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‘UK Speeding Up Planning for Potential US-Led Iran Attack’

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“The British military is accelerating planning for its part in a potential US-led attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, The Guardian reported on Wednesday, days after the UK’s military chief visited Israel.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak is currently in London on a state visit, where he met with senior officials, including British National Security Adviser Peter Ricketts.

The Iranian nuclear threat is believed to be at the top of the agenda of talks between Barak and British officials.

According to the Guardian report, the British Ministry of Defense believes the US may have intensified plans for targeted-missile strikes of Iranian nuclear targets.

The newspaper quoted British officials as saying that the UK would help the US in such a mission.

Britain is reportedly examining locations for mobilizing its Royal Navy ships and submarines to assist a possible American aerial and naval campaign against Iran.

Washington could also ask London for permission to use the British island of Diego Garcia, in the Indian Ocean, as a base of operations.” Read more.

Flashback: US sells deep-penetrating bunker busters to Israel – “In 2005, the Israelis initially requested this particular kind of bunker buster, which is the top of the line. It can go through 20 feet of solid concrete. And the rationale at the time was deep concerns with Israeli transfers of military technology to China. That issue was largely resolved by 2007. And in a secret letter from President Bush to Prime Minister Olmert, Bush agreed to sell the bunker busters. But that sale was then deferred two years into what became the Obama administration. And then Obama, very early in his administration, approved the transfer of 55 out of 100 that had – Bush had agreed to sell Israel in 2009.” Read more.

Iran’s Nuclear Activity Under Scrutiny as Evidence of Weapons Threat Emerges

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By Julian Borger – “A report by the UN’s nuclear watchdog due to be circulated around the world next week will provide fresh evidence of a possible Iranian nuclear weapons programme, bringing the Middle East a step closer to a devastating new conflict, say diplomats.

The report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the latest of a series of quarterly bulletins on Iran’s activities, but this one will contain an unprecedented level of detail on research and experiments carried out in Iran in recent years, which western officials allege could only be for the design and development of a nuclear warhead. ‘This will be a game-changer in the Iranian nuclear dossier,’ a western official predicted. ‘It is going to be hard for even Moscow or Beijing to downplay its significance.’

The key passage of the ‘safeguards report’ will be a summary of all the evidence collected over the years by UN weapons inspectors, including a substantial amount of hitherto unpublished data pointing to work in the past seven years.

Western officials say Iranian work up to 2003 involved research and engineering, including the production of some prototype components of a warhead. From 2004, alarmed by the invasion of neighbouring Iraq, those officials say Iranian technicians pursued only design work and computer modelling to reduce the chances of being detected.” Read more.

Flashback: Israel National News: Will 2012 See The Beginning of Gog-Magog? – “In Israel, we find ourselves in foreboding circumstances today, in Spring 2011. The State of Israel seems to have lost a major measure of its support in the non-Jewish world and is being stampeded into abandoning large parts of the Land of Israel to the tender mercies of sworn enemies who have no peaceful intentions at all – the Palestinians. These are Arabs who constitute a ‘national entity’ invented recently of whole cloth and which never existed in world history. Their wish is to destroy the State of Israel and kill as many Jews as possible in the process. Prime Minister Netanyahu is being pushed into formulating a plan of further concessions, beyond those already granted… The Palestinian enemy fully expects this scenario to materialize and so, steadfastly refuses to negotiate. Since the ‘World’, lead by US President Barack Hussein Obama whose father was a practicing Moslem, does not punish them in any way for not negotiating, they feel vindicated in this assessment.” Read more.

UNESCO Granted Palestine Full Membership Even As PA Fell Woefully Short of UNESCO’s Own Basic Education Standards

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How can we expect any better from a culture that glorifies death? …

By Roni Shaked – “UNESCO decided to grant the Palestinian Authority full membership despite the fact that it does not meet the basic educational requirements outlined in the organization’s codex, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Wednesday.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization has clear prerequisites which every nation must meet before it is accepted into its ranks, such as: Do its textbooks recognize certain nations and religions, do they include anti-Semitic or racist references etc. The PA, it seems, is not exactly up to par.

A study by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE) found that Palestinian textbooks are far from meeting the requirements.

The report, which examined 117 Palestinian textbooks, was commissioned before the Palestinians filed their UNESCO application.

The report stresses the fact the Palestinian textbooks and maps are largely devoid of any reference to Israel, geographic or otherwise.

IMPACT-SE also found that many of the Palestinian schoolbooks glorify jihad (‘holy war’), death and acts of violence, predominantly against Jews.

‘Presenting Israel as the ‘ultimate evil,’ preaching violence and war and omitting any reference to peaceful collaborations does not coincide with UNESCO’s principles,’ Dr. Eldad Pardo of the Hebrew University, who heads IMPACT-SE, said.” Read more.

“We just want to get Israeli’s. I want to kill them” – The manipulation of innocents is nothing new for Hamas and its ilk. Each summer, Hamas, along with fellow terrorist groups Islamic Jihad and the Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade, operates camps that indoctrinate scores of Palestinian children in the ways of jihad and Jew-hatred. The campers, some of whom are as young as 8 and 9 years old, are taught military tactics as well as the finer points of suicide attacks. The PA also militarizes Palestinian children through government-run television programming. In one fictitious music video that has run continually over the past few years on PA TV, a young Palestinian boy is shown heading to ‘shahada,’ or martyrdom. Scenes of his death are accompanied by selections from his suicide letter, such as, ‘How sweet is shahada…be joyous over my blood, and do not cry for me.’ Other PA music videos show children defacing Jewish symbols, such as the Menorah, and throwing stones at Israeli soldiers while chanting, ‘You will not be saved, oh Zionist.’ This widespread indoctrination of young Muslims calls to mind an Arabic saying, Al-ilm fi al-sghirar kanaqshi fi al-hajar. Translated into English, it means, ‘An education in one’s youth is like engraving into a stone.'” Read more.

Flashback: Gaza and the West Bank: Palestinian Authority Teaches 5-Year-Olds to Die for Allah – “A Palestinian Authority kindergarten showed off what its young students had learned over the past year by having the five-year-olds act out scenes of terror and death for their families. The parents were moved to tears upon seeing their children pretend to die as ‘martyrs,’ Palestinian Media Watch reported reported. During the graduation ceremony two plays were performed – one based on ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ the second, ‘The Martyr’s Wedding,’ a story glorifying death in battle with Israel for the sake of Islam.” Read more.

Drums of War: Iran Warns ‘Zionist Regime’ of ‘Harsh Punishment’ as Israel’s Prime Minister Moves to Persuade Cabinet to Support Military Action Against Iran

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By Barak Ravid, Amos Harel, Zvi Zrahiya and Jonathan Lis – “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are trying to muster a majority in the cabinet in favor of military action against Iran, a senior Israeli official has said. According to the official, there is a ‘small advantage’ in the cabinet for the opponents of such an attack.

Netanyahu and Barak recently persuaded Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who previously objected to attacking Iran, to support such a move.

Although more than a million Israelis have had to seek shelter during a week of rockets raining down on the south, political leaders have diverted their attention to arguing over a possible war with Iran. Leading ministers were publicly dropping hints on Tuesday that Israeli could attack Iran, although a member of the forum of eight senior ministers said no such decision had been taken.

Senior ministers and diplomats said the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report, due to be released on November 8, will have a decisive effect on the decisions Israel makes.” Read more.

Israel Test Fires Missile That Can Hit Iran – “Israel successfully test-fired on Wednesday a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran, fanning a public debate over whether the country’s leaders are agitating for a military attack on Tehran’s atomic facilities… An Israeli defense official told The Associated Press that the military tested a “rocket propulsion system” in an exercise planned long ago. He spoke on condition of anonymity because of security restrictions, and declined to give further information. Further information about the test was censored by the military. Foreign reports, however, said the military test-fired a long-range Jericho missile — capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran.” Read more.

Iran warns Israeli strike will meet ‘harsh punishment’ – “Iran’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Hassan Fairouz Abadi commented Wednesday on reported Israeli threats to strike Iran and warned that Tehran would retaliate with a ‘surprising punishment’ if Israel pursued such a ‘mistake.’ ‘Even though the likelihood for such an attack is low, we see the threat as a serious threat and are on full alert,’ Abadi told Iran’s Fars news agency. Speaking on the sidelines of an Iranian defense conference, he added that ‘America knows that a Zionist military strike in Iran would cause it major damages in addition to the damages caused to this regime.’ He further warned the US against striking in Syria, as NATO forces have done in Libya, saying: ‘The military regime in Damascus is at the forefront of our dealings with the occupying Zionist regime… The Libyan model will not intimidate Syria. If they strike there will be a Muslim uprising that would leave nothing of the Americans or the Zionist regime.'” Read more.

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