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Tunisia: Two Men Sentenced to 7.5-Years in Prison for Insulting Islam, Tunisian President Supports Conviction

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AP – “Tunis: Two men have been convicted and sentenced to prison in Tunisia for posting on Facebook images of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), a court decision that drew support on Friday from the presidency of this once staunchly secular country.

Jaber Majeri and Gazi Jribi were convicted on March 28 by a Tunisian court for ‘insulting the sacred’ after they posted images of the Prophet with one of his wives, Aisha. They were each sentenced to seven and a half years in prison and fined $800 (Dh2,940).

The verdict, which was made public on Thursday, has been condemned by some as an attack on freedom of expression and a mark of the rising tide of religious conservatism in the country since a popular uprising ousted a dictator a year ago.

Since the fall of Zine Al Abidine Bin Ali, a moderate Islamist party Al Nahada won elections in October but has promised not to enshrine Islamic law in the new constitution. That has put it at odds with a vocal minority of Salafis.” Read more.

Flashback: Tunisia: Concerns Grow Over ‘Morality Police’ as Islamists Roam Streets Terrifying Women and Youth – “Bearded men roam the streets and batter with their batons those whom they perceive different from their sect, terrifying women and youths. Tunisian woman Monia Jawadi emphatically described what the country would look if it were to institutionalise its first morality police. Reports that Tunisia may establish a committee for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice have sent waves of anxiety among citizens, especially as the country struggles to preserve its social gains.” Read more.

Flashback: ‘A New Cycle of Civilization’: Tunisia’s Islamists Hail Arrival of the ‘Sixth Caliphate’ – “The Islamist politician likely to become Tunisia’s first democratically elected prime minister has alarmed liberals and secularists by claiming the arrival of the ‘sixth caliphate’, a controversial term for a Muslim empire. Hamadi Jebeli, secretary-general of Ennahda, the moderate Islamist party which romped to victory in last month’s elections, told a rally in the city of Sousse: ‘My brothers, you are at a historic moment in a new cycle of civilisation, God willing. We are in sixth caliphate…” Read more.

Michigan: Judge Slaps Dearborn with Restraining Order in Terry Jones Case

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If Terry Jones wishes to protest against the hatred and anti-Semitism of Islam in front of one of the largest mosques in America, the First Amendment gives him every right to do so. The Islamists of Dearborn, of course, want nothing more than to shut down the First Amendment when it comes to those who are critical of Mohammed and the teachings of Islam, but have absolutely no qualms taking advantage of it when it suits themUS Constitution: 1, Sharia Law: 0. At least in this case. For now.  Hopefully, however, Jones and others will not resort to burning the Qur’an again. Although protected by the First Amendment, it is unnecessary, unproductive and serves to do nothing other than draw attention away from the real issue: the hatred, racism, supremacy, sexual immorality and bigotry taught by the ‘prophet’ of Islam …

By J. Patrick Pepper – “DETROIT — A federal judge sided with Terry Jones Thursday and granted a temporary restraining order against the city of Dearborn.

Calling it ‘clearly unconstitutional,’ U.S. District Judge Denise Page Hood blasted the city’s demand that Jones and his supporters sign a hold-harmless agreement in order to obtain a permit to speak against Islam in front of Dearborn’s Islamic Center of America.

City attorneys had argued previously that the requirement is standard for any special event. Generally, a hold-harmless agreement would absolve the city of liability for anything that happens during a special event with the terms and conditions subject to the legal department’s discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Hood took particular exception to the last part.

‘It is well recognized that an ordinance which grants an administrative body or government official unfettered discretion to regulate the licensing of activities protected by the First Amendment is unconstitutional,’ she wrote in her order.

Jones, whose presence nearly led to a riot last time he demonstrated in Dearborn, now will be able to hold his event without the agreement. Jones’ attorneys with the Thomas More Law Center said the city dropped the requirement for the hold-harmless agreement just minutes before Hood filed her opinion.” Read more.

Iran: Historical Christian Cemetery, Church Demolished in Kerman

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“Sometime ago we heard that Islamic republic agents destroyed a historical church building overnight in Kerman and now it is reported that a historical Christian cemetery, over 200 years old, has been completely demolished in Kerman province.

According to Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News, a historical graveyard in the Ghal’e-dokhtar area in Kerman province ‘has completely demolished’.

Based on this report, local people estimate that this cemetery has existed for more than two hundred years.

The news service of a cultural heritage organization quoted Mohammad Mehdi Afzali, head of public relations in the Cultural Heritage organization of Kerman as saying, ‘Destruction of this cemetery was conducted as part of a project by the municipality and Cultural Heritage organization, to release lands around Ghal’e-Dokhtar and Ghal’e Ardeshir’.

‘After the reports and photos of this destruction were published by news services, a team of experts of the Cultural Heritage office of Kerman was sent out to the cemetery to prepare an expert report’ he added.

Of course, Mr. Afzali denied this report in an interview with the pro-regime news service, IRNA on Wednesday…

Prior to this report, a historical church building in Kerman, which was registered as a national monument, was brought down using bulldozers. The church building was registered as a national monument in 2009 and so had to be protected and restored. However, it was completely destroyed overnight using heavy machinery for unknown reasons.” Read more.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Puts Up Second Presidential Candidate, Another Islamist Party Nominates Cleric Banned From France

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Just to be on the safe side …

AFP – “CAIRO — The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s top political force, announced it was putting up a second presidential candidate for May elections in case its first choice was not allowed to stand.

The candidature of the Islamist group’s number two, Khairat al-Shater, looked to be in doubt. Shater was freed from prison in March 2011 after having been jailed by a military court for seven years on charges of terrorism and money laundering.

The Muslim Brotherhood, whose Freedom and Justice Party won the most seats in parliamentary elections earlier this year, said it was putting forward party chairman Mohammed Morsi as an ‘alternative candidate.'” Read more.

Egypt’s Islamist group names cleric banned from France for president – AP – “An ultraconservative Islamist party in Egypt has put forward a leading Muslim cleric recently banned from entering France as its presidential candidate. The Gamaa Islamiya, or Islamic Group, said Saturday that it has chosen Safwat Hegazy, a prominent imam who took part in last year’s protests that toppled President Hosni Mubarak. France barred Hegazy last month from entering the country along with a number of other high-profile Muslim clerics on the grounds that they ‘call for hatred and violence.'” Read more.

US and Israel “shocked” after Egypt Gen. Omar Suleiman drops out of presidential race, radical Islamist power now unstoppable – “Egyptian intelligence strongman Gen. Omar Suleiman’s decision, finalized Thursday, April 5, to drop out of the presidential race in the June election shocked Washington and Jerusalem and dashed their hopes of a figure capable of halting or at least offsetting the Muslim Brotherhood’s monopoly of power in post-Mubarak Egypt. The Supreme Military Council ruling Egypt, the SCAF, concluded in a series of secret conferences that Brotherhood and radical lslamist power had become unstoppable…” Read more.

Nigeria: At Least 50 Killed in Kaduna After Suspected Islamists Detonate Car Bomb Near Church During Easter Service

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Update: New reports now indicate at least 50 have been killed …

“LAGOS, Nigeria – A car bomb exploded along a busy roadway Sunday morning in a central Nigeria city, killing at least 38 people in the latest attack on a region beset by religious, ethnic and political violence, an official said.

The blast struck Kaduna, the capital of Kaduna state, leaving charred motorcycles and debris strewn across a major road in the city where many gather to eat at informal restaurants and buy black market gasoline. Nearby hotels had their windows blown out of by the force of the powerful explosion, which engulfed a group of motorcycle taximen.

At least 38 people were killed in the blast, said Abubakar Zakari Adamu, a spokesman for the Kaduna state Emergency Management Agency. Others suffered serious injuries and were receiving treatment at local hospitals, Adamu said.

The explosion badly damaged the nearby All Nations Christian Assembly Church as churchgoers worshipped at an Easter service, the possible target of the bomber. Witnesses said it appeared the explosive-laden car attempted to go into the compound of that church before it detonated.

‘We were in the holy communion service and I was exhorting my people and all of a sudden, we heard a loud noise that shattered all our windows and doors, destroyed our fans and some of our equipment in the church,’ Pastor Joshua Raji said.

Another witness, Augustine Vincent, said he was riding a motorcycle just behind the car when it exploded.

‘God saw our heart and saved us,’ he said.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, though suspicion immediately fell on a radical Islamist sect known as Boko Haram.” Read more.

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