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California: Hundreds of Dead Squid Wash Up at Blacks Beach

There have been reports in the past of large oarfish and even whales beaching themselves just days before a large earthquake.  Could squid now be doing the same thing? …

“SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of Humboldt squid washed up on Black’s Beach over the weekend.

San Diego lifeguard Sgt. Ben Lewis said the squid rode the tide in on Saturday afternoon.

‘It was quite a scene to see with the beach strewn with hundreds of dead and dying squid,’ said Lewis.

Lewis said the squid were each about a foot long and appeared to weigh a few pounds. He added that it was much more than just a sight.

‘Of course, as you might imagine, there were some odors associated with that,’ he said. ‘The only thing left on the beach right now is the scent of dead squid and seagull footprints.’

The squid, which are native to South America and can grow to be six feet, appeared on the beach Saturday afternoon until early Sunday morning, when high tide washed away all but 50 of the squid.

Lewis said seagulls flocked to feast on the remaining dead squid.” Read more.

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