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Nigeria: Muslim Gunmen Kill Christian Couple and Their One-Year Old Son Near Jos

“A Christian couple and their one-year-old son have been shot dead by Muslim gunmen in a ‘religious attack’ in Nigeria, police said today.

The family were in a village near the the city of Jos on Tuesday evening when the killers – believed to be Muslim herdsmen – opened fire.

Plateau state spokesman Pam Ayuba said today that assailants shot the Christian couple and their child near their home.

The attack just two days after Christmas is the latest in a spate of religious violence in the country.

In a separate attack, extremists threw a homemade bomb into an Arabic school in Nigeria’s Delta state.

Seven people were wounded in the attack, including six children who were younger than nine.

The attack at around 10 p.m. on Tuesday came two days after a series of Christmas Day bombings on churches and other targets by Islamist militant group Boko Haram claimed around 32 lives.

Boko Haram, which means ‘Western education is forbidden’, wants the imposition of strict Sharia law in Nigeria.

‘Some men driving in a Camri car threw a low capacity explosive into a building where an Arabic class was taking place,’ police spokesman for the state Charles Muka said by telephone.

‘Children aged between four and nine were taking a lesson. Six children were injured and one adult (was),’ he added.

Hundreds have died in recent years in communal attacks and reprisal attacks in the Jos area in the nation’s ‘middle belt,’ where the largely Muslim north meets the predominantly Christian south.

Around 90,000 people have so far been displaced during the clashes, according to the BBC.

Christians in northern Nigeria said yesterday they feared that a spate of Christmas Day bombings by Islamist militants could lead to a religious war in Africa’s most populous country.” Read more.

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