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Jacob’s Trouble Isn’t Just Jacob’s Problem – Abandoning the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory to be a Faithful Witness

By Dalton Lifsey – “There are scores of Christian authors, speakers, pastors, and bloggers who are boldly calling the Church to stand with Israel as the crisis in the Middle East continues to escalate before the future ‘time of Jacob’s trouble’ (Jer. 30:7; Dan. 12:1-7; Mt. 24:15-22). I’m extremely grateful for that. I hope this company of believers continues to grow and mature.

But to the degree that I am encouraged I am also burdened. Let me explain.

A large contingent–if not the majority–of those leaders who are anticipating a future hour of suffering for the Jewish people don’t believe the Church will be here when the final hour of tribulation unfolds. They expect that every believer will be caught up in a secret rapture to witness Israel’s age-ending affliction from the balcony of heaven.

John Hagee, Joel Rosenberg, Grant Jeffrey, J. Dwight Pentecost, Chuck Missler, Tim LaHaye, Randall Price, Kay Arthur, Thomas Ice, John MacArthur, Chuck Smith, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Hal Lindsey, David Jeremiah; the list goes on and on. The majority of the most prominent pro-Israel leaders in the Body of Christ (most of whom are sincere, godly men and women) couple their teaching on standing with Israel with their teaching on an imminent secret rapture. Thus much of the Church is prepared to stand with Israel up until the commencement of their final baptism of suffering – when it will mean the most.

Joel Rosenberg–a best-selling author, prominent spokesman for Israel, and diligent student of the Word–is hosting and webcasting an event called ‘The Gathering Storm’ on October 22. The aim of the event is to articulate what is happening in the Middle East and what will continue to unfold before the Lord returns. He believes that we are approaching a time of great tribulation and upheaval in the Middle East and is therefore calling the Church to radically, wholeheartedly, and sacrificially engage with the Lord during these awesome days for the sake of Israel…..until the rapture. Then they are on their own. Without a prophetic witness. Without the testimony of the Church. Without the presence of Gospel ministry (supposedly apart from 144,000 born again Jews).” Read more.

  1. Mike
    11/16/2011 at 8:45 PM

    “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty” is the one Google article that pretrib rapture promoters and merchandisers fear the most. Read it and find out why.


  2. ICA
    11/16/2011 at 9:11 PM

    Yes, I’ve read that quite some time ago. Also read through some of the articles and comments in the “Theology and Eschatology” section. There’s a few good detailed post-trib arguments in there to consider as well.


  3. 02/27/2014 at 4:36 PM

    The time of Jacob’s trouble isn’t about the great tribulation and therefore the tribulation isn’t exclusively about Israel. This is a fabricated lie! Here’s proof: Jacob’s trouble, mentioned once in the Word… Jer. 30:7 is within a two chapter prophesy (Jer. 30,31) about a specific time of trouble for Israel. That part is understood, but read the prophesy (Jer. 30,31) the result of Jacob’s trouble is a scattering (Jer 30:10,11) of Israel to the extent that she has to be gathered from the ends of the earth (Jer.31:8). Isaiah tells us that once she is gathered from the ends of the earth she will never be scattered again. LEARN YOUR HISTORY! There is only ONE instance this can be referred to 66 AD to 1948 AD. Titus exterminated the Jew from her by 60% which continued to 100% by 162 AD. She later became a country again in 1948. End time prophesy tells us that Jerusalem will again be attacked, but mentions half captivity when the Messiah returns… Zech 14. The worst case scenario for Israel that is mentioned in Jer. 30:7 has already come and gone for her, and her future although appears dark, is brighter than her past.

    I realize this obscure passage is widely excepted without question that is refers to the tribulation, but as Hitler says, “if you tell a lie enough, the people will believe it.” I don’t know that I know of anyone who has actually searched the word concerning Jacob’s trouble and it’s true meaning. People now just say Jacob’s trouble and its widely assumed that it’s about the great tribulation. It’s amazing how easily false doctrines are started.

    Why is this false doctrine so loved??? Because it created the necessary backbone to bring the separation between Israel and the church, which brings us the separation between rapture and second coming. Amazing what happens to the house of cards of pretrib doctrine collapses when you apply the truth.

    If we are to expose the pretrib doctrine as the lie that it is, we must come to terms that the foundation is a lie, and not get sucked into it by referring to the great tribulation as a time for Israel.


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