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The Caliphate – One Year Later

By Joel Richardson –  “In the following program, Glenn Beck, General Jerry Boykin, Erick Stakelbeck, and Frank Gaffney discuss the Arab Spring and what they believe might be next. Discussion of Turkey’s role features prominently. Only a few years ago, the predictions that I made in my book Islamic Antichrist concerning the future of Turkey were often met with skepticism or outright disregard. Today, Turkey’s emerging role as the strong-horse of the Middle East and the leader of the coming Caliphate, as clearly predicted in the Bible, is beginning to be widely acknowledged. Among the many Scriptural arguments presented in my forthcoming book, Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist, (release date, September 4) I continue to demonstrate the prominent role of Turkey in Bible prophecy.” Source – Joel’s Trumpet.

Flashback: Turkey Acts as Mentor for Emerging Islamists in Middle Eastern Region – “The media spin doctors and minions of the willingly ignorant continue to paint a positive face on ‘moderate’ Turkey and the popular Islamist goverment of Prime Minister Erdogan, yet these rose-colored spectacle-wearing ‘journalists’ remain conspicuously silent when it comes to the fact that the popularity which Turkey’s ‘moderate’ AKP party now enjoys would not have risen to the level it has had it not been for Erdogan’s very public anti-Israel vitriol.  Diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel are now at an all-time low as a result and show no signs of improving any time soon, if ever.  If the new Islamist governments of TunisiaEgypt,MoroccoLibya, and potentially even Syria (and perhaps others) are inspired by Turkey’s so-called ‘Justice and Development’ politics, who in their right mind can reasonably expect anything different from Islamist governments inspired by Turkey’s example?  If anything, this is nothing but another indication in a long list of many that we are continuing to see a ‘bad crescent-moon rising‘ …” Read more.

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