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Nigeria: Just 8 Years After Muslim Leaders Opposed Polio Vaccinations Claiming They Caused ‘Infertility’, Country Now Sees a Four-Fold Increase of the Disease

“A four-fold increase in polio has been reported in Nigeria, with the disease spreading to other countries, a World Health Organisation official says.

Forty-three cases were reported in Nigeria this year, compared to 11 last year, the official, Thomas Moran, said.

Curbing the polio virus in Nigeria is key to eradicating the crippling disease in Africa, he said.

In 2003, northern Nigeria’s Muslim leaders leaders opposed vaccinations, claiming they could cause infertility.

Nigeria is one of four countries in the world – along with Pakistan, India and Afghanistan – where polio is still a major health risk.

Mr Moran told the BBC the disease had also spread to neighbouring Niger, Mali and Ivory Coast.

‘The success of polio eradication in Africa rests on Nigeria interrupting the virus,’ he said.

Polio was affecting eight northern Nigerian states – two more than a few months ago, the head of Nigeria’s National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHDA), Dr Ado Muhammad, told the BBC.” Read more.

Some Muslim groups would rather see death than accept the possibility that non-Muslim ‘infidels’ — “the most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6) — could ever want to do anything but simply help those in need.  Here is another example of a ‘western conspiracy’ propagated by the ‘enlightened’:

Somali Islamists say famine is a lie created by the west to spread Christianity – “For Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-linked rebels, the drought devastating parts of the country is being exploited by external enemies… Shebab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage denied there was famine in the southern Somalia regions of Bakool and Lower Shabelle as declared by the UN, but admitted that there was drought. In a speech to the rebel radio, Rage said local traders and other residents have been the main providers of help to the drought-hit population and that ‘God did not make them need an outside enemy or non-Muslims … We need Muslim people to be aware that the external enemy especially non-Muslims have been thinking of a new strategy. The new strategy is to transport them abroad, especially in Christian countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, so that their faith can be destroyed and that they could be staff and soldiers for the Christians,’ Rage charged.” Read more.

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