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When Roads Go Bad: Coastal California Road Slides Toward Sea After Rainfall

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“LOS ANGELES — Residents of a coastal neighborhood were worried Monday about safety and property values after a large chunk of a street and the coastal bluff it sat on crumbled into the ocean amid heavy rains on Sunday.

A section of Paseo Del Mar in the San Pedro area that for months had been creeping toward the ocean collapsed as a storm struck, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said in a statement. In recent weeks the section had been moving at about 4 inches a day.

‘My greatest concern (is) that all these homes right here are going to end up in the water and that we’re going to be separated and our own little island,’ said one resident interviewed by just outside the closed-off area. ‘I have three kids and two grandkids and I want them to be able to have the ocean view and be able to stick their feet in the sand and not fall off a cliff.’

Another resident said locals were talking about how the slide would undermine property values.

Witnesses said power poles began to sway and then ‘snapping’ noises were heard when the big slide happened around 3 p.m.

The mayor said there were no injuries and no property was damaged. Workers rerouted a storm drain in the area as a precaution.” Read more.

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Mother of Homegrown NY Jihadist: ‘My Son Was a Normal American Guy … Then He Became a Muslim and He Changed’

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Mamma knows best.  I’d love to believe that this will be used as a valuable learning experience for Taqqiya’s Leftist Companions as well as its other friend, the Obama Administration, but somehow I have a feeling that this will all, yet again, fall on deaf ears …

By Henrick Karoliszyn, Glenn Blain & Tracy Connor – “The mother of homegrown terror suspect Jose Pimentel says she loves the city — and her son.

‘I want to apologize to the City of New York,’ Carmen Sosa, 56, said Monday in the lobby of a Harlem apartment building.

‘I love the city. I’ve been here since 1987 and I’m very disappointed with what my son was doing. I didn’t raise him that way. I feel very bad about the situation. I thank the police. They did what they’re supposed to do.’

Sosa said her son’s personality began to change after the then-teenager swapped salsa for Islam about five years ago.

‘My son was a normal American guy,’ she said. ‘He did what young people do. Then he became a Muslim and he changed.’ …

When he started reading the Koran in 2001, Sosa wasn’t happy because she’s a Catholic, but she noted that ‘in beginning, he wasn’t a fanatic.’

‘He prayed and went to the mosque,’ she said.

Over time, he stopped writing and listening to salsa music and spent his days praying, reading and sleeping. She said Pimentel’s fierce embrace of Islam — he converted in 2004, according to police — prompted her to move him back to the city from Schenectady in early 2010.

‘I brought him here because I didn’t like the way he was acting,’ she said. ‘I’m Catholic … I don’t support the Muslims.’

The move did not dampen his fervor.” Read more.

FBI drops the ball, believed that al-Qaida sympathizer Jose Pimentel was not a threat – “The FBI did not pursue a case against an alleged al-Qaida sympathiser accused of plotting to blow up police and military personnel because it believed he was mentally unstable and incapable of pulling it off, officials said on Monday. Investigators from the New York Police Department, which announced the arrest of Dominican-born US citizen Jose Pimentel, 27, at a press conference late on Sunday night, sought to involve the FBI at least twice. But both times the FBI concluded he wasn’t a serious threat, according to officials who spoke to the Associated Press.” Read more.

Obama Administration Sends No-Bid Weapons Contract to Foreign Company with Ties to Iran

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By Ben Howe – “Late Thursday night, American company Hawker Beechcraft was informed by the U.S. Air Force that they were not going to be allowed to compete for an American military aircraft contract.

The Air Force has notified Hawker Beechcraft Corp. that its Beechcraft AT-6 has been excluded from competition to build a light attack aircraft, a contract worth nearly $1 billion, the company said.

The company had been working with the Air Force for two years and spent over $100 million to ensure compliance with the requirements for the plane and says the craft (Beechcraft AT-6) met all requirements as shown through a demonstration actually led by the Air National Guard.

“We have followed the Air Force’s guidance close, and based on what we have seen, we continue to believe that we submitted the most capable, affordable and sustainable light attack aircraft,” the company said.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t appear to be a question of being outbid or outclassed. In fact, this seems to be a classic example of a contract being awarded without any bidding process at all, something you may remember infuriated the left when the recipient of the contract was American company Haliburton.

There’s a big difference this time. The company the no-bid contract went to isn’t an American company. Worse yet, the company it did go to has questionable friends. Namely, Iran.

Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace giant which is currently under investigation for potentially making illegal payments to obtain government contracts, is essentially owned by the Brazilian government. Through their “Golden Share,” Brazil essentially has control over the company’s business operations.

According to Embraer’s website, that Golden Share provision empowers the Brazilian government with veto rights over: “Creation and/or alteration of military programs, whether or not involving the Federative Republic of Brazil;” “Development of third parties´ skills in technology for military programs;” and “Interruption of the supply of maintenance and replacement parts for military aircraft,” among other things.

But Brazil has their own explaining to do regarding their long and sordid history with the rogue country of Iran.

According to the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, “In 1989, Brazil chose to sell Tucanos, Embraer’s relatively low cost and basic military aircraft, to Iran.” Currently, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Air Force operates around 40 Embraer T-27 Tucanos, according to the Washington Institute. In fact, the Iranians use the Tucano as their primary close air support aircraft.

In recent years, Brazil has continued its troubling friendship with Iran and ruthless leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Hudson Institute notes that, “Another area of tension between Brazil and the United States relates to Iran. In November 2009, President da Silva invited Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Brazil. In May 2010, da Silva helped broker a deal in which Iran would ship only a portion of its low-enriched uranium to Turkey for reprocessing; the rest would remain in Iranian hands, where it could be further enriched for nuclear weapon production.”

Read more.

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Iran Moving Nuclear Materials Undergound and Whitewashes Nuclear Site, Iranian Lawmaker: The West Is Against Us Because ‘A Major Islamic Union Is Being Formed in the Middle East’

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By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu – “Iran is trying to cover its tracks at a nuclear testing site by removing traces of nuclear research, sources told the Associated Press.

The source from an unnamed country said intelligence officials noticed through satellite pictures that there had been an unusual amount of activity at the site, with the movement of a large number of vehicles.

‘Freight trucks, special haulage vehicles and cranes were seen entering and leaving… Some equipment and dangerous materials were removed from the site,’ the source told AP.

The activity was confirmed by sources in two other countries, whose officials did not reach the same conclusion that Tehran is trying to hide nuclear weapons research. All three countries noting the unusual activity are members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which declined to comment on the latest allegations.” Read more.

UN Report Revealed Iran’s Nuclear Materials Moving Underground – “Iran has begun to move its nuclear materials underground, further away from possible attack by Western powers, a new report by the United Nations has warned. The UN International Atomic Energy Agency said in its report earlier this week that Iran began moving materials to an underground facility for the ‘pursuit of sensitive atomic activities.’ Last month Iranian nuclear scientists moved low-enriched uranium (LEU) in a ‘large cylinder’ to the Fordow subterranean site. The information was included in the report, the IAEA’s most detailed document yet. The development further added to suspicions by Western intelligence agencies that Tehran is engaged in creating nuclear weapons of mass destruction…” Read more.

Iran, West in final stage of confrontation as a major Islamic union is being formed in the Middle East – “Senior Iranian lawmaker Parviz Sarvari says Iran has reached the final stage of its confrontation with the West and the US has suffered a major defeat from the Islamic Republic. The lawmaker, who is also member of Majlis National Security And Foreign Policy Committee, said US allies in the region have turned against it as a major Islamic union is being formed in the Middle East, Mehr News Agency reported on Saturday. ‘It is normal for the Americans to try to turn the unity of the Muslim Ummah into division in order to eliminate the existing capacities. This is why we believe the Islamic Awakening should expand every day and that Iran’s role as a source of inspiration for the Islamic Awakening is very important,’ he added.” Read more.

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