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The United States of Islam: ‘The Arab World is Ready for the State of Caliphate’ and to ‘Affirm the Principles of Sharia Laws in the Minds of People’ and the Beginning of Jihad

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Here is a very good article that I highly recommend which reveals why a “specter is haunting the Middle East … the specter of Caliphate” in which the Arab world is now ready “to affirm the principles of Sharia Laws in the minds of people” and see the Ummah (the Islamic world) “united into a single religious and cultural realm with the main goal—the beginning of Jihad.” Sound familiar? …

By Alexander Maistrovoy – “‘A specter is haunting Europe—the specter of Communism.’ These were the first words of Karl Marx’s ‘The Communist Manifesto’. More than a century later a different specter has appeared on the threshold of the Old World – the Specter of Caliphate.

A year ago Muhammad Badie—the General Guide of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood – stated: ‘improvement and change that the Muslim nation seeks can only be attained through jihad and sacrifice and by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death, just as the enemies pursue life’.

According to Badie, the ultimate purpose of Arabs is to restore the true face of the Muslim world, which is the State of the Caliphate with Sharia Laws – the sacred and the highest form of human civilization.

A veteran member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Sheikh Ahmad Gad called ‘honorable Al-Azhar to rally the Islamic streams in order to unite the Muslim word and effort, restore the Caliphate… O Allah, guide us, open our hearts to faith, and restore this nation to its previous self—one united nation worshiping You and You alone’.

Dr. Kamal Al-Helbawy, former Muslim Brotherhood spokesman in the West named this future Caliphate—’the United States of Islam’. He implied that Arabs want to erase borders that were drawn up by imperialist nations and build global Islamic State.

This is how another Egyptian Islamic Scholar Ibrahim Al-Khouli has formulated the concept of the Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Forget about Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. That’s not what I’m talking about. I am talking about Jihad which is led by the Islamic scholars … I am talking about the Jihad of the entire nation. We must conduct jihad against the West, who are aggressors against the Land of Islam’.

One can talk about the democratization of the Arab world, the ‘Arab Spring’, and liberalization of the Arab society. However, this observation is only external – from another Time and another World – from the West of the XXI century. An internal perspective is completely different. It’s derived from depths of centuries, and it is reflected in the lexis of Badie and Gad, Al-Helbawy and Al-Khouli, Sheikh Yousef Qaradawi (‘Constantinople was conquered in 1453 by a 23-year-old Ottoman named Muhammad ibn Murad, whom we call Muhammad the Conqueror. Now what remains is to conquer Rome’) and Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Ahmad Hussein who said: ‘The Hour [of Resurrection] will not come until you fight the Jews…. Our war with the descendants of the apes and pigs (i.e.,Jews) is a war of religion and faith’.

Lastly, Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani declared that no efforts will be spared to spr Read more…

Iranian ‘Good Will Gesture’ to Allow UN Inspectors Apparently Comes With One Stipulation: Give Us Time to Clean Up the Incriminating Evidence First

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Associated Press – “TEHRAN, Iran – Iran will grant U.N. inspectors access to a military complex where the U.N. nuclear agency suspects secret atomic work has been carried out, the semi-official ISNA news agency reported Tuesday.

Tehran had previously banned U.N. inspectors from visiting the Parchin installation, southeast of Tehran, but a statement by Iran’s permanent envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency said the visit will now be allowed in a gesture of good will.

However, it would require an agreement between the two sides on a guidelines for the inspection, ISNA reported.

Inspecting Parchin was a key request made by senior IAEA teams that visited Tehran in January and February. Iran rebuffed those demands at the time, as well as attempts by the nuclear agency’s team to question Iranian officials and secure other information linked to the allegations of secret weapons work.

The latest development comes a day after IAEA chief, Yukiya Amano, expressed growing concern that there was new activity at Parchin. Amano did not specify whether he believed the activity was linked to suspected new weapons experiments or attempts to clean up previous alleged work.” Read more.

AP: Iran may be cleaning up nuke work – “VIENNA (AP) – Satellite images of an Iranian military facility show trucks and earth-moving vehicles at the site, indicating that crews were trying to clean it of radioactive traces possibly left by tests of a nuclear-weapon trigger, diplomats told the Associated Press on Wednesday. Two of the diplomats said the crews may be trying to erase evidence of tests of a small neutron device used to set off a nuclear explosion. A third diplomat could not confirm that but said any attempt to trigger a so-called neutron initiator at the Parchin site could only be in the context of trying to develop nuclear arms. The images, provided to the IAEA by member countries, are recent and constantly updated, said one of the diplomats.” Read more.

Canada: Canadian Muslim Youth Group Tied to al-Qaeda Stripped of Charitable Status

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By Sarah Boesveld – “A Canadian Muslim youth organization has been stripped of its charitable status after a Canada Revenue Agency investigation linked it to a Saudi-based group that allegedly financed Islamist terror campaigns.

An audit of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth revealed the charity had developed ties to a number of organizations that allegedly helped fund al-Qaeda operations around the world and failed to comply with a number of standards required for charities to maintain their status.

In a warning letter to the Toronto-area organization last summer, CRA director-general Cathy Hawara said ‘our analysis of the Organization’s operations has led the CRA to believe…[it] was established to support the goals and operations of its parent organization, located in Saudi Arabia, which has been alleged to support terrorism.’

WAMY, known in Canada for running Islamic camps and pilgrimages for youth, was stripped of its status on Feb. 11. It failed to keep proper books and records, maintain a specific charitable purpose and distinguish itself from parent organization WAMY (Saudi Arabia), which had been alleged to support terrorist activity, the CRA audit said.

‘The audit findings did not reveal any apparent separation between the activities of WAMY (Saudi Arabia) and WAMY, with all related financial and operating positions being made by WAMY (Saudi Arabia),’ it reads. ‘This leads to a reasonable inference that WAMY has little or no independent function; therefore it cannot be concluded that it is carrying out its own charitable activities for which it is registered.’

WAMY in Canada also appears to have a director, contact information and bank account in common with the Benevolence International Fund in Canada, whose assets were frozen by the Canadian government in 2002 because it was linked to attempts by Osama bin Laden to acquire nuclear and chemical weapons.” Read more.

Liberated Afghanistan: Top Religious Council Says Women Should Not Mix With Men in School, Work or Daily Life, Should Not Travel Without Male Relative

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And while you’re home alone enjoying the confines of your own personal prison, please be sure to stay far away from bananas, cucumbers, carrots and zucchini. They might cause you to think something bad. If you’re granted permission to travel with a male relative, make sure you don’t wear high heels or have ‘alluring eyes.’ That might cause men to think something bad. All those things could tempt you into behaving in ways that may then force Allah to think about doing something bad

When I stood on the door of hell, I saw most of its inhabitants were women” – Prophet of Islam, Mohammed, Sahih AlBukhari, 5196

“Afghanistan’s top religious council has said women should not mix with men in school, work or other aspects of daily life. The Ulema Council has also said that women should not travel without a male relative. The BBC’s Orla Guerin has been hearing reaction to the ruling from people in Kabul.

The comments by senior clerics – which have been welcomed by President Hamid Karzai – were included in a statement outlining the rights and duties of women under Islam.

Human Rights Watch says it is worrying that the Ulema Council has issued this statement, and that President Karzai has backed it.

The council says its comments are a request and a reminder, not an instruction. But critics say the statement is an echo of the Taliban.

Leading woman MP Fawzia Koofi – who survived a Taliban ambush two years ago – has no doubt what the statement means.

‘I think it’s the beginning of taking women back to the dark period of the Taliban,’ she told the BBC.

‘It’s dangerous. It’s an alarm for women in Afghanistan’.

‘We want to be free’

Campaigners believe the timing of the statement is no co-incidence. They say it is part of the president’s outreach to the Taliban.

In the push to do a peace deal with the insurgents, they fear the Afghan leader may be willing to sacrifice women’s rights.

‘It does look like President Karzai is trying to placate the Taliban as part of the negotiations,’ said Heather Barr, of Human Rights Watch.” Read more.

Spanish imam under investigation after calling on Muslims to ‘discipline’ misbehaving wives – “A Spanish imam near Barcelona is under investigation after allegedly calling on the faithful to ‘discipline’ errant wives using physical and psychological violence, police said on Tuesday. The imam in the city of Terrassa is under investigation for ‘disseminating discriminatory messages and violating the principle of equality and of women’s right to physical and moral integrity,’ police said in a statement… ‘He provided concrete examples of the manner in which wives should be beaten, how to isolate them inside the family home and how to deny them sexual relations,’ said the police, saying they had received testimony to the effect from numerous witnesses.” Read more.

Canada: Over 400 Grey Seals Found Dead Off Cape Breton Coast, Baffled Officials Claim ‘No Reason For Alarm’

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By Chris Shannon – “SYDNEY — The discovery of more than 400 dead grey seals off Cape Breton’s eastern coastline is no reason for alarm, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans said Sunday.

The seal carcasses, some without eyes from scavenging seagulls and other wildlife, are on the beaches of Hay Island, a short distance from Scatarie Island.

Federal fisheries department seal biologist Mike Hammill said the mammals showed no sign of physical trauma other than the wounds inflicted by predators after death.

‘They weren’t killed by people, so it’s something else that’s come along,’ he said from Charlottetown following a tour of the island Sunday.

‘The majority of them are weaned pups and they look in fairly good shape. They’re fat, didn’t seem to have any external markings on them.’

Parts of the seals were taken for testing to the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown. Hammill said it could be weeks before a possible cause of death is identified.

The group of DFO scientists counted about 100 to 200 live adults and about a dozen juvenile seals.

Hammill confirmed the approximate number of dead seals that was initially reported by Humane Society International/Canada on Friday.

In a release, the group’s executive director Rebecca Aldworth said she hadn’t seen ‘this kind of mortality’ in apparently healthy grey seals in her five trips to the island’s seal colony.” Read more.

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Maryland: Mysterious Flu Strain Nearly Wipes Out Family as Two Siblings Die Taking Care of Sickened Mother, Third Sibling Near Death

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By Michael Zennie – “A mysterious flu strain nearly wiped out a family, killing an 81-year-old woman and two of her children who were taking care of her. A third sibling remains deathly ill.

Lou Ruth Blake took sick with a respiratory infection February 23 and her son and two daughters rushed to her home in rural Lusby, Maryland.

Five days later, her children all came down with similar symptoms, likely tied to a particularly virulent bout of the flu.

But there were further complications. When Ms Blake’s three children went to the hospital, they were coughing up blood and showed signs of a staph bacterial infections, as well, the Washington Post reported.

Ms Blake died March 1 at MedStar Washington Hospital Center after being treated for Influenza A and underlying medical conditions.

Her son Lowell, 58, and her daughter Vanessa, 56, died Monday — five days after their mother — after they were hospitalized with the same virulent flu strain, as well.

Ms Blake’s second daughter, age 51, is currently in critical condition with the same collection of symptoms — a deadly respiratory infection caused by Influenza A and a staph infection.

On Tuesday, officials from the Maryland Department of Health and the federal Centers for Disease Control wearing full containment suits — complete with air tanks so they wouldn’t breathe the air — searched the house for clues about what might have made the flu so potent.” Read more.

Another Fatal H3 Case In Maryland? – “‘My 33 year old sister died on Tuesday morning in BWMC (old North Arundel) she got sick over the weekend was coughing up blood by Monday and died 4:30 am Tuesday. Hospital said it was pneumonia. but It happened so fast. sounds just like what these people had.’ The above comments represent another anecdotal report on flu-like cases in the Washington DC area. The above fatal case (33F) was said to be at the Baltimore Washington Medical Center, just south of Baltimore, and was in response to comments on the Calvert County cluster, which has been H3 confirmed.” Read more.

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Major Solar Storm Headed Toward Earth May Disrupt Power, Biggest in Five Years

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By SETH BORENSTEIN – Associated Press – “WASHINGTON (AP) — The largest solar storm in five years is racing toward Earth, threatening to unleash a torrent of charged particles that could disrupt power grids, GPS and airplane flights.

The sun erupted Tuesday evening, and the effects should start smacking Earth between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EST Thursday (0600 GMT and 1000 GMT), according to forecasters at the U.S. government’s Space Weather Prediction Center. They say the storm, which started with a massive solar flare, is growing as it speeds outward from the sun.

‘It’s hitting us right in the nose,’ said Joe Kunches, a scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He called it the sun’s version of ‘Super Tuesday.’

Scientists say the sun has been relatively quiet for some time. And this storm, while strong, may seem fiercer because Earth has been lulled by several years of weak solar activity.

‘This is a good-size event, but not the extreme type,’ said Bill Murtagh, program coordinator for the space weather center.” Read more.

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