gun shots. At the same moment, I watched my friends fall dead in front of me. I lost my friends in one second. I was also hit by a bullet. It fragmented my knee, and now I can’t walk normally.’

‘Only three weeks ago, two car bombs detonated in the middle of a Christian neighborhood in Syria, close to the Syrian Air Intelligence building. The explosions caused massive damage, turning walls to rubble.'” Read more.

  1. 04/20/2012 at 2:39 PM

    Reblogged this on Boudica BPI Weblog and commented:
    Obama advocated the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt and Ghaddafi in Libya and now Assad in Syria. He will seal the fate of Christians in Syria by his advocating bringing Assad down. America’s first openly pro-Muslim anti-Christian president. His voice is deafeningly silent on Christian persecution by Muslims.


  2. 04/21/2012 at 2:02 AM

    Obamas actions will result in his legacy as being the Presidency who created the oppurtunity and paved the way for the appearance of the A/C


  3. Nancy
    03/24/2013 at 8:54 PM

    Boud…That is truly nonsense. Obama has never advocated anything. He has supported the will of the people, which is what we call democracy. Some on the right have complained he hasn’t done more against the Assad regime. Don’t forget that Syria is supported by Iran and that includes Assad. The Arab spring was not brought on by the USA, rather by the people of these regions who are tired of living under dictators and oppression. Unfortunatly, there is some all out from it, but the people have spoken and I believe it is still a good thing that Mubarek and Ghaddafi are out. They were brutal dictators who killed and tortured their people as does Assad. Let’s hope that eventually, the region will figure things out for themselves. Turn to McCain and his cronies whom suggest intervening on overthrowing the regime…are they too, the pro-muslim folks you speak of? Remember, it was Obama that ordered the Seal operation to kill bin Laden. He has also been the one ordering the killing of major Al Qaeda operations all over the region and has faced much criticism for this with the drone program. This president has killed more leading muslims than any other president if the truth be known. Christians in the middlle east have always been a minority group. They actually had more tolerance under Saddam’s rule than they did after his overthrow. Don’t blame everything on Obama, as it gives you no credibility. The president may have influence, but he does not have the power you claim him to have.


  4. ICA
    03/24/2013 at 10:47 PM

    Hi Nancy, thank you for your comment. I am going to jump in briefly to address a few of your points.

    Nancy, “Obama has never advocated anything. He has supported the will of the people, which is what we call democracy.”

    Let it be known that “those people” are by and large radical Islamic fundamentalists who desire one thing: the implementation of an Islamic caliphate and the destruction of everything else.

    Syrian Rebels Form Movement To Create Islamic Caliphate, Destroy All Plans Of A ‘Civil Democratic State’ – “Allahu akbar! Leaders of numerous brigades inside Syria form a new brigade named Supporters of the Khilafah in the countryside of Aleppo. They pledge to be guardians of Islam and that they won’t settle for anything less than Khilafah [the Islamic Caliphate], even if they have to sacrifice their lives and souls…” Read more.

    The Syrian Revolution’s Dire Threat To Christians: ‘If An Islamic State Becomes The Reality … Expect A Full-Out Genocide Against Christians’ – “The Syrian Revolution geared toward the establishment of an Islamic state. As this revolution’s fire burns, therefore, it is no surprise that Islamists are massacring Christians. If an Islamic state becomes the reality in Syria, and the developments reveal that that will soon be the case, we can expect a full-out genocide against Christians to be implemented by the Islamists in Syria. The fall of Assad will mean a mass cleansing of anybody who believes in the Bible, since the Assad regime protects the Christian population.” Read more.

    Syrian Rebels: After Assad ‘We Have A Big Fight Against The Jews Ahead Of Us’ – “The results of Saudi Arabia’s tireless efforts were on display in Al-Midan, a suburb in southern Damascus where I recently interviewed rebel fighters. Mateen, a fighter who claimed to have traveled from Afghanistan, shared his ideas for Syria’s future after ridding it of the Assad dynasty. ‘We have to build a society of respect and brotherhood in accordance with the Prophet’s commandments … we have a big fight against the Jews ahead of us. We will take that up, God willing.’” Read more.

    Syrian Islamist Rebels To Christians: Prepare To Die If You Refuse To Convert To Islam Or Pay The ‘Jizyah’ – “This led to a question about the future of Syria’s minorities such as the Christians. Ahmed, Basah, and Hamid Hassan all agreed – Christians could only live there if they either converted, or paid the ‘Jizyah’ – a special tax levied on non-Muslims in previous centuries in the Middle East. If not said Bahar, they could be killed. When asked why, the answer was, to them, quite simple – because the Prophet Mohammed said so.” Read more.

    ‘A Dangerous Pattern’: Obama’s America Is Partnering With Al Qaeda In Syria, ‘We May Come To Regret Our Syrian Policy’ – “It is a twist of fate, or perhaps by design, that President Barack Obama’s Syria policy puts America in league with al Qaeda and other hardline Islamists helping to oust another dictator. We may come to regret our Syrian policy. Our policies that help Islamists are becoming a dangerous pattern for American Mideast interests. Remember, President Obama called for the ouster of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and now that country has an anti-American Muslim Brotherhood-run government. Obama joined NATO’s efforts to oust Libya’s dictator and as a result we got the Benghazi consulate attack tragedy and another Arab country brimming with Islamic extremists and criminal militias.” Read more.

    Nancy, “The Arab spring was not brought on by the USA, rather by the people of these regions who are tired of living under dictators and oppression.”

    Is it one monumental coincidence that after the “Arab Spring” began it then spread like wild fire under Obama’s administration? I think not. The Islamists responsible for the continuation of the Arab Spring have been enabled, empowered and emboldened by Barack Obama’s pro-Islamist policies and politically correct insanity.

    ‘Scores Of Known Radical Islamists Made Hundreds Of Visits To The Obama White House, Meeting With Top Administration Officials’ – “A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known radical Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials. Court documents and other records have identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations.” Read more.

    Muslim Brotherhood Officially Endorses President Obama’s Faith Adviser – “That’s right. The Muslim ‘Kill-All-Jews‘ Brotherhood is tickled pink by Barack Obama’s anti-Israel, pro-Islamist choice in spiritual matters. When a ‘There-Is-No-Freedom-In-Islam‘ and ‘Destroy-Western-Civilization-From-Within‘ pro-terror ‘political’ movement endorses the American President’s own chosen ‘faith adviser’, something is gravely ill in the Land of the Free …” Read more.

    Report: Barack Obama ‘Covertly Recruiting’ Muslims As U.S. Diplomats – “President Barack Obama is said to have been quietly recruiting Muslims to serve as U.S. diplomats. Judicial Watch said the Obama administration was hiring Muslims at the State Department. The fiscal watchdog said the recruitment was part of the administration’s outreach to Muslims to work for the federal government. ‘The Obama administration is covertly recruiting Muslims to work at the State Department as Foreign Service officers representing the United States in one of 265 American embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions worldwide,’ Judicial Watch said.” Read more.

    How Obama Engineered Mideast Radicalization – “This administration favored Islamists over secularists and helped them overthrow Hosni Mubarak, the reliable U.S. ally who had outlawed the terrorist Brotherhood and honored the peace pact with Israel for three decades. The Brotherhood, in contrast, has backed Hamas and called for the destruction of Israel. Now the administration is dealing with the consequences of its misguided king-making. Officials fear the new regime could invite al-Qaida, now run by an Egyptian exile, back into Egypt and open up a front with Israel along the Sinai. Result: more terrorists and higher gas prices.” Read more.

    ‘Deadly’: Barack Hussein Obama’s New Islamic World Order – “Three years after Obama appeared in Cairo to praise Islam, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Mohammed Morsi, the country’s new Islamist president, and urged the army to turn over power to him. In three years Egypt had gone from a stabilizing influence and a regional ally to a blossoming Sunni Iran. If Egypt’s transformation had been an isolated incident, it would still have been a foreign policy disaster, but it was actually part of a chain of such transformations with Islamists coming to power in Tunisia, Islamist thugs sweeping across Mali to enforce Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood emerging as the dominant force in Syria’s rebel council and likely transitional government under the auspices of Turkey’s AKP Islamist rulers.” Read more.

    Nancy, “I believe it is still a good thing that Mubarek and Ghaddafi are out. They were brutal dictators who killed and tortured their people as does Assad.”

    As bad as they were, it is now much worse.

    Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Holds Venomous Anti-Israel Rally, Vows to ‘One Day Kill All Jews’ – “A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo’s most prominent mosque Friday turned into a venomous anti-Israel protest, with attendants vowing to ‘one day kill all Jews.’ Some 5,000 people joined the rally, called to promote the ‘battle against Jerusalem’s Judaization.’ The event coincided with the anniversary of the United Nations’ partition plan in 1947, which called for the establishment of a Jewish state.” Read more.

    Muslim Brotherhood Elder: ‘Jerusalem Belongs to Us, and the Whole World Belongs to Us … the Caliphate Will Return’ – “We are the children of Islam, the children of prophecy, the children of ‘there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.’ I say unto you Gouraud, we will return and we will kill anyone who has polluted the al-Aqsa Mosque. I say unto you that we will return, as the day of Qurayza from long ago. I say unto you that we will return, as the day of Khaybar from long ago. I say unto you that we will return. Jerusalem belongs to us. Al-Aqsa belongs to us. Jerusalem belongs to us, and the whole world belongs to us. Every land upon which Islam has set foot will return to us. The caliphate will return to us, on the platform of prophecy.” Read more.

    Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader Qaradawi Defends Hitler, Calls For Nuclear Terror – “… Imam Yusuf al-Qaradawi, spiritual guide to the Muslim Brotherhood, has called on Muslims to acquire nuclear weapons ‘to terrorize their enemies.’ He also boycotted an interfaith meeting with Jews on grounds he believes they support murdering Muslims in Palestine, and he additionally said Muslims are permitted to kill Israeli women because they serve in the army.” Read more.

    Syria: Extremist Violence Intensifying, Islamists ‘Turn To God As If They Were Making A Sacrifice’ When Killing Christians – “‘Extremist violence is getting worse day by day. Muslim militias are killing anyone suspected of ties with the regime, including women and children. People in the neighbourhoods are comparing these days to the Ottoman conquest five centuries ago.’… ‘These fighters live for killing and violence. They act without pity and make distinctions among people,’ sources said. ‘When they kill, they turn to God as if they were making a sacrifice.’” Read more.

    Mass Arrests Of Christians, Reports Of Torture, Inconsistencies In Official Statements – ‘What Is Going On In Libya?’ – “Last week’s news of four Christian missionaries in Libya placed under arrest, possibly facing the death penalty for ‘proselytizing,’ is apparently the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday, Arabic media reported that over 100 Christian Copts from Egypt, who appear to have been living and working in Libya, were recently arrested in Ben Ghazi—also on the accusation, or pretext, of being ‘Christian missionaries.’ One video made by the Libyan militia interrogators—most of whom look like Islamic Salafis, with long beards and clipped mustaches—appeared on the Internet yesterday. It shows a room full of detained Copts. They sit hunched over on the floor—with all their hair shaven off, looking like dejected, or doomed, concentration camp prisoners.” Read more.

    Syria: Islamist Rebel Commander Injects Syringe Filled With Diesel Fuel Into Christian, ‘Die Slowly, Christian Dog’ – “Who are these snipers? Are they locals? This question seems crucial. Everyone in the region is either for or against Bashir al-Assad’s regime, it’s a bipolar world: Christians and Shia mostly for, Sunnis mostly against… ‘This is what they are like. One of the killers, the commander of the ‘Bara’ brigade, was found with a syringe full of diesel. He injected it into a man, a Christian, saying, ‘Die slowly, you Christian dog’.’” Read more.

    Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi Says Christians Must Convert To Islam, Pay ‘Jizya’, Or Leave Egypt, ‘Conquest Is Coming’ – “According to the popular Egyptian website, El Bashayer, Muhammad Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate, just declared that he will ‘achieve the Islamic conquest (fath) of Egypt for the second time, and make all Christians convert to Islam, or else pay the jizya,’ the additional Islamic tax, or financial tribute, required of non-Muslims, or financial tribute… After his interviewer pointed out that the first Muslim conquest of Egypt was ‘carried out at the hands of Amr bin al-As [in 641],’ he asked Morsi, ‘Who will the second Islamic conqueror be?’ Morsi, replied, ‘The second Muslim conqueror will be Muhammad Morsi,’ referring to himself, ‘and history will record it.’” Read more.

    Nancy, “Let’s hope that eventually, the region will figure things out for themselves.”

    Despite your optimism, it obviously won’t. It has gotten, and will continue to get, much worse.

    Nancy, “Remember, it was Obama that ordered the Seal operation to kill bin Laden. He has also been the one ordering the killing of major Al Qaeda operations all over the region and has faced much criticism for this with the drone program.”

    Martyring a few Al Qaeda leaders while enabling the same ideology promoted by Al Qaeda to flourish is not a step forward. It is many steps back. Just look at the state of the Middle East since Obama took office.

    Nancy, “Don’t blame everything on Obama, as it gives you no credibility.”

    Obama isn’t to blame for everything. But his distorted view of reality and his inability to be the type of leader that America and the world needs in this trying time has made this world a much more hostile place for both Jews and for Christians. Of that, there can be no doubt.

    Obama Policies Responsible For Imminent Slaughter In The Middle East – “[T]here’s a gradual shift in the culture taking place right now [in the Middle East] and it is turning back to original Islam. You have to understand, in World War 1, after the Ottoman Empire was finally crushed by the British, Islamic fundamentalism went to sleep for awhile. Now with these revolutions taking place and these dictators being ousted, Islamic fundamentalism is finally awakening, so right now we’re seeing the awakening stage. A dictator such as Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Mubarak and also Hafez al-Assad and his son who is in power right now, Bashar al-Assad, all of these dictators, they were suppressing Islamic fundamentalism in a very extreme and strict manner. And it was absolutely necessary and if you don’t understand the Middle East you won’t understand why they were so brutal. They had to be brutal to suppress the Islamic fundamentalist groups from arising and taking over the country. Well, now that we have supported the ousting of these dictatorships — for example, Bush helping … take out Saddam Hussein, now the Obama Administration was in support of the revolution in Egypt, in support of the revolution in Libya, now it’s supporting the revolution in Syria — this is bringing the Middle East into a very detrimental situation … Israel now has to deal with a Muslim Brotherhood-Egypt and a Hamas-Gaza. It has to deal with a Hezbollah-Lebanon … they’re gonna be dealing with in a very great deal a Muslim Brotherhood-Syria because the rebels are becoming very, very powerful. They have taken over the majority of the villages bordering on the Golan Heights so the frontiers of Israel are in great danger if Syria, that is, becomes a Muslim Brotherhood country and Bashar al-Assad is gone — which I believe it will happen …

    You have Qaradawi, who is the major intellect for the Muslim Brotherhood right now. He is a Hitler sympathizer. He said that he hopes for one day that the Muslims will do to the Jews what Hitler did. The only difference is that [they] will finish the job that Hitler started. So they are, this is a Nazi sympathizing organization, for one, and right now what we’re seeing is … systematic methods used by the Egyptian government right now to suppress Christian rights … for example a church can’t be built in certain areas, Bibles can’t be read, if a Christian [convert was from] Islam he gets thrown into prison, if a church pastor for example preaches out against the government he can be executed or thrown into prison or tortured … All of these despotic ways of governing, all of these things, they are foreshadowing a coming slaughter.” Read more.


  5. Willard
    03/25/2013 at 1:05 AM

    I think this artical pretty much says all we need to know about Obama and exactly how ignorant the man is



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