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Egypt: Rise of Islam Plotted at Secret Muslim Brotherhood Meeting

By Aaron Klein – “JERUSALEM – The Muslim Brotherhood last week held a secret meeting in Egypt to coordinate the Islamic group’s rise to power in countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa, WND has learned.

Egyptian security officials told WND the meeting included Brotherhood members from Gaza, Syria, Jordan, Sudan and Egypt. The group discussed methods of gaining more influence in the respective countries.

The security officials said that Muslim Brotherhood members at the meeting identified militant Salafist organizations as a threat to the Brotherhood’s plan of taking power via elections.

The meeting followed the Brotherhood’s sweeping victory in Egypt’s parliamentary elections, taking 47 percent of the seats in the new assembly.

The confab took place as the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad faces an insurgency that is reportedly being coordinated in part by Muslim Brotherhood-allied groups.” Read more.

Source: Hamas’ Meshaal Sets Sights on Brotherhood Post – “Hamas’ out-going politburo chairman is leaving the Palestinian terrorist group to take a ‘high position in the Muslim Brotherhood movement,’ a ‘well-informed source in Hamas’ told the Nazareth-based Arabic-language Al-Sinnara last week. The move would see Khaled Meshaal—the longtime Damascus-based leader of Hamas—transition to a new, more international role, as head of the ‘Supreme Council of the [Brotherhood] movement.’ The Council is said to be ‘responsible for political issues,’ according to the report. It remains to be seen whether the article is referring to the group’s Guidance Bureau, which largely deals with the movement’s political affairs, or with another body altogether. If true, the news would help explain why Meshaal has been so adamant about not seeking re-election.” Read more.

Hezbollah official: Brotherhood would cancel Camp David Agreement – “Tehran — Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood will eventually cancel the Camp David Agreement, despite the group’s announcement that it respects international agreements Egypt has signed, said Amin al-Sayed Ibrahim, head of Hezbollah’s political council. Speaking to the ‘International Conference on Islamic Awakening and the Youths,’ Ibrahim said that the Egyptian military, so as not to lose its clout, would never allow the Brotherhood to write the constitution or even form a constituent assembly to write the constitution. Over 1,200 young people from Iran as well as 73 other countries are participating in the two-day conference, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on Monday.” Read more.

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