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Wisconsin: Stronger Booms Heard in Clintonville

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“CLINTONVILLE – The booming and shaking continues in Clintonville.

Clintonville police say they received about 65 calls Tuesday night, from people reporting three or four loud booms. Officials say the calls came in from 10:35 until 11:40 p.m.

Authorities say the reports came from the same part of the city that has been experiencing the booms for more than a week, but there were also some reports farther west, including Clinton Avenue. Several callers told police that these booms were stronger than those from last week, but no damage has been reported.

City officials have been in contact with the U.S. Geological Survey about the latest booms. City Administrator Lisa Kuss says she called them last night when the booms were reported, she says she plans to touch base with them again Wednesday morning.

Kuss is reminding Clintonville residents to stay patient during this time.

Last week, officials confirmed a magnitude 1.5 earthquake hit the city.” Source – WLUK-TV.

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Forced Conversions Hike Pakistan Minorities’ Fears

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“LAHORE (Pakistan) – It was barely 4am when 19-year-old Rinkal Kumari disappeared from her home in a small village in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. When her parents awoke they found only her slippers and a scarf outside the door.

A few hours later her father got a call telling him his daughter, a Hindu, had converted to Islam to marry a Muslim boy.

Only days later, Ms Seema Bibi, a Christian woman in the province of Punjab, was kidnapped along with her four children after her husband couldn’t repay a loan to a large landlord. Within hours, her husband was told his wife had converted to Islam and wouldn’t be coming home. Ms Seema Bibi escaped, fled the village and has gone underground with her husband and children.

Hindu and Christian representatives say forced conversions to Islam have become the latest weapon of Islamic extremists in what they call a growing campaign against Pakistan’s religious minorities, on top of assassinations and mob intimidation of houses of worship. The groups are increasingly wondering if they still have a place in Pakistan.

‘It is a conspiracy that Hindus and Christians and other minorities should leave Pakistan,’ says Mr Amar Lal, the lawyer representing Ms Kumari in the Supreme Court. ‘As a minority, we feel more and more insecure. It is getting worse day by day.’…

‘Christian and Hindu girls are targeted more and more,’ says Father Emmanuel Yousaf, who heads the National Commission for Justice and Peace, an organization born out of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference.” Read more.

Flashback: Pakistan: Study: 74% of women from minority communities suffer sexual harassment – “Around 74 percent of Pakistani women from minority communities — Christians and Hindus — were sexually harassed, while 43 percent faced religious discrimination at workplaces in 2010 and 2011, a study said. Around 27 percent of minority women faced discrimination in admission to educational institutions and were forced to take Islamic studies for absence of any alternative subject, said National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) executive director Peter Jacob.”Read more.

‘Ongoing Ethnic Cleansing’: Syrian Violence Drives 50,000 Christians From City Of Homs, Many Fear a ‘Second Iraq’

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“Damascus, Syria, Mar 27, 2012 / 04:04 am (CNA).- Almost all Christians in the conflict-torn Syrian city of Homs have fled violence and persecution, amid reports that their homes have been attacked and seized by ‘fanatics’ with links to al-Qaida.

With ninety percent of Christians having reportedly left their homes, the violence is driving fears that Syria could become a ‘second Iraq’ with church attacks, kidnappings and forced expulsions of believers.

The exodus of 50,000 or more Christians has taken place largely in the past six weeks. It is part of al-Qaida-linked militant Islamic groups’ ‘ongoing ethnic cleansing’ of Christians, according to Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

Homs has been home to one of Syria’s largest Christian populations and Church sources say that the faithful have borne the brunt of the violence. They have escaped to villages, many of which are in mountains 30 miles outside the city.

Islamists have allegedly gone from house to house in the Homs neighborhoods of Hamidiya and Bustan al-Diwan and have forced Christians to leave without giving them a chance to take their belongings.

The crisis in Homs has increased fears that Islamists are gaining influence in the region in the power vacuum left by the overthrow of other Arab governments in the ‘Arab Spring.’

The comparisons with Iraq are also ominous.” Read more.

Egypt: Islamist MP Insists They Will Apply Sharia Law, Secularists Pull Out Of Constituent Panel Drafting New Constitution

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“Egypt’s Construction and Development Party (CDP) ‘won’t give up the application of the Sharia [Islamic law]’ in Egypt, an Egyptian MP representing the party told an Egyptian daily on Monday. CDP is the political party of Egypt’s al-Jamaa al-Islamiya.

Hani Nour Eddin said that his party ‘will defend the second article of the (1971) constitution,’ which stipulates that the principles of Sharia are the main source of legislation in the country, Egypt’s al-Masry al-Youm quoted him as saying.

Nour Eddin said that there is no disagreement among Egyptian political powers over the second article of the constitution, adding that his party is open to suggestions that are in accordance with the principles of Sharia.

CDP has finalized a draft of the constitution to be introduced during the constituent assembly meetings, Nour Eddin said, adding that legal experts have contributed to the draft that the Shura Council of the group and its party leaders have made.” Read more.

Egypt secularists pull out of constituent assembly – “Liberal and leftist parties have pulled out of a panel drafting Egypt’s new constitution, they announced on Tuesday, accusing Islamists of monopolising the process to deliver its post-revolution charter. The withdrawals from the panel will call its legitimacy into question, pushing the struggle between Islamists and secularists over the issue to crisis point. ‘We announce our rejection of the way the constituent assembly was formed,’ Ahmed Said, the head of the liberal Free Egyptians party, told reporters.” Read more.

Flashback: Crucifixion and Amputation: Egyptian MP Proposes Sharia Law Punishments for Murder, Theft Crimes – “… The proposed law calls for the application of ‘Heraba,’ an Islamic penalty for criminal actions that include overt robbery, murder, forcible taking of property with a weapon and vandalizing public facilities. The penalties according to Azzazy’s bill are execution in the case of murder, or cutting one arm and one leg from opposite sides of the culprit’s body in the cases of robbery and forcible taking of property. If the taking of possessions is accompanied by murder, the penalty would be death or crucifixion, to be determined by the judge.” Read more.

France: President Sarkozy Bans ‘Radical’ Imams from Entering France

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Sarkozy believes that Islam has nothing to do with acts inspired by the inherent hatred written within the pages of the Qur’an and the Hadith, yet bans one of the world’s most influential Islamic figures who just so happens to also be one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s spiritual leaders. This obviously begs the question: What religion does the French President believe these people are following? …

By RACHEL RICKARD STRAUS – “France is to ban radical Muslim preachers from entering the country as part of a crackdown after shootings by an al Qaeda-inspired gunman in Toulouse, President Nicolas Sarkozy said today.

The President said he would block the entry of some imams invited to an Islamic conference next month, organised by the Union of French Islamic Organisations (UOIF).

The UOIF, one of three Muslim federations in France, is regarded as close to Egypt’s Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

‘I have clearly indicated that there certain people who have been invited to this congress who are not welcome on French soil,’ Mr Sarkozy told France Info radio.

The crackdown follows the murder of seven people in Toulouse by Islamic extremist Mohammed Merah, 23…

One imam banned by the President is Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian cleric based in Qatar who is one of the most prominent Sunni Muslim clerics in the Arab world and a household name in the Middle East due to regular appearances on the Al Jazeera news channel.” Read more.

Report: Islamists Recruited Fighters in Nice, France – “French police discovered an Islamist network, four months ago in Nice, which recruited 30 Muslim youth to fight coalition forces in Afghanistan, according to a Tuesday-morning report by Kol Yisrael government radio. Arrested in the case was Omar Diabi, a Muslim preacher born in Senegal, who was a member of an organization that was banned at the beginning of the month. Mohammad Merah, who murdered seven people in the Toulouse area – including a teacher and four children at the Otzar Hatorah synagogue, was a member of the organization, as was his brother, who is under investigation in the case.” Source – INN.

Boy beaten near Paris Jewish school amid tensions – “A 12-year-old boy was beaten outside his Jewish school in Paris by youths reciting anti-Semitic slogans, school officials said, amid high security and tensions in France following killings of Jewish children and a rabbi last week. The boy did not suffer serious injuries… Jean-Paul Amoyelle, president of the Ozar Hatorah network in France, lamented Monday’s beating. ‘There was a feeling of solidarity for our schools after this drama (in Toulouse),’ he told The Associated Press. ‘Now I fear that this has provoked a hostile reaction, shown by the attitude of these boys who called him dirty Jew and beat him up.'” Read more.

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