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Islamization of America Accelerates

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By Pamela Geller, WND – “This has been a week of attempted advances for the Islamization of America (and Britain as well). Those who think it isn’t happening should ponder the case of Wegmans, a supermarket in Rochester, N.Y. Wegmans has put up a sign asking customers buying pork or alcohol not to use a particular checkout line when a Muslim teenager is on duty as the cashier. Only after public pressure from readers of my site and Robert Spencer’s did the sign come down.

This was more Islamization of the marketplace. This is a pattern. If you don’t want to handle meat that’s not halal, work for a Muslim butcher. Don’t take a job at Wegmans, Wal-Mart or Target. But this Muslim cashier’s special line was not about that. It was about imposing Islam on non-Muslims. Muslims are seeking special accommodations for a ‘special class.’ (Islamic law places Muslims in a special class, giving them rights that non-Muslims do not have.)

This was part of a systematic campaign to impose the Shariah on the secular marketplace. Muslim workers suing Disney over its 60-year-old dress code or Muslim cashiers strong-arming Wal-Mart and Target over their refusal to handle meat that is not halal is all part of a much larger supremacist effort. It has succeeded in Europe, which is all but doomed. They mean to replicate it here. This is well-documented in my book, ‘Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.’

When I posted about Wegmans’ initial capitulation to Shariah at, I received an email from a man with a disability that requires him to use a service dog. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, a disabled person with a service dog must be allowed public accommodation and admittance. But when he entered a kabob restaurant in Virginia, the Muslim owner immediately confronted him, made a scene about his dog and demanded that he leave. (Muslims consider dogs unclean.) Only after the disabled man told him about the ADA and threatened to file a complaint did he reluctantly allow him to stay. He had to give in, but Muslim cab drivers in Europe have already refused blind passengers with seeing-eye dogs, and Islamic supremacist groups are certain to demand exemption from the ADA sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Robert Spencer has a groundbreaking book coming out later this month: ‘Did Muhammad Exist?’ It is a bombshell. I have read it, and I can tell you that it shatters every conventional and accepted myth on the history of Muhammad and Islam.” Read more.

Mali: Fabled City of Timbuktu Seized by Islamists, Sharia Law Imposed, More Than 90% of Christians Flee

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By RUKMINI CALLIMACHI, The Associated Press – “Bamako, Mali • Mali’s crisis deepened Wednesday, as officials in the fabled northern city of Timbuktu confirmed that the Islamic rebel faction that seized control of the town over the weekend has announced it will impose sharia law.

Rebels in the country’s distant north have taken advantage of the power vacuum created last month when renegade soldiers in the capital of Bamako overthrew the nation’s democratically elected leader. In the chaos that followed the March 21 coup, they advanced on strategic towns in the north, including the ancient city of Timbuktu, located over 620 miles from the capital.

The ethnic Tuareg rebels included a secular faction fighting for independence, and an Islamic wing, Ansar Dine, whose reclusive leader called a meeting of all the imams in the city on Tuesday to make his announcement.

‘He had the meeting to make his message to the people known, that sharia law is now going to be applied,’ said the Mayor of Timbuktu Ousmane Halle, who was reached by telephone. ‘When there is a strongman in front of you, you listen to him. You can’t react,’ he said, when asked what the reaction was of the imams of a historic town known for its religious pluralism and its moderate interpretation of Islam.

‘Things are going to heat up here. Our women are not going to wear the veil just like that,’ said the mayor.

Kader Kalil, the director of a communal radio station who was asked to cover the meeting and who later interviewed the Ansar Dine leader Iyad Ag Ghali, confirmed that sharia had been imposed.

He said in addition to the wearing of the veil, thieves will be punished by having their hands cut off and adulterers will be stoned to death.

In a show of force, the Islamic rebels on Wednesday drove through the town in a tank-like armored-personnel carrier, their ominous black flag flapping in the wind above the cannon.

More than 90 percent of the city’s roughly 300 Christians have fled since the city fell to the rebels on Sunday, said Baptist Pastor Nock Ag Info Yattara, who is now in Bamako. He said not one of the 205 people in his congregation, which has worshipped in Timbuktu since the 1950s, has stayed behind. ‘We cannot live like that,’ he said.” Read more.

Egypt: Islamic Court Sentences Christian Teen to Three Years in Jail for Insulting Islam

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By Katherine Weber, Christian Post Reporter – “An Egyptian court has sentenced this week a 17-year-old Coptic student to three years in jail for posting drawings of the prophet Muhammad on his Facebook profile in Dec. 2011. The court ruled that the images were offensive to Islam and mocked the prophet.

‘Assiut child’s court ordered the jailing of Gamal Abdou Massoud … for three years after he insulted Islam and published and distributed pictures that insulted Islam and its Prophet,’ a statement issued by the court read, as reported by Reuters.

The images appeared on Massoud’s Facebook page in December of last year, and caused riots and attacks on Coptic Christians in his hometown of Assuit, in southern Egypt.

Villagers attacked Massoud’s home as well as the homes of other Christians, and security and military forces were reportedly dispersed across Massoud’s hometown to prevent further vandalism, firing tear gas at the Muslim protesters.

Several Christian homes were burned during the attacks, and several Christians were injured.

Massoud was also accused of distributing the images to some of his school friends. The teen argued that he did not upload the offensive drawings onto his Facebook account, but rather they were posted without his knowledge.” Read more.


President Obama Calls Jesus ‘A Son of God’ Who ‘Knew Doubt’ During Annual Easter Prayer Breakfast

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1 Thessalonians 5:21, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”

Reflecting upon the “triumph of the resurrection” of Christ and the “all-important gift of grace”,  it seemed good at first glance to hear President Obama taking an apparent step forward at the annual Easter Prayer Breakfast, hosted by the White House yesterday. Knowing that speeches are planned and reviewed well in advance and that words are chosen carefully, it was therefore disappointing to then hear Obama refer to Christ as “a Son of God” — not as the Son of God, the only begotten [unique] Son of the Father — and that Christ was one who “knew doubt”:

It’s an opportunity for us to reflect on the triumph of the resurrection, and to give thanks for the all-important gift of grace.  And for me, and I’m sure for some of you, it’s also a chance to remember the tremendous sacrifice that led up to that day, and all that Christ endured — not just as a Son of God, but as a human being.

Unlike President Obama, Scripture never refers to Jesus as merely “a” Son of God. Yes, Scripture declares all who believe in Him to be sons and daughters of God, but Christ is the preeminent and only begotten [monogenēs, “unique“] Son of the living God, a Truth to which every single related reference in the whole of Scripture testifies. It may sound trivial, but often something as seemingly insignificant as the word “a” can be what distinguishes sound Christian doctrine from the kingdom of the cults. Much of what is said can be truth or fall within the pale of orthodoxy, but it is then mixed with “tiny” lies, just enough to poison the meaning and the message. John 1:1, in referring to Jesus Christ as the Word [Logos], declares that “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Yet the New World Translation used by Jehovah’s Witnesses, for instance, takes John 1:1 and changes the original text’s intended meaning to say that “the Word was a god” and, as such, teach that Jesus is not Almighty God, but rather a “mighty” yet lesser god only.

For like us, Jesus knew doubt.  Like us, Jesus knew fear.  In the garden of Gethsemane, with attackers closing in around him, Jesus told His disciples, “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.”  He fell to his knees, pleading with His Father, saying, “If it is possible, may this cup be taken from me.”

Jesus was fully man, but He was also fully God. Sure, the humanity that Christ took upon Himself would have naturally allowed Jesus to be tempted (Matt 4:1) or to feel apprehension and physical distress in knowing that His preordained purpose — to die an agonizing death for the sins of the world — was about to be fulfilled. It would have been a Read more…

Grad Rocket Fired From Egypt Hits Israeli City of Eilat, Netanyahu Says Israel Will Not Hesitate to Strike Those Who Seek to Harm Its Citizens

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By Gabe Kahn – “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to recent rocket fire on Eilat from Sinai saying Israel’s security establishment was ‘well aware of the fact that Sinai is turning into a rocket launching pad for terrorists.

‘We are building a fence. It can’t stop missiles but we will find a solution for that. We will strike those who aim to harm us,’ he said Thursday.

Overnight on Wednesday, terrorists fired three rockets at Israel’s southern resort city of Eilat.

One Grad rocket exploded in a construction site in a residential area in the city. No injuries or damage were reported.

Senior security officials decided to put the IDF on its highest state of alert over the Passover holiday – which begins Friday evening – as a result.

The move comes one week after IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz canceled the customary Passover leaves saying he did not believe an army should go on holiday.

The IDF has been on high alert across the Israel-Egypt border following several attempts to mount terror attacks in the sector.” Read more.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Visits White House – “White House officials held talks with representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood in Washington this week, as the Islamist group threw itself into the fray in Egypt’s presidential election. The meeting on Tuesday with low-level National Security Council staff was part of a series of US efforts to broaden engagement with new and emerging political parties following Egypt’s revolution last year, a US official said. The White House pointed out that Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, and other US lawmakers and officials had also met with Brotherhood representatives in Egypt and elsewhere in recent months.” Read more.

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