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Nigeria: Boko Haram Islamist Bombings Kill at Least 165 in Northern Nigeria

By Emele Onu and Mustapha Muhammad – “Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) — The death toll from yesterday’s bomb blasts in the northern Nigerian city of Kano rose to at least 165, a human rights official involved in the rescue effort said.

‘The death toll has risen to 165 by the last count,’ Shehu Sani, the president of the Civil Rights Congress who is helping to ferry the dead and wounded to hospitals, said today by phone from Kano. The dead included journalist Enenche Akogwu, Lagos-based Channels Television said in a statement.

‘We will not fold our hands and watch enemies of democracy perpetrate unprecedented evil in our land, and I want to re- assure Nigerians and the international community that all those involved in that dastardly act would be made to face the wrath of the law,’ President Goodluck Jonathan said in an e-mailed statement from the capital, Abuja.

The Boko Haram Islamic group claimed responsibility for the blasts that struck eight government buildings, its spokesman, Abu Qaqa, said by phone. Authorities in Africa’s top oil producer blame Boko Haram, whose name means ‘Western education is a sin,’ for a series of bombings and attacks in the mainly Muslim north and Abuja over the past year.

‘The full horror of last night’s events is still unfolding, but we know that a great many people have died and many more have been injured,’ U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague said today in a statement.” Read more.

Nigeria: Christians Told to ‘Leave, Convert or Die’ as Nation’s Leader Says Protecting Christians Against Religious Cleansing Now Nearly Impossible – “Another religious persecution watchdog group is drawing attention to the dangerous situation in Nigeria. There has been a spike in violence against Christians in Nigeria and a terrorist group called Boko Haram is taking credit. International Christian Concern spokesman Jonathan Racho points out that more than 80 Christians have been martyred in the north in the past few weeks. ‘The Christian leaders in Nigeria are expressing their concern that these killings could amount to religious cleansing,’ says Racho. ‘They are calling for help. They are calling for prayers.’ Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed concern in a recent statement that it is nearly impossible to protect Christians.” Read more.

  1. 01/22/2012 at 3:02 PM

    These bombings are being carried out by CIA in order to set the stage for another US invasion of another oil-rich nation. If the US cannot steal oil from Iran, they will just go someplace else.


  2. DAVID
    01/22/2012 at 5:26 PM

    Michael, you have said it all! I am a Nigerian and can see what is coming.


  3. ICA
    01/22/2012 at 5:30 PM

    Of course. In fact, the CIA were the ones who bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941 just so that they had an excuse to drop Little Boy and Fat Man on Japan four years later to steal their sushi. They even orchestrated 9/11 to set the stage for their invasion of Afghanistan to steal their opium. Seriously, come back to reality Rivero. Not every bad thing that happens in the world is an American conspiracy.


  4. Willard
    01/22/2012 at 7:11 PM

    I agree with you ICA many want to deflect the blame and refuse to face reality – especialy lovers of Islam and those who would be considered with a mind toward appeasement


  5. robertsgt40
    01/23/2012 at 10:26 AM

    Message to Nigeria: You have been targeted for regime change. You made the mistake of sitting on oil that the U.S. has claimed.


  1. 01/23/2012 at 7:50 AM

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