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Radiation Expert: The Situation in Fukushima is Rapidly Spinning Out of Control

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By Ike Teuling – “While walking through the highly contaminated outskirts of Fukushima City last week, I suddenly realized that this capital of the prefecture is as far from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site as my hometown is from Borssele where the only Dutch nuclear power plant in the Netherlands is located —about 60 km. While people in the 20 km exclusion zone around the Fukushima disaster site have been evacuated, the residents of this densely populated city have already waited nine months for decontamination of their houses, gardens and parks without getting any official government support for relocation, not even for children and pregnant women.

We spent four days in Fukushima City doing a radiation survey in the neighbourhoods of Watari and Onami. People there have been left to cope alone in a highly contaminated environment by both the local and national governments. Our radiation experts found hot spots of up to 37 microSieverts per hour in a garden only a few meters away from a house and an accumulation of radioactivity in drainage systems, puddles and ditches. Overall, the radiation levels in these neighbourhoods are so high that people receive an exposure to radiation just from external sources that is ten times the annual allowed dose. How high their internal exposure is from eating contaminated food and inhaling or ingesting radioactive particles remains unknown, since no government program is keeping track of this…

In short, it is clear that the situation in Fukushima is rapidly spinning out of control, and if the national government does not take full responsibility for the protection of its population, the people affected by the triple meltdown at Fukushima Daiichi will continue to suffer for a long time to come.” Read more.

Radioactive groundwater may be leaking into ocean – “The data show peak ocean discharges in early April, one month after the earthquake and a factor of 1000 decrease in the month following. Interestingly, the concentrations through the end of July remain higher than expected implying continued releases from the reactors or other contaminated sources, such as groundwater or coastal sediments. By July, levels of 137Cs are still more than 10 000 times higher than levels measured in 2010 in the coastal waters off Japan. Although some radionuclides are significantly elevated, dose calculations suggest minimal impact on marine biota or humans due to direct exposure in surrounding ocean waters, though considerations for biological uptake and consumption of seafood are discussed and further study is warranted.” Read more.

Eastern Japanese are starting to have bruise on their bodies – “This kind of posts will be “unconfirmed” forever. A Japanese citizen talked about his own symptoms on a Japanese forum. In his case, a bruise appeared on his stomach and it does not hurt even if he touches it.This is only one of the many cases posted on the internet. I expect someone who got through Chernobyl or has radioactive medical knowledge to see this picture… Recently he suffers from constant pain around belly, bowel, and bladder. He analyzes it’s from internal exposure.” Read more.

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Jihad Awareness Month (Hat Tip: Barack Obama)

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His symptoms are worsening and the prognosis doesn’t look good. Unfortunately, Obama and his lemmings still refuse the only medicine that has any chance of remedying their malaise of mind: the one-and-only “Qur’anic Cure” …

David Wood: “Guinness just can’t keep up.  As if President Obama didn’t impress Muslims enough when he took the Gold at the ‘International Dhimmi Limbo Championships’, he has somehow managed to shatter his own world record by bending even further backwards, causing concerned citizens to yell, ‘Mr. President, please put your hand under your head before it hits the ground!’ Yes, while even the most limber contortionists are often limited by the annoying presence of a spine, the Amazing Rubber Band President proves once and for all that certain invertebrates can fit into any container, whether an Oval Office, or the Muslim Brotherhood’s back pocket.” …

Pakistan: Christian Couple Tortured by Police, Resist Pressure to Convert to Islam

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“Salma Emmanuel and her husband, Rashid Emmanuel, were tortured by Pakistani police over a three-day period after Salma, a maid, was falsely accused of stealing from her employer, according to news reports.

‘I begged them for mercy, pleading that I am five months pregnant, but they continued their merciless onslaught,’ said Salma, referring to the policewomen who tortured her. ‘They continued to try to force me to admit to the crime, even threatening that they would kill my baby, but I refused to confess a false allegation.’

‘I had complete faith in Jesus and trusted that He would rescue me and Emmanuel from this great problem,’ she said. ‘It was our faith that kept us going.’

‘The police beat me up mercilessly,’ her husband added. ‘A policeman offered to remove the theft charges against me if I was willing to renounce Christianity and convert to Islam. I told him that no matter what happens, I will not renounce my faith, nor would I confess the false charges made against us.’

Following their detention, both Salma and Rashid lost their jobs, and Salma is at risk of losing her unborn child.” Source –

Tunisia: Concerns Grow Over ‘Morality Police’ as Islamists Roam Streets Terrifying Women and Youth

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By Houda Trabelsi – “Bearded men roam the streets and batter with their batons those whom they perceive different from their sect, terrifying women and youths. Tunisian woman Monia Jawadi emphatically described what the country would look if it were to institutionalise its first morality police.

Reports that Tunisia may establish a committee for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice have sent waves of anxiety among citizens, especially as the country struggles to preserve its social gains.

‘It would be a major disaster if such a committee was given a legal license,’ Jawadi said, adding that the body would be ‘alien’ to Tunisia and its habits.

Committee founder Adil El Almi, however, argued that the creation of religious police has become ‘indispensable’ in Tunisia.

‘The recent election has proved that the Islamic identity of the Tunisian people is out of the question,’ he told Magharebia.

‘Our field of activity will mainly be social, and we’ll try to find solutions for problems before they are referred to courts,’ he said. ‘We’ll also redress grievances and defend the oppressed. We will start from that, and we’ll follow a policy of gradual stages and arguments.’

The institution consists of ‘a sharia body comprising a number of scholars and jurisprudents in Islamic sharia, as well as legal and media bodies comprising of specialists’, El Almi added. He said that they would ‘submit an application for association work in the upcoming period’.

‘We believe that Tunisians will be proud of that, and they won’t have to resort to religious satellite channels in search of fatwas,’ he added. ‘The work of the sharia body will be linked to scholars, and thus we won’t need the fatwas of Middle Eastern imams.’

El Almi’s committee protested against the appointment of Iqbal Gharbi as the head of the Zaytouna religious radio station. In their first public appearance, they staged a demonstration opposite the radio station headquarters and demanded that she step down.

‘If this committee was given a legal license, it would be parallel to the authority of state, and this is just not conceivable in a state of law and institutions,’ Gharbi told Magharebia. ‘We will respect the law if it is given a license. However, I think that the results will be negative; we’ll be faced with a state inside the state.'” Read more.

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Pakistan: Christian Girl, 18, Shot and Killed For Refusing to Convert to Islam and Marry Muslim Man

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“Islamabad: December 5, 2011. (PCP) A Christian girl named Mariah Manisha killed by a Muslim on defying enforced conversion and Islamic marriage was put on sale under Islamic Sharia law of ‘Compensation’ by rich influential family of killer and Islamic clerics in Pakistan.

A Catholic Christian girl named Mariah aged 18, was allegedly kidnapped on gunpoint by a Muslim named Mohammad Arif Gujjar on November 27, 2011, when she was on way to get drinking water with her mother.

Mohammad Arif Gujjar accompanied with his Muslim friends dragged Mariah Bibi in front of her mother shouting loudly ‘You are a beautiful girl and must convert to Islam to be my wife’ which Mariah Bibi denied and cried for help.

Mohammad Arif Gujjar became furious on denial of Mariah Bibi to accept Islam and shot her killing instantly and forced her mother Razia Bibi to run away to save her life.

Mariah Bibi was living in a village of Samundari with her five siblings, mother Razia Bibi and Father Manisha Masih.

The killer Mohammad Arif was arrested and local Muslim elders visited Manisha Masih to condole death of Mariah Bibi to express solidarity with grieved Christian family.

The Catholic Diocese of Faisalabad immediately called Mariah Bibi ‘Martyr of Faith’ and forward it to Vatican for inclusion in list of Martyrs.

The Christian media called Maria Bibi to be ‘Martyr Maria Goretti of Pakistan’ to remember her martyrdom.” Read more.

US: 2011 Sees Greatest Frequency of Severe Weather Causing Costly Losses in More Than 30 Years of Federal Government Tracking

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By Mara Lee, Hartford Courant – “Reporting from Hartford, Conn.— The United States had a dozen weather disasters that each caused at least $1 billion in damages in 2011, the greatest frequency of severe weather that caused costly losses in more than 30 years of federal government tracking.

However, even with the number of events, the total losses this year from the storms, flooding and droughts is $52 billion, not even close to the most expensive year on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina alone cost $145 billion in today’s dollars. It was the most expensive natural disaster in U.S. history and, with more than 1,800 deaths, the highest fatality toll since a 1928 hurricane in south Florida.

The disasters in 2011 caused more than 600 deaths, the agency said. The Groundhog Day blizzard, Hurricane Irene, many tornadoes and drought-fueled wildfires in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona crossed the $1-billion threshold.

The increase in losses from hurricanes has more to do with population growth and increased home building near beaches than it does with climate change, scientists from NOAA say.

But, they added, ‘there is evidence that climate change may affect the frequency of certain extreme weather events. An increase in population and development in flood plains, along with an increase in heavy rain events in the U.S. during the past 50 years, have gradually increased the economic losses due to flooding.'” Read more.

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Saturday’s 12/10 Lunar Eclipse Will Include An ‘Impossible’ Sight

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Here’s an interesting tidbit of info on Saturday’s lunar eclipse …

By Joe Rao – “This year’s second total lunar eclipse on Saturday morning will offer a rare chance to see a strange celestial sight traditionally thought impossible.

Ringside seats for the lunar eclipse can be found in Alaska, Hawaii, northwestern Canada, Australia, New Zealand and central and eastern Asia. Over the contiguous United States and Canada, the eastern zones will see either only the initial penumbral stages before moonset, or nothing at all.

Over the central regions of the United States, the moon will set as it becomes progressively immersed in the Earth’s umbral shadow. The Rocky Mountain states and the prairie provinces will see the moon set in total eclipse, while out west the moon will start to emerge from the shadow as it sets.

The moon passes through the southern part of the Earth’s shadow, with totality beginning at 6:06 a.m. PT and lasting 51 minutes.

For most places in the United States and Canada, there will be a chance to observe an unusual effect, one that celestial geometry seems to dictate can’t happen. The little-used name for this effect is a ‘selenelion’ (or ‘selenehelion’) and occurs when both the sun and the eclipsed moon can be seen at the same time.

Seeing the impossible

But wait! How is this possible? When we have a lunar eclipse, the sun, Earth and moon are in a geometrically straight line in space, with the Earth in the middle. So if the sun is above the horizon, the moon must be below the horizon and completely out of sight (or vice versa).

And indeed, during a lunar eclipse, the sun and moon are exactly 180 degrees apart in the sky; so in a perfect alignment like this (a ‘syzygy’) such an observation would seem impossible.

But it is atmospheric refraction that makes a selenelion possible.

Atmospheric refraction causes astronomical objects to appear higher in the sky than they are in reality.

For example: when you see the sun sitting on the horizon, it is not there really. It’s actually below the edge of the horizon, but our atmosphere acts like a lens and bends the sun’s image just above the horizon, allowing us to see it.

This effect actually lengthens the amount of daylight for several minutes or more each day; we end up seeing the sun for a few minutes in the morning before it has actually risen and for a few extra minutes in the evening after it actually already has set.

The same holds true with the moon as well.

As a consequence of this atmospheric trick, for many localities there will be an unusual chance to observe a senelion firsthand with Saturday morning’s shadowy event. There will be a short window of roughly 1 to 6 minutes (depending on your location) when you may be able to simultaneously spot the sun rising in the east-southeast and the eclipsed full moon setting in the west-northwest.” Read more.

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