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Forcing Women to Marry Their Rapists

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By Arnold Ahlert – “While American progressives remain in high dudgeon over a woman’s ‘right’ to ‘free’ government-provided contraception, a genuine woman’s rights issue has been unfolding in Morocco. In Larache, near the city of Tangiers, 16-year-old Amina Filali committed suicide after she was forced by a judge to marry. Whom did the judge force her to marry? Her rapist. ‘The prosecutor advised my daughter to marry, he said ‘go and make the marriage contract,’’ said Lahcen Filali, the girl’s father. Thus, once again the wonders of Sharia-based jurisprudence are revealed.

This outrage is actually codified. Article 475 of the Moroccan penal code states that a rapist may be exonerated of his crime if he marries his victim. In Morocco, rape is punishable by five to ten years in prison, but the sentence doubles to ten to twenty years if the victim is a minor. The law is designed to protect the honor of the family, which is considered stained when a woman loses her virginity prior to getting married. Marrying one’s rapist simultaneously ‘restores’ that honor and exonerates the rapist of his crime.

Incredibly, the 26-year-old attacker initially refused to marry his victim, and only relented when faced with prosecution. Perhaps his reluctance was bolstered by the reality that, in many cases of reported sexual misconduct, Moroccan law puts the burden of proof on the victim. If a woman can’t prove she was attacked, she risks being prosecuted for debauchery.

Apparently Amina Filali, raped a year earlier at the age of 15, couldn’t cope with such ‘reasonableness.’ On March 10th, she swallowed rat poison to escape her court-mandated fate. According to local media reports, the girl had complained to her mother that her husband/rapist ‘beat her repeatedly’ during the five months they were married. It was further reported that her own family disowned her as a result of those complaints. As for the girl’s husband, witnesses told the media he Read more…

Pat Condell: Tell The Truth About Islam (Video)

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I don’t often find myself agreeing with nearly everything that a professing atheist will say when he’s given the opportunity to speak openly non-stop for seven full minutes, but I have to hand it to Pat Condell once again for another great video commentary. When the truth is spoken, even by an atheist, it is still the truth …

Condell: “The ‘Islamophobia Industry’ is quick to whine and complain at every opportunity, as everybody knows, and lately they’ve been whining and complaining about what they call ‘Negative Coverage of Islam in the British Media,’ by which they mean truthful coverage, although in truth we don’t get nearly enough of that. For example, when it was revealed recently that there’s been a large increase in so-called ‘honor violence‘ where Muslim women are brutalized and murdered by members of their own family, nowhere in the BBC report did it mention the one crucial ingredient: the ‘Religion of Peace.’ This salient piece of information was carefully airbrushed out as if to imply that this is a British phenomenon, as if society as a whole is to blame.

Similarly, we’re always hearing about organized gangs of Muslim men exploiting and raping underage girls, yet the media never refers to these men by their religion, whose mysogynistic values have shaped their view of women, preferring instead to label them ‘Asians,’ which is a gross slander on Hindus and Sikhs who don’t engage in this kind of behavior yet who are tarred with the same brush by cowardly and dishonest journalists afraid to offend the whining, over-sensitive professional victims of Islam.

People often say all the bad things about Islam are cultural. They’re not religious. Really?  What happens in Saudi Arabia isn’t culture. It’s pure religion. It’s pure Islam. And it’s pure insanity …”

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UK: Six Muslim Men Record Their Gang-Rape of Teenage Girl

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Revelation 9:21, “And they did not repent of their murders … or their sexual immorality …”

“The footage of the rapes, which happened over the course of an evening in May 2010, was recovered from a mobile phone and shown to a jury at Leeds crown court.

The jury heard that the girl and her friend visited the home of one of the men to buy cannabis. The alleged victim stayed after she was offered alcohol, although her friend left.

One of the men then told another that he could have 10 minutes with the girl in the bedroom.

Prosecuting, Sharon Beattie, said: ‘If this is right, from the off Ali Rehman was set on this girl being available for the sexual gratification of himself and his friends and the fact she could not walk demonstrates she was vulnerable to all these men.’

The girl remembers waking up between two of the men, ‘crying, saying no and pushing them away’, Beattie said.

The girl was then ferried between different properties where she was raped again. At one stage, she was put in a cab to one of the properties.

The court heard that DNA from one of the defendants was found on the girl’s clothes. She had initially denied anything inappropriate took place because she was ‘concerned about people finding out what had happened’, Beattie added.

Mohammed Ali Rehman, 26, of Dewsbury, denies three counts of rape and one of attempted rape. Faisar Younas, 23, of Dewsbury, denies rape.

Hasan Rehman, 18, and Wahid Hussain, 20, both of Dewsbury, deny attempted rape.

Saqib Hussain, 31, of Ravensthorpe, and Larasab Hussain, 46, of Dewsbury, both deny sexual assault.” Source – European Freedom Initiative.

Flashback: British Woman Gang Raped by Five Afghan ‘Refugees’, Europe Continues to Suffer From Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic – “The brutal gang rape of a British woman by five Afghan refugees has sparked a massive protest against illegal immigrants in a Serbian spa town. The 38-year-old woman – who bravely managed to film the attack on her mobile phone – was repeatedly raped after befriending a group of Afghan men in a park in Banja Koviljaca… ‘These people are always hanging around the parks and streets during the day causing trouble,’ said one mum. ‘They have no respect for us, no respect for women and we want them gone because they have no right to be here.” Read more.

Australia: Muslims Attack Other Muslims, Warn Them to ‘Testify’ That Allah is the Only God Worthy of Worship

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By Adam Cooper – “A petrol-bomb attack on a community centre has prompted fears among Melbourne’s Alevi population they could be targeted with more violence on religious grounds.

Glass bottles containing petrol and set alight were thrown at the front and rear doors of the Alevi Community Council of Australia centre in North Coburg overnight.

No one was inside the centre at the time of the incident, but a centre spokeswoman said the building’s rear door was badly burnt.

Surmeli Aydogan, the council’s community liaison officer, said the centre’s users were also concerned to find notes pinned to the fence threatening Alevis on religious grounds unless they ‘testified’ that Allah was the only god to be worshipped.

Ms Aydogan said the centre had previously received threatening phone calls, but had dismissed them as pranks. However, she said the attack with petrol bombs had left the council’s members shaken.

Alevi is a branch of the Sufi order of Shia Islam.

‘We’re worried this might happen again, and what if this happens when people are here? That’s our main concern,’ she said.” Read more.

Yemen: Son of Prominent Cleric Calls Upon Fellow Muslims to ‘Raise the Flag of Islam and Wage War’ Against ‘American Infidels’

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By Chiara Onassis – “SANA’A: Mohamed Abdel-Mageed al-Zindany, the son of Yemen’s Sheikh Abdel-Mageed al-Zindani, a prominent cleric and powerful tribal leader, called on his fellow Yemenis to raise the flag of Islam and wage war on the American infidels, starting with US ambassador to Yemen, Gerard Feierstein.

In a fiery verbal attack against the ambassador, al-Zindani slammed American’s interference in Yemen, accusing the Pentagon of ‘meddling’ with the country’s internal affairs to better pursue its own agenda in the region.

Al-Zindani seems to be now stepping in his father’s footsteps as he rises against what he calls American imperialism. Sheikh Zindani, who famously figures on America’s most wanted terror list, was indicted last year by President Ali Abdullah Saleh and an arrest warrant was issued against his person.

The government has thus far failed to enact the order, with officials from al-Islah, the country’s Islamic political faction warning that they would oppose any move against one of its leaders. Heading the Islahis, Sheikh Zindani is a force to be reckoned with, and an estimated thousands hardened fighters under his direct command.” Source –

Yemen: Al Qaeda-Linked Group Kills American Teacher for Christian Proselytizing – “A group linked to Al Qaeda claims it killed an American teacher in Yemen for Christian proselytizing. Joel Shrum, a 29-year-old English language teacher from Harrisburg, Pa., had worked for two years in the central city of Taiz. Yemeni officials say Shrum was killed in his car Sunday morning when assailants in military uniforms sped up next to him on a motorcycle, opened fire and then sped away.” Read more.

‘Education’ in America: Children Now Being Taught an Alternate, Sanitized Version of September 11, 2011

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By Drew Zahn – “Who perpetrated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 – a group of men merely fighting ‘for a cause,’ or a band of radical Muslims bent on violent jihad?

According to a new, comprehensive study of 6th-12th grade textbooks used by schools across the country, America’s children are being taught a very different answer to that question than many alive to witness 9/11 remember.

The non-profit organization ACT! for America Education studied 38 textbooks from popular publishers like McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin, for example, to determine whether American schoolchildren are being taught the truth about Islam and its role in 9/11.

The report, titled ‘Education or Indoctrination? The Treatment of Islam in 6th through 12th Grade American Textbooks,’ compares what it found in the textbooks with 275 historical sources, listing 375 footnoted citations, to conclude that America’s textbooks are laced with ‘historical revisionism.’

‘This report shines a bright light on a pattern of errors, omissions and bias in the textbooks reviewed,’ explained ACT! for America Education founder Brigitte Gabriel in an email. ‘To give you just one example of the errors our research uncovered, in discussing the 9/11 attacks, the textbooks typically fail to mention the perpetrators were Muslims or that they acted in the cause of Islamic jihad. In one book the terrorists are portrayed as people fighting for a cause.

‘In just a few years after Sept. 11,’ she continues, ‘the history of what happened on that tragic day was rewritten in our school textbooks. Omitting this vital information, that jihad was the motivation for the attacks, makes it difficult, if not impossible, for today’s young teens, who don’t remember 9/11, to really understand what happened that day – and why.’

According to the executive summary of the report, ‘The full report reveals a pattern of historical revisionism, omissions and bias in the presentation of all aspects devoted to Islam in these textbooks. These aspects include its theology and doctrines, its role as a world religion, its ongoing struggle with Western tradition and its intrinsic anti-Semitism.’

The summary continues, ‘Textbook errors identified in the report range from egregiously false historical statements to significant omissions and subtle half-truths. Some are blatant and obvious, others are subtle and deceptive. The errors in these textbooks are not grammatical or typographical. They are substantive, significant and often repetitive.’

For example, the report notes the textbook ‘World History: Patterns of Interaction,’ published by McDougal Littell/Houghton Mifflin in 2007, glosses over the Read more…

Cities in America and Europe Increase Security at Synagogues Following France School Shooting

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By Perry Chiaramonte & Mike Levine – “Police departments across the nation and around the world have beefed up security at synagogues following shootings at Jewish sites in France.

Washington, D.C.; San Francisco and New York dispatched extra patrols to locations where Jews may gather, though law enforcement officials stressed there were no specific threats. New York had security details at more than 50 locations following the killings of four people at a school in Toulouse, France. Those shootings were done by a gunman on a motor scooter, and came after a similar assailant killed three French soldiers in the region.

‘We have to be concerned about what happens overseas. We have a significant Jewish population in this city, and we have to take that into account,’ NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said on Monday.

‘We know that we’re the top of the terrorist target list, so we’re concerned about the so-called copycat syndrome, where someone might see the events unfolding in Toulouse and take it upon themselves to act out,’ he added.

The NYPD has primarily sent out an increased uniform presence to houses of worship and other locations such as the Jewish Museum and the 92nd Street Y, both in Manhattan.

Security was ramped up in the nation’s capital, though officials declined to give details.” Read more.

Flashback: Iran Could Strike Jewish Targets in America and Around the World, Including ‘Soft Sites’ Such as Jewish Synagogues and Schools – “Israeli facilities in North America — and around the world — are on high alert, according to an internal security document obtained by ABC News that predicted the threat from Iran against Jewish targets will increase. ‘We predict that the threat on our sites around the world will increase … on both our guarded sites and ‘soft’ sites,’ stated a letter circulated by the head of security for the Consul General for the Mid-Atlantic States. Guarded sites refers to government facilities like embassies and consulates, while ‘soft sites’ means Jewish synagogues, and schools, as well as community centers like the one hit by a terrorist bombing in Buenos Aires in 1994 that killed 85 people.” Read more.

Minnesota: Thousands of Fish Found Dead Along Pelican River Near Orr

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By Sam Cook – “Thousands of fish, including many game fish, have died in a fish kill on the Pelican River near Orr, said Kevin Peterson, Department of Natural Resources area fisheries supervisor at International Falls.

‘It was a substantial fish kill. It’s an unfortunate loss of our fisheries resource,’ Peterson said.

The kill, probably caused by low oxygen levels in the water, occurred in an approximately 2-mile stretch of the Pelican River from the dam at St. Louis County Highway 23 and downstream past U.S. Highway 53, Peterson said. The fish kill was first reported Thursday, March 15, Peterson said. A fisheries crew visited the site Monday and traveled the river by canoe to assess the extent of the kill.

‘They saw a lot of northern pike, one smallmouth bass, lots and lots and lots of black crappies – probably thousands from 3 inches and up,’ Peterson said. ‘They saw some larger bluegills up to 10 inches, lots of yellow perch and bullheads and suckers.’

Tom Burri, assistant area fisheries supervisor at International Falls, was part of the crew that checked out the kill.

‘Definitely, there were thousands of crappies and hundreds and hundreds of pike,’ Burri said.” Read more.

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Singapore: Thousands of Dead Fish Seen Near Pasir Ris Park

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“Thousands of small dead fish were found today along Sungei Api Api, which flows along an HDB estate and Pasir Ris Park.

Thousands more were also found along the banks of Pasir Ris Beach, reported The Straits Times.

National water agency PUB said the marine fish seems to have been washed in at the tide. According to the paper, it found out about the incident this morning.

Workers have already started cleaning up, and were seen scooping up the dead fish into black plastic bags for disposal.

The incident has no impact on Singapore’s drinking water, said a PUB spokesman, as the river is not part of Singapore’s drinking water supply.

The cause of the incident is being investigated by the NEA.” Source – Asia One News.

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Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei Threatens Pre-Emptive Strike Against Israel to ‘Defend Itself’

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“(Reuters) – In the face of aggression from the United States or Israel, Iran will attack to defend itself, Iran’s most powerful figure, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday.

‘We do not have nuclear weapons and we will not build them but in the face of aggression from the enemies, whether from America or the Zionist regime, to defend ourselves we will attack on the same level as the enemies attack us,’ Khamenei said live on television.

‘Americans are making a grave mistake if they think by making threats they will destroy the Iranian nation,’ he said in his annual speech to mark Nowruz, the Iranian New Year.

Israel and the United States have threatened military action against Iran unless it abandons nuclear activities which the West suspects are intended to develop nuclear weapons.

Further talks between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries are expected to take place next month in an attempt to reach a compromise deal.

The most recent talks between world powers and Iran failed in January 2011 because of Iran’s refusal to suspend its sensitive uranium enrichment work, as demanded by several U.N. resolutions and major powers.” Read more.

Flashback: Iran: ‘When the Entire World is Armed With Nuclear Weapons, it is Permissible to Use These Weapons as a Counter-[Measure]‘ – “‘The spiritual leaders of the ultra-conservatives [in Iran] have accepted the use of nuclear weapons as lawful in the eyes of shari’a. Mohsen Gharavian, a disciple of [Ayatollah] Mesbah Yazdi [who is Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s spiritual mentor], has spoken for the first time of using nuclear weapons as a counter-measure. He stated that ‘in terms of shari’a, it all depends on the goal.’… [T]he IraNews news agency published recent remarks by Mohsen Gharavian regarding the nuclear issue. Gharavian is a lecturer at the religious schools of Qom, and is a disciple of [Ayatollah] Mesbah Yazdi. In his recent remarks, he said for the first time that the use of nuclear weapons may not constitute a problem according to shari’a. He further said that ‘when the entire world is armed with nuclear weapons, it is permissible to use these weapons as a counter-[measure]. According to shari’a, too, only the goal is important…’Read more.

Mexico: Major 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Acapulco and Oaxaca, Felt as Far as Away as Guatemala City

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USGS now calling this a 7.4 magnitude earthquake …

“MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – A major earthquake struck Mexico on Tuesday, damaging buildings, scaring residents and prompting evacuations across the capital, although there were no early reports of serious damage.

Office buildings shook and office employees fled into the street when the 7.6-magnitude quake rattled Mexico City. Cell phone lines went down and traffic snarled in the capital moments after the quake, which lasted for more than a minute.

‘I swear I never felt one so strong, I thought the building was going to collapse,’ said Sebastian Herrera, 42, a businessman from a neighborhood hit hard in Mexico’s devastating 1985 earthquake, which killed thousands.

Television images showed part of a bridge collapsed onto a vehicle on Tuesday. It wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was injured.

Some buildings in the trendy district of Condesa were cracked, though mayor Marcelo Ebrard said via his twitter account there was no sign of major damage to the city from the air after conducting a helicopter flyover.

President Felipe Calderon also said on his twitter account there were no reports of serious damage from the quake.

The U.S. Geological Survey, or USGS, said the quake registered magnitude 7.6 and that its epicenter was in Guerrero state, near the Pacific Coast resort of Acapulco.” Read more.

Barack Obama’s daughter Malia safe after powerful earthquake rocks Mexico – “The White House has confirmed that President Barack Obama’s 13-year-old daughter Malia is safe after a strong earthquake rocked Mexico where she is on spring break vacation with friends. ‘In light of today’s earthquake, we can confirm that Malia Obama is safe and was never in danger,’ said Kristina Schake, spokeswoman for First Lady Michelle Obama.” Read more.

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Christians Flee Northern Nigeria as Muslim Violence Reigns

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“NNEWI, Nigeria (AP) — A town hall meeting called by Christians to discuss funeral arrangements turned into a bloodbath in northern Nigeria when members of a radical Islamist sect opened fire with assault rifles.

At least 20 members of the Igbo ethnic group died in that attack Jan. 6. More attacks have followed, targeting the largest Christian group living across Nigeria’s Muslim north.

Many Igbos are now fleeing the north, even as state officials and others downplay the exodus, likely out of fear of sparking retaliatory violence.

The Igbo are one of the three dominant ethnic groups in Nigeria. Based in Nigeria’s eastern states, the Igbo became largely Catholic after being colonized by the British. Many became successful traders who spread throughout Nigeria. In the country’s Muslim north, Igbo traders often dominate car parts sales and other markets.

That often leaves Igbo traders the most exposed during ethnic and religious violence that has routinely gripped Nigeria since independence from Britain in 1960.

‘We’re everywhere there’s a clash between any two groups of people because we’re a people who live all over the place,’ said Maja Emeka Umeh, the spokesman of Anambra state in Nigeria’s east. ‘They end up killing our people.’

A failed 1966 coup, led primarily by Igbo army officers, sparked violence targeting Igbo people throughout Nigeria’s Muslim north. About 10,000 people died in the resulting riots and many fled back to eastern Nigeria ahead of secessionist leader Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu declaring the region and much of Nigeria’s oil-producing southern delta its own nation.

Most recently, the Igbo have been targeted by the Boko Haram Islamist sect, which has killed more than 360 people this year alone, according to an Associated Press count. In a message to journalists at the start of the year, the sect threatened to begin killing Christians living in the nation’s north.” Read more.

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