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Egypt: Former Mubarak Intelligence Chief Warns Against War with Israel if Brotherhood Wins Presidential Election

There’s a very good reason why the Muslim Brotherhood was banned under Hosni Mubarak. Just don’t remind the current US administration. Reality would jolt President Obama out of a willingly blissful slumber …

By Elad Benari, INN – “A day after he was barred from the Egyptian presidential race, the country’s former intelligence chief warned Sunday against a win by the extreme Muslim Brotherhood.

Former intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, who was appointed by ex-President Hosni Mubarak as vice president in the dying days of his administration, was one of ten candidates who were barred from running in the May election on Saturday.

The Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) excluded Suleiman allegedly on the basis of the geographical distribution of the signatures on his candidacy registration, according to the daily Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The regulations call for a candidate’s application to include a minimum of 1,000 signatures from 15 separate governorates in order to qualify for the race.

On Sunday, according to a report on IDF Radio, Suleiman expressed his fear that Israel will have to invade the Sinai Peninsula if the Muslim Brotherhood ends up winning the presidential election.

The report cited an interview Suleiman gave to an Egyptian newspaper and in which he said, ‘I fear that incorrect judgments will push us into confrontations with Israel. The Sinai may become an area from which rockets are fired into Israel and the parties may be drawn into war.'” Read more.

Flashback: Grad Rocket Fired From Egypt Hits Israeli City of Eilat, Netanyahu Says Israel Will Not Hesitate to Strike Those Who Seek to Harm Its Citizens – “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to recent rocket fire on Eilat from Sinai saying Israel’s security establishment was ‘well aware of the fact that Sinai is turning into a rocket launching pad for terrorists. ‘We are building a fence. It can’t stop missiles but we will find a solution for that. We will strike those who aim to harm us,’ he said Thursday.” Read more.

Flashback: Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Holds Venomous Anti-Israel Rally, Vows to ‘One Day Kill All Jews’ – “Arab hate: A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo’s most prominent mosque Friday turned into a venomous anti-Israel protest, with attendants vowing to ‘one day kill all Jews.’ Some 5,000 people joined the rally, called to promote the ‘battle against Jerusalem’s Judaization.’ The event coincided with the anniversary of the United Nations’ partition plan in 1947, which called for the establishment of a Jewish state… Speakers at the event delivered impassioned, hateful speeches against Israel, slamming the ‘Zionist occupiers’ and the ‘treacherous Jews.’” Read more.

Flashback: ‘Egypt will never be the friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity which we consider as the first enemy of Egypt’ – “It’s amazing what ‘freedom’ has brought to Egypt. Rejecting $1 billion in US aid would almost be laughable, if the possible implications were not so serious. Last month the Muslim Brotherhood had apparently come to the conclusion that it was Halal to extort the United States by threatening, for all intents and purposes, to wage war against Israel if America cut off aid to Egypt. Now they’re threatening to reject it all together, and all this while making it loud and clear that Egypt will ‘never be the friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity’, even moving to halt all gas exports to ‘the first enemy of Egypt’. It almost seems to me like the Islamists are itching for that war after all.” Read more.

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