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Saudi Journalist Confused by Islam’s Prophet Flees to Malaysia After Tweet, Faces Death After Extradition Back to Saudi Arabia

Apparently, Allah is only “the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful” when you’re not confused …

“A YOUNG Saudi journalist is facing calls for his execution after tweeting about the Prophet Mohammed, and the kingdom’s top clerics are demanding his trial after denouncing him as an ‘apostate’.

On the occasion of the Muslim prophet’s birthday last week, 23-year-old Hamza Kashgari tweeted: ‘I have loved things about you and I have hated things about you and there is a lot I don’t understand about you.’

‘I will not pray for you,’ he added.

The controversial tweet sparked a frenzy of responses – some 30,000, according to an online service that tracks tweets in the Arab world.

In one response, Abdullah, a lawyer, said that since Mr Kashgari was ‘an adult… we should accept nothing but implementing the ruling according to Islamic law’ or sharia.

Insulting the prophet is considered blasphemous in Islam, and is a crime punishable by death.

Mr Kashgari quickly apologised for his remarks, but the calls for his execution only multiplied.

A Facebook page entitled ‘The Saudi people demand Hamza Kashgari’s execution’ already has nearly 10,000 members.” Read more.

‘Sacrilegious’ Saudi writer arrested in Malaysia, to be extradited – “Malaysian authorities arrested a Saudi newspaper writer wanted by the Gulf kingdom for offending Islam and Prophet Mohammed… Hamza Kashgari was seized as he arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday following his escape from Saudi Arabia on news that King Abdullah has ordered him arrested and prosecuted for religious insults in his articles on Twitter. ‘The Malaysian authorities are coordinating with Saudi Arabia to hand Kashgari over,’ the Saudi Arabic language daily ‘Al Youm’ said. In a separate report, newspapers quoted a statement by the kingdom’s Islamic Fatwa Committee calling for punishing Kashgari in line with Islamic law, which means he could be executed.” Read more.

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