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Massive Increase of Radical Islamism Spreads Throughout Indonesia, Including ‘Top-Quality’ Universities

“JAKARTA, Indonesia – The suicide bombing of a church in Central Java on Sept. 25 pointed not only to a new level of attacks on religious minorities in the world’s largest Muslim-majority country but to a political bent that accommodates Islamist extremism.

‘Radicalization of Islamic teachings and understanding is a problem in Indonesia,’ admitted Dr. H. Nasaruddin Umar, director general of Islamic Community Guidance under the Ministry of Religious Affairs. ‘There’s a need to re-explain the concept of jihad.’

Pino Damayanto, aka Ahmad Yosepa Hayat, who blew himself up wounding over 20 members of the Sepenuh Injil Bethel Church (Bethel Full Gospel Church) in Solo on Sept. 25, apparently believed it was his religious duty to kill ‘the enemies of Islam,’ according to his understanding of ‘jihad.'” Read more.

Indonesia: Radical Islam infiltrating top universities says counter-terror agency – “Radicalism has found its way into several of Indonesia’s top universities, according to the national counter-terrorism Agency (BNPT) says. ‘We are seeing a massive increase in radicalism. It is penetrating some top-quality and favourite universities such as [the University of Indonesia] and [the Bandung Institute of Technology],’ BNPT chief Ansyaad Mbai said Tuesday.” Read more.

Indonesia arrests Muslim militant suspected of plotting suicide attacks at church – “Indonesia’s anti-terrorism squad has arrested one of the country’s most wanted Muslim militants for allegedly plotting suicide attacks. Local police chief Lt. Col. Lufti Martadian said Sunday that Beni Asri was captured without a fight on Friday near his parents’ house in Solok of West Sumatra province.” Read more.

Indonesia: Islamic movement protests against shoppings malls – “Members of the Indonesia’s Islamic Student Assocation (HMI) clashed with riot police during a rally in front of the Kediri Regional Representatives Council (DPD) office on Thursday. ‘Open the gates or we’ll break them down,’ protesters yelled. The students were rallying against the mushrooming of modern shopping and karaoke centers in Kediri. The malls, they said, had caused the demise of other smaller shops.” Read more.

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