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Iranian EMP Nuke Attack Over the US: ‘Two-Thirds of the American Population Would Perish From Starvation, Disease, and Societal Collapse’ Within One Year

During yesterday’s GOP debate on CNN, Newt Gingrich indicated that one of the greatest national security threats facing America right now is an EMP weapon exploding over the lower continental US.  Here is why …

By Erik Stakelbeck – “WASHINGTON — Pentagon estimates show that Iran could have missiles capable of reaching the East Coast of the United States by the year 2015.

If the Iranians acquire a nuclear bomb, they might be able to cripple their ‘Great Satan’ even sooner through an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, attack off America’s coastline.

‘Within a year of an EMP event, at least two-thirds of the American population would perish from starvation, disease, and societal collapse. It’s a high-tech means of killing people the old fashioned way,’ Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, president of EMPact America, explained.

A nuclear weapon detonated above the U.S. would emit powerful electromagnetic pulses, frying America’s electrical grid and shutting down necessities from cars to computers to airplanes and refrigerators.

Iranian military handbooks point out the benefits of such an attack. Russia, China, and North Korea also possess EMP technology.

Pry, a member of the congressional EMP Commission, said America could plunge back into the 19th century, with Katrina-like chaos nationwide.

‘A single nuclear weapon will cause the collapse of the electric power grid, all the critical infrastructures and other electronic systems across the entire continental United States and basically cause a permanent blackout,’ he told CBN News.

Pry’s nightmare scenario shows Iran or its terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, parking an unmarked freighter off America’s East Coast or in the Gulf of Mexico.

They would fire a nuclear-tipped scud above a city like New York, then immediately sink the freighter to destroy evidence of their handiwork.

‘Even if we were able to identify the scud by our radars, we wouldn’t be able to identify who did it,’ he explained. ‘This is a way of keeping your fingerprints off it.'” Read more.

Is Iran claiming to have secret “hidden energy” weapon to use against Israel and America? – “Iran dares Israel to attack, because the retaliation would send the Jewish state to ‘the dustbin of history,’ a senior Revolutionary Guards commander said, according to the Fars news agency Monday. ‘Our greatest wish is that they commit such a mistake,’ the chief of the Guards’ aerospatial division, Amir-Ali Hadjizadeh, was quoted as saying. ‘For some time there has been a hidden energy we hope to expend to consign the enemies of Islam forever to the dustbin of history,’ he said. ‘Our ballistic (missile) capacity never ceases to grow,’ he added. The comments were one of the most belligerent reactions yet by an Iranian official to speculation that Israel was considering launching air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.” Read more.

  1. 07/02/2012 at 4:33 AM

    I believe that when a fanatically motivated Islamic state makes these horrific threats of Armageddon against America & Israel no warnings should be applied by the USA or Israel.

    Both countries should apply a swift end to Iran. The sooner Iran is hit the safer the world will be.

    There should be no room for any country in the world to keep on with their hype of total annihilation of another state.

    The good in this world have always suffered by the hands of evil, therefore it would be far better that all the infrastructure of Iran be destroyed together with Islamism. The Muslims must learn to either live and respect other religions, to abolish for all times their contempt and rhetorical nuances aimed at other religions, the alternative will be wipe out.


  1. 12/30/2011 at 3:09 PM

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