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MSNBC: Fukushima Reactor 2 ‘Beyond Human Capability’ And Worsening

Finally, I agree with something that Rachel Maddow has reported on …

Host: “So think about this. How do you fix this problem? How do you repair what’s wrong in Reactor 2? It’s not gonna fix itself. Human beings cannot get near enough to this problem and live long enough to fix the problem. We cannot even send robot remote-control things in there  to fix the problem because either because it’s too radioactive even for electronics… An executive at the power company told the New York Times this week, ‘With levels of radiation extremely high we would need to develop equipment that can tolerate high radiation.’ … We’re gonna have to try to invent something [to fix the problem] while the problem gets worse and worse and worse. It is beyond human capability. And the really bad news is that this apparently is the good news. Reactor number 2, the one they went into, that’s in the best shape. They can’t even figure out how to determine what’s going on in Reactors 1 and 3 because the radiation levels there are reportedly even higher …”

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