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Winnipeg Sun: Recognize Muslim Extremism or Else

BY ERIC DUHAIME – “Djemila Benhabib, a Quebecer born in Algeria, just wrote her second book — Les soldats d’Allah à l’assaut de l’Occident (The Soldiers of Allah: The Assault on the West) — to denounce radical Islam and the multicultural policies that serve as its Trojan horse in Canada.

Benhabib also reviles a certain element of the political left that has teamed up with this Islamist sphere of influence.

Quebec leftists did not appreciate her criticism.

Over the past few days, instead of realizing that they are acting as ‘useful idiots,’ these activists wildly attacked Benhabib, calling her ‘hysterical,’ a ‘Joan of Arc’ and ‘alarmist.’

For those ideologues, the threat or the danger of Islamism here is fiction and invention.

Before shooting the messenger, why don’t these people consult the mainstream media once in a while?

No need to read the international section of the news, where you can find out that the Libyan rebels didn’t wait to bury Moammar Gadhafi before they adopted Shariah law, that Tunisians just elected Islamists or that the Muslim Brothers are on the verge of taking over Egypt.

All they have to do is look at the national section of the news.

Here is a list of events that happened right here in Canada last week:

* On Tuesday and Wednesday, in Quebec City, the National Assembly adopted two motions to oppose the holding of a conference in Montreal of the Islamic Education and Research Academy because of the misogynist, homophobic and anti-Semitic comments of its guest speakers.

* On Thursday, the trial of Mouna Diab began in Montreal. She’s a Muslim activist who is well known because she was part of the delegation of eight veiled women sent to Herouxville during our reasonable accommodation crisis to show a so-called ‘moderate’ face. Diab is currently accused of trafficking assault weapons to Lebanon.

* Also on Thursday, the trial of Montrealers originally from Afghanistan began in Kingston, Ont., where members of the Shafia family are accused of an honour killing that ended with the death of three young girls and their mother.

* On Friday, on a TV show on which I am a host, a viewer named Aisha called on-air to show support for the stoning of adulterous men and women, the wearing of the veil for girls starting at age four and to propose stricter punishments against homosexuals.

* Also last Friday, in Montreal, an Islamist conference was held at the mosque al Rawdah, administered by the Muslim Association of Canada, which has appropriated the ideology of the Muslim Brothers. More than 150 Muslims and converts participated.

How many more Islamist conferences, ‘moderate’ Muslims arrested for the traffic of assault weapons, and those of the Muslim faith supporting stoning or barbaric honour killings before our ‘useful idiots’ on the left realize that we need to take the Islamist threat on Canadian soil seriously? Do we need to wait for a terrorist attack before they wake up?

Fortunately, we have some Benhabibs to inform us and raise our awareness of the danger.

A true and sustainable friendship with the Muslim community in Canada calls first for a condemnation of its most extreme elements.” Source – QMI AGENCY

  1. Slavophile
    10/15/2012 at 11:26 AM

    Mr. Duhaime does not mention that Ms. Benhabib was just awarded on Monday October 8, the Prix international de la Laïcité, in Paris France, a great honour for the young Quebec woman.


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