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California: ‘Hollywood Shootout’ Gunman Calmly Targeted Drivers and Pedestrians While Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

Maybe he decided to act upon his own personal ‘triggering event‘ …

By Claire Reitz – “A lone gunman, Tyler Brehm opened fire at people passing by near Sunset and Vine in Hollywood, CA on Friday, December 10.

The 26 year-old shooter walked with a gun around 10:00 AM toward the famous intersection. Along the way, he taunted a few people.

One woman in a car driving by reported the man walking up to her car and tapping on the window with his gun. Immediately after she turned her vehicle off of Vine onto a side street, she began hearing shots.

The man walked in the street on Vine toward Sunset shooting at pedestrians and others driving by. Three people were wounded and another was killed. The man killed was an off-duty police officer who was working on a movie set nearby. Another wounded was a man driving by who was rushed to the hospital immediately following the incident. He is still in critical condition. The two other men were mildly wounded.

When the Los Angeles Police Department arrived on the scene, they tried to end the violence. When the gunman made a threatening move toward them, they shot and killed him.

You may have heard this story on Friday night or Saturday. What was not reported by any news outlets other than a local news program in Los Angeles was what the man was yelling as he walked down the street shooting people.

A witness reported the gunman shouting ‘allahu akbar’, which means ‘God is the greatest’ in Arabic. The motive of this random shooting is still unknown.” Source – Technorati.com.

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