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Islamic Fundamentalists Set to Force Sharia Law on Egypt After Election Victory, Rich Egyptians Consider Fleeing Country

“Muslim hardliners are set to push for strict religious laws in Egypt after their strong showing in the country’s elections.

A spokesman for an ultra-conservative Islamist party said that he was hoping to impose Sharia law on Egypt…

Islamists led by the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Salafists appear to have taken a majority of seats in the first round of the vote.

If this trend is confirmed, it would give the religious parties a popular mandate in the struggle to win control from the ruling military and ultimately reshape a key ally of the West.

Spokesman Yousseri Hamad says the Salafi Nour party expects to get 30 per cent of the vote.

The showing would put them in a strong position to influence policy, although it’s unclear how much power the new parliament will have with the ruling generals still in power.

Protests are still raging in the iconic Tahrir Square in an attempt to force the military to get out of politics…

The Nour Party is the main political arm of the hard-line Salafi movement, which unlike the more moderate Muslim Brotherhood is a new player on Egypt’s political scene.

Inspired by the Saudi-style Wahhabi school of thought, Salafists have long shunned the concept of democracy, saying it allows man’s law to override God’s.

But they formed parties and entered politics after Hosni Mubarak’s fall in order to make sure Sharia law is an integral part of Egypt’s new constitution.” Read more.

Rich Egyptians weigh emigration as Islamists surge – “For decades, Egypt’s Westernised elite kept the country’s growing religosity at arm’s length, but a projected Islamist surge in the first post-revolution polls has driven many to think of moving abroad. Sporting the latest fashions and mingling in upmarket country clubs, Egypt’s rich fear a victory for the Muslim Brotherhood and hardline Salafis in the first phase of parliamentary elections presages change ahead. ‘I hope they don’t impose the veil and ban women from driving like in Saudi Arabia,’ said coquettish fifty-something Naglaa Fahmi from her gym in the leafy neighbourhood of Zamalek.” Read more.

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