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US Bans Jewish Parliament Member From the US But Allows Hamas and Ahmadinejad

Makes a lot of sense. If you’ve got that lobotomy thing going on …

By Hezki Ezra and Chana Ya’ar -“MK Michael Ben Ari is still being refused a visa to enter the United States – but the lawmaker says Hamas terrorists are allowed to visit.

In an interview with Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew news service, Ben Ari said Wednesday that he is ”still waiting’ for a visa to visit the U.S.’ Ben Ari noted that even after thousands of people were killed in the September 11, 2001 multi-site Al Qaeda terrorist attack on America, ‘The United States allows terrorists to enter its territory.’

The lawmaker contended that ‘It shows something about the country, that what may happen to the next set of Twin Towers is not so important to them.’

The MK said he also asked U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro about the problem with the visa, but that Shapiro replied such things were ‘not his responsibility.’

Shapiro also told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Wednesday that he ‘can’t speculate’ on whether President Barack Obama might consider commuting the sentence of imprisoned spy Jonathan Pollard to time served. MK Meir Sheetrit also asked the ambassador why MK Michael Ben Ari was unable to obtain a visa to enter the U.S., noting that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejaad and Hamas terrorists have been able to do so.” Source – INN.

Flashback: Muslim Brotherhood Gaining Foothold in U.S. Government? – “They were the first modern terrorists and the forerunner of al Qaeda. But these days, the Muslim Brotherhood is becoming mainstream not only in Egypt, but in Washington, D.C. While the final chapter of the so-called Arab Spring has yet to be written, it appears that radical Islamic forces could emerge as the big winners. None more so than the Muslim Brotherhood. In Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria and Jordan, the Brotherhood has used unrest to increase its influence. The group is also making inroads closer to home, according to one expert. ‘Their goal is primarily deception, manipulation and intelligence gathering,’ former FBI Special Agent John Guandolo said. Guandolo said Brotherhood operatives have infiltrated the halls of power in Washington, D.C.” Read more.

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