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Egypt: Supporters of Islamist Candidates Attack Christians in Cairo

By Gavriel Queenann – “Muslim attackers have thrown rocks and broken glass at a Coptic Christian march in Cairo, injuring 10, witnesses told Reuters.

Marcher Hossam Victor says about 400 Christians marched through the Cairo neighborhood of Shubra Thursday to mark the end of 40 days of mourning after sectarian clashes that killed 27 people, most of them Christians.

During the march, attackers threw stones, bricks and broken glass on the marchers from a six-floor apartment building, Victor said. Clashes broke out and 10 people were injured, two of them seriously.

Victor said the attackers were supporters of ultraconservative Islamist candidates in Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

Sectarian clashes have become more common since the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February.

During the anti-Mubarak riots that marked the opening of the so-called Arab Spring in Egypt, the country’s community of Coptic Christians came under attack by armed gangs of Islamists.

At least two Coptic churches were also burnt down during the uprising — one with ten people inside. Additionally, on New Year’s Day a bombing in a Coptic church killed 21.

Cairo’s caretaker junta has, to date, attempted to maintain the tolerant status quo of the Mubarak era, but Thursday’s violence has raised concerns about the security of Egypt’s Coptic Christians.

Islamists are expected to make significant gains in polls scheduled to begin on November 28.” Source – Arutz Sheva.

Egypt Christians abroad tell US persecution is “crime against humanity” – “Egyptian Coptic Christians living in the United States have sent a letter to American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, imploring her to take more action against what they termed a ‘crime against humanity’ facing the Christian population in Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood. In the letter, sent on Wednesday to the State Department, head of the American Coptic Association Monir Dawoud warned the United States government that the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most organized and popular Islamic group, is ‘attempting to annihilate Christians’ and other minority groups in the country.” Read more.

  1. Nor Siwell
    11/19/2011 at 7:32 AM

    Well people if you can’t see the attack on Christians and the Faith of our Fathers it must be you are not a Christian. We see an epidemic of support for anything as long as it does not have christian ties. We need to understand our own local, state, Federal elected leaders are not necessarily Christian believers. We, you and I have been lazy to allow the infiltration of the immoral ungodly reprobates to get where the are in leadership positions, this is how Nazi Germany became a nightmare to the rest of the free world. We Christians are now being persecuted for our belief and terrorist are being backed by non christian religions. Time to speakout to your elected officials NOW!


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