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Are Solar Storms Disrupting Power Grids and Causing Blackouts Around the Globe?

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9/24/2011 – “A huge mass of electrically-charged particles thrown out by a gigantic eruption on the Sun is due to strike the Earth tonight.

Scientists expect it to trigger one of the most violent geomagnetic storms ever recorded.

The result could be widespread power surges and even blackouts, disrupted TV and mobile phone signals, and broken down communication satellites.

At the same time the Northern Lights, normally confined to polar latitudes, may produce dazzling displays in the skies above southern Britain.

At least one satellite has already been knocked out of action by the storm. Japan’s space agency said its Kodama communications satellite had been temporarily shut down after malfunctioning.

The solar flare that caused the eruption burst out of a sunspot at 10.54am yesterday.

Experts said it was the strongest flare seen in the past 30 years. The explosion caused a coronal mass ejection (CME) which is now speeding towards Earth.” Read more.

Arizona, USA: Lights go out during Giants-D-backs game – “The D-backs offense seemed unstoppable Saturday night. Right up until the lights at Chase Field went out. With the D-backs up on the Giants, 11-2, Aaron Hill led off the seventh inning with a single up the middle and right after that the stadium lights went out at 7:46 p.m. MST. The scoreboard and sound system remained in working order.” Read more.

Idaho, USA: Power outage hits Boise, Garden City – “Over 1,000 people in Boise were without power Saturday afternoon. Around 4 p.m., an outage that ranged from Boise to Garden City affected 1,369 customers at its peak. Ada County Dispatch said that a blown transformer at the corner of Chinden and Maple Grove was the cause of the outage.” Read more.

Illinois: Three county power outage – “The failure of a ‘bus cable’ inside the Hennepin sub-station is the cause of a sizeable power outage in LaSalle, Bureau and Putnam Counties late Saturday afternoon. Leigh Morris, spokesperson for Ameren IP told AM 1220 WLPO news personnel were at the sub-station to make needed repairs around 5pm. Reports of restored service were coming into AM 1220 WLPO via Facebook around 6:25pm. At the height of the outage, 15-thousand Ameren IP customers were affected, according to Morris.” Read more.

Washington State: Power outage delays Point Defiance-Tahlequah ferry run – “The state Department of Transportation announced this afternoon that drivers should expect delays at the Tahlequah dock due to a power outage at the terminal. This likely means delays in and out of the Point Defiance ferry terminal as well. Updates will occur when more information becomes available.” Read more.

Chile: Massive blackout affects 9 million people – “More than nine million people were affected by a widespread power outage that plagued northern and central parts of Chile Saturday night, including Santiago the capital, officials said. Two and a half hours after the occurrence of blackout at about 2030 local time (2330 GMT), more than 90 percent of the capital region’s power supply were restored, but system instability and congestions of cell phone and Internet networks would remain for a while, Energy Minister Rodrigo Alvarez told press.” Read more.

Ontario, Canada: Power Outage in Kanata Around Eagleson and Terry Fox – “Over five thousand people are without power in and around Eagleson Road, Terry Fox Drive, and Stonehaven Drive. Hydro Ottawa is sending repair teams but isn’t sure what’s caused the outage or when they’ll have service restored.” Source.

Pakistan: Karachi without electricity for half a day – “The Karachi Electric Supply Company on Saturday increased the duration of unannounced power outages for domestic consumers to about 12 hours and for the industry to eight hours. Residents of North Karachi, parts of North Nazimabad, Gulshan-i-Iqbal, Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Federal B Area and PECHS block II complained that they suffered at least five spells of power outages of two-hour duration each.” Read more.

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UNSC to Consider Palestinian Bid on Monday 9/26/2011

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“The UN Security Council is due to consider the Palestinians’ bid for UN membership next Monday, September 26th . The Palestinian National Administration Head Mahmoud Abbas handed over his request to recognize Palestine’s independence and grant it full UN membership rights to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday.

Abbas also urged Israel to resume bilateral talks. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, for his part, that peace is achieved through talks, rather than resolutions.

The quartet of international mediators in a Middle East settlement, namely Russia, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations also urged Israel and the Palestinians to start talks without delay. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier that Russia would vote for the recognition of Palestine’s independence at the United Nations, but would prefer the Palestinian problem to be resolved through reaching a consensus.

The UN Security Council will examine the Palestinians’ request to recognize their state as sovereign on September 26. The information comes from Chairman of the Security Council Nawaf Salam.

On Friday, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas sent UN Head Ban Ki-moon an official request to recognize his Autonomy as an independent and sovereign state and grant it membership in the UN.

If the Palestinians fail to secure UN membership the General Assembly may still grant them the observer-state rights which will allow Palestine to sue Israel in the International Criminal Court.” Read more.

Is The U.S. Government Stockpiling Food In Anticipation Of A Major Economic Crisis?

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By Michael Snyder – “Is the U.S. government stockpiling huge amounts of food and supplies in anticipation that something bad is about to happen? Is something about to cause a major economic crisis that will require large quantities of emergency food? For a while, I have been hearing things about the government storing food through the grapevine and I have not been sure what to think about those rumors. Well, today I received a phone call that blew me away. I debated for quite a while before I decided whether or not to share this information with you all. Normally I do not like to talk about anything unless I am able to prove it by pointing to an article in the mainstream media. But the source of the information that I am about to share with you is rock solid. I cannot reveal his name, so you will just have to trust me on that. Hopefully the following information will be one more ‘dot’ as we all try to connect the dots about what is really going on out there.

This morning I received a call from a very prominent person in the storable food industry. He has asked me not to reveal his name. I have been dealing with him for an extended period of time and I consider him to be a rock-solid source. When I talked to him today, he had just received a huge order for storable food from a U.S. government source. He told me that the dollar amount of the order was in the ‘five figures’.

When he asked about why so much food was being ordered, the government source told him essentially that ‘you know what is coming’. When pushed further, the government official did not elaborate.

It was unclear whether this was part of a larger food stockpiling program by the government. Perhaps this order was just part of the normal preparations that government agencies make for potential emergencies.

Nobody could blame the government for storing up some emergency food. That is something that we all should be doing.

The truth is that the government is taking emergency preparedness very seriously these days. For example, you can see video of a high-level NASA official urging NASA employees to develop preparedness plans for their own families right here.

But what if this is a sign of something bigger?” Read more.

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