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Iran: Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani to Remain in Jail Another Year, Authorities to Use ‘Whatever Means Necessary’ to Convert Him to Islam

By Anugrah Kumar – “An Iranian court is likely to delay its verdict in a case concerning Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, who is facing death penalty for converting to Christianity, to allow authorities to further coerce him to convert to Islam as he remains in jail.

The evangelical pastor’s lawyer has learned that the head of Iran’s judiciary, Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, has asked the presiding judge over the trial, Ghazi Kashani, to delay the pending judgment and keep him in prison for another year, Present Truth Ministries said in a statement Thursday.

Nadarkhani, a 32-year-old house church leader from the Church of Iran denomination, was convicted of apostasy last year and was sentenced to death by hanging. However, the Supreme Court of Iran asked for the retrial of his case by a lower court in the city of Rasht in northern Gilan Province.

The deliberate delay is meant to let the case ‘slip away from international attention’ even as the authorities continue to ‘use whatever means necessary to cause him to convert to Islam,’ said Jason DeMars, the founder of the ministry that was first to report on the pastor’s arrest two years ago.

It was earlier learnt that the court in Rasht had asked Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, the highest ranking political and religious authority in Shi’a-majority Iran, to rule on whether the pastor should be put to death.” Read more.

  1. 02/16/2012 at 8:16 PM

    I’m not sure whether this is imprisonment of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is manipulation by Christian Organizations to rally support for or against whomever, but what I would like to know is why did Mr. Yousef register his organization with the government if the government is anti Christian. The Roman Catholic Organization has been quiet about this case I’m suspicious, but I would be suspicious if they weren’t quiet about it. The fact is this feels like a set up. But If it is not a set up to gain attention then I would suggest Mr. Yousef Nadarkhani compare scripture and especially the gospels. The gospel of John is opposite to the other three gospels and most of the New Testament. The Gospel of John tends to align quite a bit with the Old Testament but even the Old Testament is corrupted in quite a few places. I heard that the Pope recently commented somewhere about allowing conflict between the various religions of Christianity I guess to see what ends up at the top and I’m sure he and the Vatican would align with the winner. They don’t care they just want to be on top. And as far as I’m concerned the religion of Islam is the militant part of Roman Catholicism. I would suggest listening to Walter Veith about Islam and Roman Catholicism to see their relationship. I have a blog which discusses the conflict in the bible and I think it is an entertaining site and I hope you come and read. Most of my articles are linked at the following site:

    Merangue’s Blog
    Christian Truth, Deception & Prophecy

    Just wanted to add that he and his family look like a very nice family so I hope he reads this note above and is allowed to read my blog site to see who he has faith in or whom he believes!

    I hope Mr. Nadarkhani and his family gain their freedom. :)


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