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Iran Suspected of Attacks Against Israeli Embassies in India and Georgia, Iran Blames Israel

If Ahmadinejad sneezes at dinner, it is blamed on Israel. Must be Jewish pepper. If the great Ayatollah stubs his toe in the dark, it is blamed on Israel. Must be a Jewish light bulb. If an earthquake strikes Iran, it is blamed on promiscuous women. The Jews must have corrupted them. Yes, everything that happens is the work of Israel and the Jews.  Except for the lack of rain in Iran. That’s Europe’s fault.  But the technology must be Jewish …

“A bomb attack aimed at members of the Israeli embassy has injured four people in New Delhi, India, according to NDTV.

Israeli officials have said there was another attempt on a diplomat’s car in Tbilisi, Georgia, but the device did not go off. A Georgian worker at the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi said he heard strange noises in his car and alerted the police, according to Haaretz.

Security officials found the explosive device underneath the car and prevented the attack. Israeli diplomats were also reportedly targeted in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The blast in New Delhi took place late Monday evening and is reported to have occurred near the Indian prime minister’s home on Aurangzeb Road. Eyewitnesses said they saw the attackers stick explosives onto the car at a traffic signal and drive off.

NDTV has reported that the Indian defense ministry has identified the explosive as a sticky bomb that is said to contain foreign substances. Indian police officials had no CCTV coverage in the area and the investigation is now being handled as a terrorist attack.

The injured Israeli diplomat has been identified as Tal Yehoshua Koren. She was on her way to get her children from the American school. The Indian driver of the car was also injured in the attack.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blamed Iran and Hezbollah for the attack according to Haaretz reporter Barak Ravid.” Read more.

‘Iran says Israel attacked its own embassies’ – “Israel bombed its own embassies in New Dehli and Tbilisi in order to ‘tarnish Iran’s friendly ties with the host countries,’ Iran said on Monday, after denying Israeli accusations that Tehran and its ally in Hezbollah launched the attacks. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said that ‘Israel perpetrated the terror actions to launch psychological warfare against Iran,’ according to the state Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). He said that such actions were in Israel’s ‘innate nature,’ adding that Iran condemns terrorism in the strongest terms.” Read more.

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