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Palestinian Authority Religious Official Publicly Calls for Genocide of Jews as a Religious Islamic Goal

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Boy, it’s a good thing that the Palestinian Authority and Fatah are much more ‘moderate’ than Hamas, otherwise they’d be calling for … hey wait a minute …

By Elad Benari – “The principal Palestinian Authority’s religious leader, the Mufti Muhammad Hussein, presented last week the killing of Jews by Muslims as a religious Islamic goal.

Hussein made the comments at an event celebrating the 47th anniversary of the founding of the Fatah movement, which is headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. He cited the Hadith (Islamic tradition attributed to Muhammad) saying that ‘the Hour [of Resurrection] will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jew will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: ‘Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.’’

The event was broadcast on PA TV, translated by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) research institute and presented on its website.

The moderator who introduced the Mufti at the Fatah event reiterated another Islamic belief: that the Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs.” Read more.

Canadian Doctor: Impacts of Fukushima Disaster Worse Than Expected, Number of Deaths From Fallout Will Rise

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BY ALEX ROSLIN – “After the world’s worst nuclear accident in 25 years, authorities in Canada said people living here were safe and faced no health risks from the fallout from Fukushima.

They said most of the radiation from the crippled Japanese nuclear power plant would fall into the ocean, where it would be diluted and not pose any danger.

Dr. Dale Dewar wasn’t convinced. Dewar, a family physician in Wynyard, Sask., doesn’t eat a lot of seafood herself, but when her grandchildren come to visit, she carefully checks seafood labels.

She wants to make sure she isn’t serving them anything that might come from the western Pacific Ocean.

Dewar, the executive director of Physicians for Global Survival, a Canadian anti-nuclear group, says the Canadian government has downplayed the radiation risks from Fukushima and is doing little to monitor them.

‘We suspect we’re going to see more cancers, decreased fetal viability, decreased fertility, increased metabolic defects – and we expect them to be generational,’ she said.

And evidence has emerged that the impacts of the disaster on the Pacific Ocean are worse than expected.” Read more.

Canada: Public was in the dark about radioactive iodine in rainwater – “After the Fukushima nuclear accident, Canadian health officials assured a nervous public that virtually no radioactive fallout had drifted to Canada. But last March, a Health Canada monitoring station in Calgary detected an average of 8.18 becquerels per litre of radioactive iodine (an isotope released by the nuclear accident) in rainwater, the data shows. The level easily exceeded the Canadian guideline of six becquerels of iodine per litre for drinking water, acknowledged Eric Pellerin, chief of Health Canada’s radiation-surveillance division. ‘It’s above the recommended level (for drinking water),’ he said in an interview. ‘At any time you sample it, it should not exceed the guideline.’ Canadian authorities didn’t disclose the high radiation reading at the time. In contrast, the state of Virginia issued a don’t-drink-rainwater advisory in late March after iodine levels in rain in a nearby city spiked to 3.4 becquerels per litre on a single day.” Read more.

Flashback: Medical Journal: 14,000 US Infant Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout – “… Fukushima’s pernicious consequences have traveled across the Pacific… According to the researchers’ data, on 17 March after Fukushima was impacted, scientists detected the plume of toxic fallout had arrived over U.S. territory and subsequent measurements by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found levels of radiation in air, water, and milk hundreds of times above normal across the U.S. Janette Sherman, MD, said: ‘Based on our continuing research, the actual death count here may be as high as 18,000, with influenza and pneumonia, which were up five-fold in the period in question as a cause of death. Deaths are seen across all ages, but we continue to find that infants are hardest hit because their tissues are rapidly multiplying, they have undeveloped immune systems, and the doses of radioisotopes are proportionally greater than for adults.’” Read more.

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Former Ambassador John Bolton: Iran May Be Much Closer to a Nuclear Bomb Than the World Realizes

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In addition to what Bolton surmises below, I would also contend that the production of the first weaponized Iranian nuke will not be preceded by an underground nuclear test.  North Korea has done much of the leg work for them already, not to mention the assist from the architect of Pakistan’s own atomic weapons program …

“A report that Iran is about a year away from having the capability to build a nuclear bomb may be too optimistic, contended John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

‘I worry the publicly available information is giving only a very small picture and that Iran is actually even much further along,’ Bolton said today in a radio interview.

Bolton was on ‘Aaron Klein Investigative Radio’ on New York’s WABC Radio. The former ambassador was asked about a statement from a former head of U.N. nuclear inspections claiming Iran is now just a year or so away from having enough enriched uranium to assemble a nuclear bomb.

Olli Heinonen wrote in an article published earlier this week that Iran made this advancement after switching production of its higher-grade enriched uranium to a new, underground site.

Reacting to the one-year timeline, Bolton stated, ‘I think it can be even less than that.’

The interview can be listened to at the Klein Online website.

Continued Bolton: ‘They’ve got, by publicly available information from the International Atomic Energy Agency, enough low-enriched uranium that if enriched up to weapons grade would be enough for four weapons.'” Read more.

How much longer can Israel and the US wait before they bomb Iran’s nuclear sites? – “Events are once again throwing a spotlight on this question. Last November, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the world’s nuclear watchdog, judged that ‘Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear device’. Iran’s decision this week to build a second uranium enrichment site at Qom – a site that cannot be bombed from the air – is also significant. It raises fears in Israel that the nuclear programme is moving to a point where it will no longer be possible to halt it by external military action… Some diplomats hope that the nuclear programme can be sabotaged by killing scientists or infecting it with computer worms. But there is no sign yet that this is bringing a decisive blow. Others hope that the Iranian leadership will be forced to negotiate. But the Iranian leadership seems increasingly determined to resist international demands to stop enriching uranium.” Read more.

Egypt: Mass of Spectators at Soccer Game Chant ‘One Nation For a New Holocaust’

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Welcome to a new and improved Egypt, where now everyone is permitted to express their genocidal freedoms of expression as free Muslims in a free Egypt.  Given the fact that the Egyptian people have “democratically elected” the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties by an overwhelming majority, we shouldn’t be the least bit surprised when a stadium full of spectators now openly longs for a new holocaust against the Jews of Israel, despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood claims that the holocaust was a ‘tale’ invented by the West. Yet, even they have themselves expressed identical sentiments recently, with nary a peep out of the mainstream media in America, nor from the pro-Brotherhood powers that be in Washington. Succinctly put, the ‘Arab Spring’ is going to hell in a hand basket

Israel: Arab Minority Responsible for Majority of Murders and Attempted Murders

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Here’s another plan. Revoke Israeli citizenship and deport any and all Arabs who refuse to abide by the rule of non-Islamic law to Gaza and the West Bank where they’re free to live under Sharia …

By Omri Efraim – “Crime rates in the Arab sector are a cause for concern as Ministry of Public Security figures reveal that in 2011 Arabs were involved in 67% of the murder cases and 70% of attempted murder cases.

In efforts to fight the soaring crime rates, Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch will on Sunday present ministers with a perennial plan to improve personal and community security within the Arab sector.

The data also revealed that Arabs were involved in 38% of aggravated assault cases as well as 36% of robbery cases and 52% of arson incidents. Nevertheless, the crime rates referring to the Arab sector have remained at a steady rate for years.

The plan which the Ministry of Public Security began to implement in recent months include civic and law enforcement efforts. Three special policing units, including detective and investigation units in Nazareth, Tayibe and the police station serving the Bedouin communities in the south were established.” Read more.

Muslim Leader Sentenced to Life in Prison for Planning to Blow Up JFK Airport

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By Jim Barnett – “Washington (CNN) — An imam and leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago was sentenced to life in prison for conspiring to attack a New York airport by exploding fuel tanks and fuel pipelines under the airport, the Justice Department said Friday.

Kareem Ibrahim and several other co-conspirators believed the 2007 planned attack would cause extensive damage to John F. Kennedy International Airport and to the New York economy, as well as kill many people, officials said.

Ibrahim, 65, was convicted in May by a federal jury on multiple terrorism offenses after a four-week trial.

The plot originated in 2006 when Russell Defreitas, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Guyana who used to work at JFK as a cargo handler, planned the attack and then recruited others, according to officials. In May 2007, Defreitas gave Ibrahim video surveillance and satellite imagery of the targets because Ibrahim had connections to militant leaders in Iran, the Justice Department said.

During cross-examination at trial, Ibrahim admitted he advised the plotters to present the attack plan to revolutionary leaders in Iran and to use operatives ready to engage in suicide attacks at the airport, according to the Justice Department. On one of the recorded conversations entered into evidence, Ibrahim told Defreitas the attackers must be ready to ‘fight it out, kill who you could kill and go back to Allah.'” Read more.

As Israel Makes War Preparations, Russia Now Asserts That Any Attack on Tehran is an Attack on Moscow

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Is it me, or is Russia now getting bolder in light of America’s ineffectual leadership and President Obama’s apparent desire to weaken the US military?  Sounds more and more like this war could develop into something larger than just a regional conflagration …

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu – “Russia has given Iran its bear hug and warns Israel and the West that an attack on Tehran would be considered an attack on Moscow. The threat heightens the prospect of World War III in the event of a military strike on Iran.

‘Iran is our neighbor,’ Russia’s outgoing ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, told reporters in Brussels. ‘And if Iran is involved in any military action, it’s a direct threat to our security.’

Kremlin Security Council head Nikolai Patrushev accused Israel of provoking the United States towards war against Iran, the Russian Interfax news agency reported Friday. ‘But at the same time, we believe that any country has the right to have what it needs to feel comfortable, including Iran,’ he added.

Rogozin warned on Friday that more attacks on Iran could cause ‘a scorching Arab Summer.'” Read more.

Joint Chiefs chairman headed to Israel amid Iran threat – “Israel’s military confirmed Sunday that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey will travel to the Mideast nation this week for talks, as Israel’s No. 2 public official suggested that President Obama is being meek about Iran ahead of the U.S. presidential election. The content of the coming discussion between the U.S. general and Israel’s top military commander was not stated, but Iran is first and foremost in Israel’s mind as the Islamic Republic takes a step closer to going nuclear.” Read more.

Report: Israel making war preparations away from watchful eyes – “A U.S. intelligence source tells G2Bulletin that the Israelis, who know the overflight schedule of U.S. surveillance satellites monitoring their war preparations, wait until the “bird” passes and then resume what appears to be increased mobilization activities, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. Sources say the Israelis are making war preparations, but subtly, in an effort to lessen the world’s notice, and they may be further along than U.S. imagery analysts are able to assess.” Read more.

Flashback: Lo! There He Is, Out In The Desert! Russia’s Vladimir Putin Believes He ‘Saw Christ’ in Iranian Leader – “Iran’s supreme leader is being elevated to sainthood and leader of the worldwide Islamic movement by the Iranian media. In commentaries that reflect the dictates of the Iranian regime, the media for the first time are publishing statements by world officials and others that deify Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The most significant of such statements comes from Vladimir Putin, the former president and current prime minister of Russia. The media outlet Mahramaneh reports that in October 2007, when Putin traveled to Iran, he specifically requested a meeting with Khamenei and came away dazzled. During that meeting, according to the report, Khamenei talked about the history of Russia and what lies ahead, which surprised Putin. Afterward, Iranian diplomats said that Putin’s behavior had changed drastically.” Read more.

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