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South Africa: No End In Sight To Zandvlei’s Big Fish Die-Off, Thousands Of Dead Fish Removed, Thousands More Appear To Be Dying

By Neo Maditla, IOL News – “Muizenberg residents say they are still in the dark about what is killing the fish in the Zandvlei estuary, after yet another weekend removing thousands of fish from the vlei.

When the Cape Argus reported on the problem last month Belinda Walker, the mayoral committee member for economic, environmental and spatial planning, said oxygen depletion in the water was probably the cause.

But on Monday, estuary management staff, law enforcement officers and residents were still removing dead fish from the vlei while thousands more appeared to be dying.

Muizenberg resident Pierre Niehaus said they had removed thousands of dead fish, big and small, from the water.

He said he used to let his dogs swim in the water but has stopped because the dogs developed a skin irritation.

Bob Craske, a Marina da Gama resident for the past 10 years, said other residents who had lived in the area longer than he said they last had a problem like this in the 1970s and 1980s.

Craske said the problem would have been worse had it not been for the small Zandvlei estuary staff who had been working with residents to remove the dead fish and take survivors to the sea: ‘Without them this would have been 10 times worse. It would have been disgusting.’

Garnet Prince, a member of the Cape Piscatorial Society, said some members fished in the vlei but had stopped when the fish started dying.

Poachers had used pitchforks and dived into the water to catch the fish, some of which were endangered, which was not allowed.

Prince said the incident was unfortunate because the vlei was one of the healthiest. ‘Two months ago we saw steenbras in the vlei – they have not been seen here for the past 10 years.'” Read more.

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