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Japan: Nuke Expert Believes It Will Be The End For Tokyo If Earthquake Cracks Unit 4 Pool and Leaks

By JOSEPH MANGANO and JANETTE SHERMAN – “The myth that Fukushima radiation levels were too low to harm humans persists, a year after the meltdown. A March 2, 2012 New York Times article quoted Vanderbilt University professor John Boice: ‘there’s no opportunity for conducting epidemiological studies that have any chance for success – the doses are just too low.’ Wolfgang Weiss of the UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation also recently said doses observed in screening of Japanese people ‘are very low.’

Views like these are political, not scientific, virtually identical to what the nuclear industry cheerleaders claim. Nuclear Energy Institute spokesperson Tony Pietrangelo issued a statement in June that ‘no health effects are expected among the Japanese people as a result of the events at Fukushima.’

In their haste to choke off all consideration of harm from Fukushima radiation, nuclear plant owners and their willing dupes in the scientific community built a castle against invaders – those open-minded researchers who would first conduct objective research BEFORE rushing to judgment. The pro-nuclear chants of ‘no harm’ and ‘no studies needed’ are intended to be permanent, as part of damage control created by a dangerous technology that has produced yet another catastrophe.

But just one year after Fukushima, the ‘no harm’ mantra is now being crowded by evidence – evidence to the contrary.” Read more.

Expert on Asahi TV: If Unit 4 pool gets a crack from quake and leaks, it would be the end for Tokyo – “Most discussion of the No. 4 spent fuel pool has focused on an earthquake causing the pool to collapse. This video [you may need to enable subtitles] is different because it reveals: 1. A crack, rather than the collapse of the pool itself, can be the end of Tokyo, 2. The quake that could put a crack in the pool and be the end of Tokyo does not have to be a large one, 3. The sense of shock when people in Japan are made aware of this information for the first time” Read more.

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