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Palestinians: Peace Negotiations With Israel Have Ended

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has already made it quite clear that he and the Palestinian people would never recognize the Jewish State of Israel. History itself has made it clear time and time again that ‘peace’ in the Palestinian mind is nothing more than a facade and a deliberate attempt to systematically destroy Israel altogether, not an effort to live side-by-side in peace and security with their Jewish neighbors. How peace negotiations with an invented Palestinian people can come to an end when they have never truly started to begin with is beyond me …

By Barak Ravid – “The time frame that the Palestinians have allowed for talks with Israel in Amman under Jordanian auspices expires on Thursday. According to diplomatic sources associated with the Middle East Quartet – the United States, United Nations, European Union and Russia – last-minute efforts are underway to head off the talks’ collapse, but the prospects seem slim.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s representative to the Amman talks, Isaac Molho, met on Wednesday in the Jordanian capital for a fifth time with the head of the Palestinian negotiating team Saeb Erekat – but at this point no formula has been reached that would enable the talks to continue. Erekat made it clear that because Israel has not presented its position on the issue of borders with a Palestinian state, from the Palestinians’ standpoint, the talks have ended.

After Wednesday’s meeting, Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, under whose auspices the five rounds of discussions have taken place, issued a statement in which he did his best to avoid proclaiming the talks a failure. He said the results of the discussions are being evaluated and that consultations would be undertaken with Israel, the Palestinians and members of the Quartet over a future course.

Before the latest Molho-Erekat meeting, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met in Amman with Jordanian King Abdullah and told the monarch from his standpoint talks with Israel had run their course without results. Abbas said that Israel had refused to recognize the borders of a Palestinian state, but if there was a change there was nothing preventing a return to the negotiating table.

Abbas said he would consult with Arab allies next week to figure out how to proceed. He is under pressure to extend the Jordanian-mediated exploratory talks, which the international community hopes will lead to a resumption of long-stalled formal negotiations on establishing a Palestinian state.” Read more.

Arab ‘Street Artists’ Call for Third Intifada – “Arab street artists in Jerusalem are agitating for a third Intifada – or violent uprising – against Israel. According the Palestinian Authority affiliated Maan News Agency, the artists stenciled “symbols of resistance” in Jerusalem overnight on Monday in a campaign they hope will spur the city’s Arabs to action. ‘One image at a time we are aiming to break the fear and lack of motivation of our Palestinian people and call them to rise,’ the activists said in a statement.” Read more.

North Carolina: Convicted Homegrown Islamic Terrorist Accused of Plotting to Behead Witnesses Who Testifed Against Him at Trial

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Sura 9:123, “O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you …”

… even if you’re already in prison, it seems.

By Michael Biesecker – “RALEIGH, N.C. – A North Carolina man sentenced to prison recently as part of a homegrown terrorist ring has been accused in a federal court document of plotting to kill witnesses who testified against him at trial.

An affidavit unsealed in federal court Monday accuses Hysen Sherifi of plotting against the witnesses from his jail cell. Authorities say an FBI informant posing as a hit man met with Sherifi’s brother and a female friend and accepted $5,000 and a photo of an intended victim.

FBI agents have arrested the brother, Shkumbin Sherifi, and Nevine Aly Elshiekh, a school teacher. Now in federal custody at the New Hanover County Jail, each is charged with a felony count of use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire.

Hysen Sherifi, 27, was sentenced to 45 years in prison earlier this month in what prosecutors described as a conspiracy to attack the Marine base at Quantico, Va., and targets abroad. Five others, including construction contractor Daniel Patrick Boyd, have been sentenced to federal prison terms for terrorism charges related to raising money, stockpiling weapons and training in preparation for jihadist attacks…

In a 10-page affidavit filed under seal Friday, FBI Special Agent James Langtry writes that he developed a source as a confidential informant inside the New Hanover County Jail near Wilmington, where Hysen Sherifi was sent after a jury convicted him in October.

The informant soon befriended Sherifi, who requested help in hiring someone to kill three people who had testified against him at his trial, according to the affidavit. Sherifi specified that he wanted the witnesses beheaded and that he would be provided photos of the severed heads as confirmation of the deaths, according to the document.” Read more.

The Globe and Mail: Christian Canaries in an Arab Coal Mine

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Or, to be even more precise, in an Islamic coal mine …

By LYSIANE GAGNON – “This year will probably see an increased exodus of Arab Christians fleeing the mounting tide of radical Islam in the Middle East – a phenomenon that, as sad as it is, might bring a surge of new vitality to Canada’s thriving immigrant communities. Some of these exiles will choose Canada as a haven, and many of them should qualify for refugee status.

Nearly 100,000 Copts have fled Egypt since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, chased by a series of increasingly violent pogroms at the hands of fanatics while the military often looked the other way. The country’s estimated 10 million Copts are the original inhabitants of this land; some can trace their origin to the Pharaonic period. They later converted to Christianity, centuries before the Arab conquest.

There’s no doubt their situation will worsen, given the popularity of the Salafists, the hard-line fundamentalist wing of the Islamist movement who gained nearly 25 per cent of the vote in parliamentary elections.

Iraq already lost half of its million-strong Christian population – driven out by the sectarian infighting that followed the U.S.-led invasion and by numerous terrorist attacks against their churches.

The next wave of refugees is likely to come from Syria, whose more than one million Christians, an educated and active community, have been under the protection (and thus accused of collaboration) of the Alawite regime – a classic pattern of the secular Middle East dictatorships, from Saddam Hussein to Mr. Mubarak to Bashar al-Assad, that protected their religious minorities while ferociously repressing militant Islamists.

It’s probably only a question of time before the Assad government is overthrown – and then the Sunni Muslims who form the majority in Syria will turn against both the Shia Alawites and the Christians.” Read more.

Nigeria: Islamists Arrive in Town of Tafawa Balewa and Start Shooting at Christians, At Least Seven Killed, Many Injured

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“BAUCHI CITY, Nigeria, January 24 (CDN) — Early morning attacks in Tafawa Balewa, Bauchi state on Sunday (Jan. 22) left at least seven Christians dead and a church building destroyed.

The attack on the Evangelical Church Winning All Church 2, residents of Tafawa Balewa said, was carried out by area Islamic extremists alongside members of the Boko Haram sect, with the church building and surrounding houses bombed.

Yunnana Yusufu, a pastor with the Church of Christ in Nigeria in Tafawa Balewa, told Compass that the assailants arrived in the early morning hours and began shooting at Christians in the town, about 100 kilometers (62 miles) south of Bauchi City.

‘I saw seven dead bodies of some of the Christians killed,’ Yusufu told Compass by phone. ‘The situation is terrible, and I am about to go out to other parts of the town, to see the extent of the damage caused by the attackers.’

Yusufu said that many other Christians were injured.

‘Some of them have been taken to the General Hospital here, while others are being treated at home by medical personnel who are Christians,’ he said.

All churches have cancelled services…

Police also reported that bombs were thrown at a Catholic church building and an evangelical church building in Bauchi City, causing little damage and no deaths or injuries.

Bukata Zhadi, secretary of the Christian Elders Council in Tafawa Balewa, said attacks on Christian communities in the area have been incessant, with Sunday’s attack bringing to 10 the number of Christians killed in the past two weeks in Tafawa Balewa.” Read more.

UK: ‘Strict Muslim’ Raped Four Women at Knifepoint to ‘Punish Them for Being on the Streets at Night’

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“The worst sin and distraction from virtue that I have left for man is woman” – Prophet of Islam, Mohammed, Sahih AlBukhari, 5096

 When I stood on the door of hell, I saw most of its inhabitants were women” – Prophet of Islam, Mohammed, Sahih AlBukhari, 5196

By Nick Enoch – “A Muslim man who raped women to ‘teach them a lesson’ for being on the streets at night was jailed indefinitely today because of the danger he poses to women.

Sunny Islam, 23, who comes from a strict Muslim family, dragged his terrified victims – including a 15-year-old – from the street at knifepoint, bound and assaulted them during a two-month reign of terror.

Police fear that Islam may have attacked many more.

Three of the assaults took place close to his home in Barking, east London, while a fourth occurred in nearby Forest Gate.

Judge Patricia Lees, sentencing him to a minimum of 11 years, said: ‘The harm you have done to your victims is incalculable.

‘The nature and extent of these offences drives me to the conclusion that you represent an extreme and continuing danger to women, particularly those out at night.’

He was traced through the number plate of his girlfriend’s car after he kidnapped and raped the 15-year-old in September 2010.

He grabbed her from behind as she walked home with a friend and bundled her into the car at knifepoint before driving to a secluded spot where he raped her twice despite her claiming she was only 11 years old.” Read more.

Flashback: British Woman Gang Raped by Five Afghan ‘Refugees’, Europe Continues to Suffer From Muslim Gang Rape Epidemic – “The brutal gang rape of a British woman by five Afghan refugees has sparked a massive protest against illegal immigrants in a Serbian spa town. The 38-year-old woman – who bravely managed to film the attack on her mobile phone – was repeatedly raped after befriending a group of Afghan men in a park in Banja Koviljaca… ‘These people are always hanging around the parks and streets during the day causing trouble,’ said one mum. ‘They have no respect for us, no respect for women and we want them gone because they have no right to be here.” Read more.

Flashback: Muslim Violence in Europe Increases Sharply: Is It Crime or Jihad? – “The alarming increase in Muslim violence against indigenous Europeans the last several months has been virtually ignored by the American media. Is this due to respect for ‘peaceful’ Muslims, fear of the violent ones, or political correctness? I suspect it’s ‘all of the above.’ While the scant reporting that has occurred has mostly labeled the violence as ‘crime’ committed by Muslim ‘youths’ for ‘economic reasons,’ the facts suggest otherwise: When Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran from exile, he urged Muslims to move to Europe to claim it for Islam. They have moved there by the millions with precisely that intent.” Read more.

Japan: TEPCO Notes Rise in Radioactive Leaks from Damaged Reactors, Radiation So High in Reactor 2 It Damages Endoscope Camera

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“Tokyo, Jan. 23 (Jiji Press)–Tokyo Electric Power Co. <9501> on Monday reported an increase in radioactive materials leaking from damaged nuclear reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant.

The total amount of radioactive cesium that leaked from the containment vessels of the No. 1 to No. 3 reactors reached 70 million becquerels per hour, up 12 million becquerels from the December level, the power firm said.

It seems that radioactive dusts were stirred up because plant workers went inside reactor buildings and removed rubble, TEPCO officials said.

The outcome was reported to the second meeting on medium- to long-term measures toward decommissioning of the damaged reactors held between the firm and the government on Monday.

Last month, the leaked amount was put at 10 million becquerels each for the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors and 40 million becquerels for the No. 3 reactor.” Source – Jiji Press.

Report: Concern raised that Reactor 2 disintegration means it will not last long enough to begin removing melted fuel – “Actual Fukushima worker Happy20790 concerns reactor can not last until they manage to take out the fuel debris. He tweeted about it on 1/20/2012. Happy20790 ‘From the video of endoscope, SUS pipes were not so corroded but carbon pipes have gone so corroded. We are supposed to start taking out the fuel debris in 10 years from now but I bet it does not last so long… The coating of the PCV wall is also being ripped off and the wall itself is very corroded though it’s better spec than system7. It must have been such a heat. Hatch of the operation control or airlock are even thinner so I’m worried about that too. I suppose rubber packing is also damaged.” Read more.

Worker: Radiation so high at Reactor 2 it broke endoscope camera – “The coating inside of the reactor was damaged and ripped off like squama. From the gap of the pressure between inside of the reactor and suppression chamber, Tepco assumed the water level could be above the grating cover, but they could not see the water at least above the cover… Actual Fukushima worker analyzes the main problem is the extremely high level of radiation… ‘The camera we used today can resist for 1000Sv, but even the camera got so much noise (the white spots), the radiation level is really high. At usual reactor test, we put water-resistant camera into the reactor but it gets too much noise when the camera goes close to the highly radioactive place called top guide… If you put the camera at too radioactive place for too long, the camera gets broken. Today the endoscope became like that. To get more detailed image, we would need a more protective camera.” Read more.

Full Video of Inside the Reactor 2 Containment Vessel

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Report: Fallout from Fukushima Coincides with Spike in Boise, ID Infant Mortality Rate

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By Mac King – “The aftermath of the tsunami that ransacked the Japanese coast led to one of the worst nuclear meltdowns in the history of the world. Now, two researchers believe it may also have played some role in killing tens of thousands of Americans.

‘[It’s] 155,000 deaths,’ Joseph Mangano said, ‘so we’re not talking about an increase from three to five deaths. We’re talking about quite a few.’

Mangano works at the Radiation and Public Health Project. The report he co-authored for a medical journal suggesting a link between Fukushima fallout and an increase in deaths in the United States has stirred up some controversy.

‘The authors appeared to start at a conclusion,’ Scientific American’s Michael Moyer wrote, ‘ – babies are dying because of Fukushima radiation – and work backwards, torturing their data to fit their claims.’

But Mangano said his critics miss the point.

‘We have not stated conclusively that Fukushima fallout killed 22,000 Americans,’ he said.

Instead, he and co-author Dr. Jannette Sherman cite numbers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s weekly morbidity report. That data showed a large spike in deaths – particularly infant deaths – in the 14 weeks following the Fukushima meltdown.

‘And the highest ones,’ Mangano said, ‘were in Boise, Idaho.'” Read more.

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Former Indian Army Officer Col. Dr. Anil Athale Warns: Expect a Chinese Attack Against India by ‘June/July 2012’

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“In a recent article, former Indian Army officer Dr. Anil Athale warned that China is carefully orchestrating security-related incidents against India. Such incidents include Chinese military incursions into Indian territory in the Western and North-Eastern border regions of India, recent mistreatment of Indian diplomats and businessmen in China, recurring disputes on the issuance of visas, and diplomatic rows involving Chinese attempts to question Indian sovereignty in Jammu & Kashmir.

Colonel (retired) Anil Athale, who is an author of the official history of the 1962 India-China conflict and now coordinator of the Indian Initiative for Peace, Arms Control & Disarmament (a think tank based in the city of Pune), warned that the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is failing to prepare the country’s armed forces to fight a likely war against China, which he warns could come as early as June/July 2012. He said that such a war could be like Pakistan’s Kargil war, the 1999 conflict which originated after Pakistani troops and jihadists marched into Kashmir.

‘It is time India woke up. Luckily, we do have some time. At the moment the Himalayan passes are frozen and no military operations are possible. The likely threat will only emerge in June/July 2012. It must be made clear that one is not talking of an all-out war. What we must accept is a short, sharp, attack by the Chinese, more in the nature of a slap!’ he wrote in a recent article.

The article, titled ‘Expect a Chinese attack by June/July’, was published by, a leading Indian news and community portal.

Following are excerpts from the article:

“On December 14, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Told Parliament That His Government Does not Share the View That China Plans to Attack India”

“Last year when this author wrote about a Kargil-style foray by China in the near future, the idea was more in the realm of speculation. But the events of the last few months seem to move the likelihood from the speculative to the possible.

“But it seems that New Delhi is in deep slumber or has no time to pay attention to such ‘minor’ issues like national security when all attention is focused on the upcoming assembly election in [the northern state of] Uttar Pradesh….”

“This is an attempt by a student of history to give a wake-up call.

Read more.

Flashback: China: President Hu Jintao Tells Chinese Navy: Prepare For War – “China’s navy should speed up its development and prepare for warfare, President Hu Jintao has said. He told military personnel they should ‘make extended preparations for warfare’. China is locked in territorial disputes with several other nations in the South China Sea. Political tension is also growing with the US, which is seeking to boost its presence in the region. After Mr Hu’s comments, the US said China was entitled to defend itself.” Read more.

Video: By Singling Out Turkey’s Islamist Government, TX Governor Inches Closer to Identifying Fethullah Gulen

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“Texas Governor Rick Perry raised some eyebrows at a presidential debate shortly before he dropped out of the race, when he identified Turkey as having an Islamist government. Once we admit this reality collectively, as a nation, we can take the very disturbing, yet necessary, next step. The man who was perhaps most instrumental in Turkey’s transformation from a secular government to an Islamist one is Fethullah Gulen. He did so through speeches, propaganda, and charter schools, though his followers insist he’s not involved in the curriculum of those schools.

The problem with Gulen is that he has been living right here in the United States for more than a decade and his charter schools are all over this country. In fact, these schools have a very strong presence in Perry’s state, Houston in particular.

As this video points out, one such school has recently been constructed in the Texas capital of Austin, Perry’s own backyard.

When Perry spoke of Turkey in candid terms during the debate, he helped to peel back an outer layer of a very big onion with many more layers.” Source –

Fly, Eagle, Fly: Biggest Solar Storm in Years Creates Spectacular Light Show in Skies Above Canada and Northern Europe

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By Rob Waugh – “The Northern Lights have lit up the skies above Scotland, Canada and Norway after the biggest solar storm in more than six years bombarded Earth with radiation.

The Canadian Space Agency posted a geomagnetic storm warning on Tuesday after residents were also treated to a spectacular show in the night sky.

Ken Kennedy, director of the Aurora section of the British Astronomical Association, said that the lights, also known as the aurora borealis, may be visible for a few more days.

The Northern Lights are sometimes seen from northern parts of Scotland but the unusual solar activity this week means the lights have also been visible from as far south as northeast England, a rarity.

Geomagnetic storms cause awesome sights, but they can also bring trouble.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, problems can include current surges in power lines, and interference in the broadcast of radio, TV and telephone signals.” Read more.

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Iran Now Preparing for Armageddon, Select Fighters Being Described as ‘Soldiers of Imam Mahdi’

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By Reza Kahlili – “Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has held several secret meetings with his economic and military advisers in recent days to prepare for the possibility of war with the United States.

Sources report the preparations are to include the execution of those Iranians who oppose the regime.

Khamenei has been heard to say that the coming of the last Islamic Messiah, the Shiites’ 12th Imam Mahdi, is near and that specific actions need to be taken to protect the Islamic regime for upcoming events.

Mahdi, according to Shiite belief, will reappear at the time of Armageddon.

Selected forces within the Revolutionary Guards and Basij reportedly have been trained under a task force called ‘Soldiers of Imam Mahdi’ and they will bear the responsibility of security and protecting the regime against uprisings. Many in the Guards and Basij have been told that the 12th Imam is on earth, facilitated the victory of Hezbollah over Israel in the 2006 war and soon will announce publicly his presence after the needed environment is created.

According to SepahOnline, sources within the Vali’eh Amr, the revolutionary forces in charge of the supreme leader’s protection, report that Khamenei held several meetings in recent days at which the leader instructed his advisers to tighten the grip on anyone who opposes or might oppose the regime in case of war.

These actions include investigations of every person or group that was pro-regime but now hold opinions contrary to regime policies. Also being created is a list, to be presented to Khamenei, to decide the fate of any opponents.

It also was decided that those political prisoners who will not repent will be executed, the sources said.

This action also was taken by the founder of the Islamic regime in 1988, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

In the book, ‘A Time to Betray,’ it is documented when Khomeini announced the campaign, he said, ‘If the person at any stage or at any time maintains his (or her) support for the opposing groups, the sentence is execution. Annihilate the enemies of Islam immediately.’

The fatwa led to the execution of thousands of innocent men and women of all ages in a very short period.

The list of actions by Khamenei includes investigation of private business owners. If records show that at any time in the past they have not supported the Islamic regime, their businesses and belongings could be confiscated.

Journalists, writers and publishers who are deemed to be against the regime would be Read more…

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