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Iran: Ayatollah Strategist Declares, ‘In the Name of Allah, Iran Must Attack Israel by 2014’

And “by 2014” is a euphemism for “as soon as possible”, beginning with reprisals against soft Israeli targets such as synagogues and embassies before any major strike against Israel proper …

Update: Ouch

Reuters – “Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s strategist provided the legal and religious justification for the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people, in a document published on conservative Farsi website Alef. Reports of the document began to circulate the internet this week.

The document, written by strategy specialist Alireza Forghani, outlined the reasons why, ‘In the name of Allah, Iran must attack Israel by 2014.’

Claiming to only represent the personal opinion of its author, and not the Iranian government, the doctrine was published on a website believed to have close ties with the Ayatollah.

Forghani called the Jewish state a ‘cancerous tumor for the Middle East’ and reminded his readers that ‘All our troubles are due to Israel!’

‘Every Muslim is obliged to equip himself against Israel,’ he urged, reasoning that if the Muslim world does not attack Israel in the near future, ‘the opportunity could be lost and it may not be possible to stop them.’

The document explained that the war against Israel must be carried out in the name of ‘defensive jihad’ – or the protecting of Islam against aggressors ‘who want to gain domination over the Muslims and kill them.'” Read more.

Dershowitz: US must make it clear to Iran: An attack against Jewish-American targets is an attack against America – “The Iranian government has now made crystal clear that it is at war not only with Israel and Zionism but with Jewish communities throughout the world. As Iran’s Rafah news website—identified with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad—threatened last month, Iran plans to ‘take the war beyond the borders of Iran, and beyond the borders of the region.’ And last week an Iranian News Agency headline declared that ‘Israeli people must be annihilated.’ These and other recent threats have, according to news reports, led Israeli and American authorities to believe that Iran is preparing attacks against Israeli embassies and consulates world-wide …” Read more.

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