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‘Arab Spring’ Contagion Strikes Morocco: Islamist ‘Justice’ Party Wins Vote in Election

There they go again.  Sure, it’s another ‘Allahu Akbar’ for the string of Islamist victories as of late, but I’m referring to the media and their love affair with the word ‘moderate’ and ‘Islamist’ — and the romance often associated with Casablanca has nothing to do with it. We’ve all seen ‘moderate’ states governed by Islam and the resulting obligatory destruction of religious freedoms and basic human rights that eventually takes place, yet the willingly ignorant in the mainstream media still chooses to ignore what should otherwise be the sobering realities of Islamic rule, both today and throughout history

By Souhail Karam – “(Reuters) – Morocco’s moderate Islamist PJD party won the most seats in the country’s parliamentary election, final results showed Sunday, in the latest sign of a resurgence of faith-based movements since the Arab Spring uprisings.

The victory for Morocco’s Justice and Development Party came a month after Tunisia handed power to a previously-banned party of moderate Islamists. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is also expected to do well in an election starting Monday.

PJD, which will get its first chance to head a coalition government, has said it will promote Islamic finance but steer clear of imposing a strict moral code on a country that depends on tourism.

The party, whose deceased founder was a physician of King Mohammed’s grandfather, is loyal to the monarchy and backs its role as the supreme religious authority in the country.

PJD won 107 seats in the 395-seat parliament, according to results from the interior ministry carried by the official MAP news agency.” Read more.

Moroccan Islamist Party latest to win election inspired by the Arab Spring – “The victory of an Islamist Party in Morocco’s parliamentary elections appears to be one more sign that religious-based parties are benefiting the most from the new freedoms brought by the Arab Spring. Across the Middle East, parties referencing Islam have made great strides, offering an alternative to corrupt, long serving dictators, who have often ruled with close Western support… ‘The people link Islam and political dignity,’ said Monjib, who describes himself as coming from the left end of the political spectrum. ‘There is a big problem of dignity in the Arab world and the people see the Islamists as a way of getting out of the sense of subjugation and inferiority towards the West.’ Like the Ennahda Party in Tunisia, the PJD is also from the more moderate end of the Islamist spectrum.Read more.

In case you weren’t aware, the Ennahda Party is showing signs of a radical shift and hailing ‘a new cycle of civilization’ with the arrival of the ‘Sixth Caliphate‘. Welcome to ‘the more moderate end of the Islamist spectrum’ …

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