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Gigantic, Softball-Sized Hail Expected to Rain Down on Midwest, South This Weekend

By Jeremy A. Kaplan, FOX News – “Questions about the incredible images of ping-pong ball sized stones forming a four-foot deep wall on the Texas panhandle were answered Friday when the National Weather Service declared them legitimate — with a warning that you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Baseball- or even softball-sized hail could hit the South this weekend, NWS officials warned Friday.

‘I do think we’ll see larger hail over the next couple days,’ Justyn Jackson, a meteorologist with the Amarillo, Tex., Weather Forecast Office, told FoxNews.com. ‘It’s possible that we could maybe see baseball-sized hail, maybe even softball-sized. That’s not out of the realm of possibility.’

‘We think it’s going to be east of our area — Oklahoma, Kansas, those areas,’ Jackson said.

Images posted on the NWS Facebook page late Thursday showed some of the six scientists and meteorologists sent to the sparsely populated region of Potter County, where hailstones the size of golf balls or ping-pong balls fell following a severe and slow moving thunderstorm that drifted over the Texas panhandle.

The National Weather Service estimated that in 2 hours in the late afternoon, 5 to 6 inches of rain fell in a very small area in Northern Potter County, 26 miles north of Amarillo.

‘We had a slow moving thunderstorm develop about 20 miles northwest of Amarillo that parked itself over the northern part of Potter County — it produced quite a bit of hail,’ Jackson said.

One picture showed a Potter County fireman standing near what appears to be a giant gray boulder, about shoulder height — actually a block of ice compacted by rain and floodwater across the area.

‘Hail … up to the size of golfballs fell with the heavy rain,’ the Weather Service said in an advisory. More severe even than golfballs falling from the sky was the runoff from the heavy rains, which pushed the hail into three to four foot drifts across U.S. Highway 287 — closing the route for over 12 hours due to flooding.” Read more.

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