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Netanyahu: Strike of Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Possible Within Months, Asks America for Bunker Busters and Refueling Planes

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By Jonathan Lis – “An attack on Iran could take place within a matter of months, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a series of television interviews on Thursday.

‘We’re not standing with a stopwatch in hand,’ he said. ‘It’s not a matter of days or weeks, but also not of years. The result must be removal of the threat of nuclear weapons in Iran’s hands.’

Netanyahu gave separate interviews to all three Israeli television stations, the first he has given since his return from Washington earlier this week. The full interviews will air on Saturday night, but excerpts were broadcast Thursday.

‘I hope there won’t be a war at all, and that the pressure on Iran will succeed,’ the prime minister stressed, noting that his preferred choice would be for Iran to halt its nuclear program and dismantle the uranium enrichment facility located in an underground site near Qom. ‘That would make me happiest,’ he said. ‘I think every citizen of Israel would be happy.’

‘Making decisions isn’t the problem; it’s making the right decision,’ Netanyahu added. ‘If you don’t make the decision and don’t succeed in preventing this [an Iranian nuke], to whom will you explain this – to the historians? To the generations before you, and the generations that won’t come after you?'” Read more.

Israel asks U.S. for advanced ‘bunker-buster’ bombs and refueling planes for Iran strike – “Israel has asked the United States for advanced ‘bunker-buster’ bombs and refueling planes that could improve its ability to attack Iran’s underground nuclear sites, an Israeli official said on Thursday. ‘Such a request was made’ around the time of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington this week, the official said, confirming media reports. But the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the issue, played down as ‘unrealistic’ Israeli reports that the United States would condition supplying the hardware on Israel promising not to attack Iran this year.” Read more.

Cancelled: TLC Finally Issues ‘Fatwa’ Against ‘All American Muslim’ Reality TV Show

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I’m all for enlightening the public with the unfiltered truth on any given subject, but when a reality show attempting to portray all Muslim Americans as ordinary peace-loving citizens ends up with an anti-Semitic terror-supporting imam as one of its star personalities, the only reality here is that this truth is gonna hurt …

“NEW YORK (AP) — A TLC network reality television show about Muslim families living in the Detroit area is ending after one season.

TLC spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg said Wednesday the ‘All-American Muslim’ series won’t be back. Its eight-episode run ended in January.

‘All-American Muslim’ attracted attention when a conservative Christian group called for an advertiser boycott. At least two companies announced they were pulling ads. TLC says the protest caused a backlash in which new advertisers signed on.

One episode focused almost entirely on the conflicted feelings the show’s participants had about marking anniversaries of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when Muslim extremists destroyed the World Trade Center and killed thousands of people.

After a strong start to the series, ratings faded. The series was considered a long shot to return.” Source – Associated Press.

Flashback: Shocking Truth About ‘All-American Muslim’ Star, and Lowe’s Good Call – “So you’re watching a soccer game in Dearborn, Mich., between al-Tadamon and Chelsea, a game that was advertised in public leaflets and on the Arab-American website. It was dedicated to something termed ‘The Day of Jerusalem.’ The thought of incorporating such a slogan into promotional material about a sporting event puzzles you. What is this Day of Jerusalem all about? Later, you discover that the game was hosted by Husham Al-Husainy—the main spiritual leader of the Karbala Center in Dearborn—who was thanked by Samir Al-Jabiri and Mohammed Ali al-Hasani, who said the victory was ‘dedicated to honor the souls of the martyrs of Jerusalem and al-Aqsa.’ These are clearly terrorists who murder civilians.” Read more.

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‘Punish the Victim and Crush the Innocent’: Egyptian Court Gives Priest Six-Month Prison Sentence for Fixing Church Damaged After Muslim Attack

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Welcome to the ancient land of the Pharaohs, where the dictates of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “[Repressed] Freedom and [Anything But] Justice Party” will warmly welcome you to a new era of Egyptian society …

“CAIRO, Egypt, March 7 (CDN) — A priest in Egypt was sentenced this week to six months in jail for a minor construction violation at his church building, while no one in a mob that burned the same structure down has been arrested.

The Rev. Makarious Bolous of the Mar Gerges Church in Aswan was sentenced on Sunday (March 4), but neither the imams who called for the attack nor the Muslim villagers who destroyed the church building last September have been charged with any crime.

Bolous said the ruling, coupled with the absence of prosecution against those who burned down the church building, is clear evidence of persecution and a legal double standard between Christians and Muslims.

‘I feel it is unjust,’ Bolous said. ‘It’s not fair.’

The lower court that made the ruling also fined Bolous 300 Egyptian pounds (US$50). Bolous remained free Tuesday (March 6) awaiting appeal.

Local government officials said the building was 2.5 meters taller than what they had approved on a series of architectural drawings. Bolous said the citation was issued days after the fire.

The priest said the charges surprised him. A significant percentage of construction projects in Egypt are done without permits, he said, and even when permits are issued, adherence to their stipulations is casual and enforcement is lax. The village where the church building once stood is surrounded by homes that have two or three extra floors built outside of permitted specifications and by others that were built with no permit at all, according to Bolous.” Read more.

In the New Egypt, It’s ‘Punish the Victim and Crush the Innocent’ – “The Copts are the Christians of Egypt who represent about 12% of Egypt’s 84 million people. Over the past two weeks, a new and ugly campaign has been waged against Copts. At least eight Coptic families have been evicted from their homes in the al-Nahda village, Amereyah, near Alexandria, following unconfirmed accusations against a Copt of having an affair with a Muslim woman. Even though the accused quickly surrendered himself to the police for investigation, some 5000 village people, incited by Salafists and other Islamist groups, went on a violent rampage, collectively punishing the few Coptic families that live in the area, burning and ransacking their houses and their property. To make things worse, a ‘council’ dominated by these Islamists was convened, in the presence of and approval of the area’s chief of the police. This “council” decided to evict eight families from the village.” Read more.

‘Alarming’: Muslims Announce Plans to ‘Eradicate’ Christianity

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Christian Pastor Beheaded by Islamists in 2009

Christian Pastor Beheaded by Islamists in 2009

By Michael Carl – “Members of the Muslim jihadist group Boko Haram are vowing to ‘eradicate Christianity’ in Nigeria.

Reports coming out of Nigeria over the past several days show that the group whose name means ‘Western education is evil’ is launching a new terror campaign aimed at killing Christians and Jews in northern Nigeria.

The Nigerian news site Bikya Masr reports that the jihadi group has declared war on all Christians living in northern Nigeria.

Human-rights group International Christian Concern’s Jonathan Racho confirms the reports and says the news is ‘alarming.’

‘The reports indicate that members of Boko Haram recently declared a war on Christians in northern Nigeria. The group vowed to eradicate Christians from certain areas in Nigeria,’ Racho said.

‘The spokesman for the group (Boko Haram) say the group will launch a number of attacks targeting Christians,’ Racho said. ‘So there are alarming developments even as we speak.’

Estimates put the casualties in Boko Haram’s campaign at more than 100 dead since Christmas.

United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs press service IRIN reports that in the past 48 hours, more than 100 children have fled Nigerian for Chad to escape Boko Haram’s violent rampage.

Human Rights Watch also reports that since Christmas, Boko Haram has burned more than a dozen schools.

Racho confirms the casualty figures.

‘Boko Haram has already killed hundreds. Since Christmas alone, the group has martyred about 100 Christians in northern Nigeria,’ Racho said.

‘They think they have not met their goals for eradicating Christians,’ Racho said. ‘They are prepared for more bloodshed.'” Read more.

Boko Haram Continues Deadly Church Attacks, Frees Members from Prison – “Radical Islamic group Boko Haram attacked two churches, a police station holding prisoners, and a government building in the town of Konduga in a rampage of violence that killed at least two people and sent residents running for their lives Tuesday night. Boko Haram, reportedly translated as ‘Western Education is Forbidden,’ aims to avenge Muslim deaths and eradicate Western beliefs and practices. Boko Haram is responsible for several deadly attacks throughout Nigeria, including the bombing of the U.N. headquarters, and the bombing of a prison that held many of the group’s members — the bombing allowed many of those members to escape.” Read more.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Praises President Obama for Calming War Drums

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In other words, the man who recently called for the annihilation of all Jews worldwide is thanking President Barack Obama for his support. When the “Hitler” of the 21st century praises you for doing something “good” in their favor, something is very wrong …

“Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Thursday praised US President Barack Obama for recent remarks in which he warned against ‘beating the drums of war.’

Calling Obama’s statement good, and a ‘departure from the illusion,’ Khamenei nonetheless criticized the US president for his steadfast advocacy of continued sanctions against Iran. It is a mistake to think Iran can be brought to its knees, Khamenei told a gathering of the clerical council, the Assembly of Experts.

At a White House press conference Tuesday on the heels of the AIPAC conference, Obama warned against the ‘casualness’ of talk of possible military action and American politicians’ ‘beating the drums of war,’ saying those who speak so loosely should consider the consequences of their words.

There would be consequences for the United States as well as Israel if a premature strike is launched on Iran, he added.” Read more.

Flashback: Ayatollah Khamenei: Kill All Jews Worldwide, Annihilate Israel – “The Iranian government, through a website proxy, has laid out the legal and religious justification for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of its people. The doctrine includes wiping out Israeli assets and Jewish people worldwide. Calling Israel a danger to Islam, the conservative website Alef, with ties to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove ‘this corrupting material. It is a ‘jurisprudential justification’ to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and in that, the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.’” Read more.

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