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The Christians of the Near East and Islamist ideology

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Significant numbers of respondents in ‘moderate’ Islamic countries adhere to many not-so-moderate views …

By Bernardo Cervellera – “Radical Islam has always been present in Islam, but it has emerged in recent decades thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood (founded in Egypt in 1928) and with the support from the Saudi Wahhabi ideology. It supposes a literalist interpretation of Islam and a return to the origins of Islam – that of Mohammed and the four caliphs – as a way to reaffirm the dignity of the Muslim communities in the world.

Their enemies are the corrupt Islamic governments (almost all) the atheist and colonial West, the State of Israel, and finally Christians, often banded together with the West, although the Islamists often target the Christian communities who were present in the Middle East long before Muhammad.

The choice of violence and terrorism seen as a religious act in praise of Allah that purifies the world by destroying the enemies of Islam is linked to the Islamic world.

What weight does this interpretation of Islam have?

A survey by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion published by AsiaNews [1] March 4, 2009, showed that at least 30% of respondents in several Muslim countries – Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Jordan and Morocco – supported the use of bombs and murder to achieve political and religious purposes.

A large majority supported the goal of al Qaeda to ‘push the U.S. to remove its bases and its military forces from all Islamic countries’. These include 87% of Egyptians, 64% of Indonesians, 60% of Pakistanis.

Other aims of al Qaeda also received wide support. Among these, ‘the strict application of sharia law in all Islamic countries and the unification of all Islamic countries into a single Islamic state or Caliphate’ received the support of 65% of Egyptians and 48% of Indonesians, 76% Pakistanis and Moroccans. ‘Keeping Western values out of Islamic countries’, another of the organization’s goals gained the support of 88% in Egypt, 76% in Indonesia, 60% in Pakistan and by 64% in Morocco.” Read more.

New Libyan Leader Says Libya Will Be A ‘Moderate Islamic State’ … Based Upon Sharia Law

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Western ears often hear the word ‘moderate’ and think ‘peaceful’ or ‘free’ or ‘democratic’, thus in the minds of the naive and the willingly ignorant there’s no need for worry.  Their logic dictates that although Libya’s new constitution and laws will be based upon Sharia, being ‘moderate’ will therefore mean that we’ll have a country that is kind, that is peaceful, that is full of happy-happy-joy-joy feelings where everyone can sit around a Saturday evening campfire and sing ‘Kumbaya’ holding hands and roasting Halal marshmallows.

When it comes to ‘non-moderate’ Islamic governments we think of the theocracy that rules Iran.  We think of the Taliban of Afghanistan.  We think of Hamas ruling in Gaza.  Or Hezbollah in Lebanon.  Yet for a ‘moderate’ Islamic government we’ll often envision Indiana Jones chasing after lost relics in a nation like Egypt.  We’ll think of a moderate country like Indonesia.  Or a moderate society in Malaysia.  Or a moderate state such as Turkey.  Yet Egypt is where Christians have been persecuted and killed for centuries, before and during Mubarak, and now at an increasing pace post-revolution.  In Indonesia Islamic teachers are attacked for speaking against violence, and a television station is forced to pull a film promoting religious tolerance because some Muslims were offended and threatened to riot.  In Malaysia the government can now charge non-Muslims with ‘blasphemy’ for simply quoting from the Qur’an ‘insincerely’, where at least one Muslim group has declared jihad against Christians simply for disagreeing with them.  Turkey is responsible for — and continues to deny — the genocide of over one million Armenian Christians.  And the examples don’t end there.

The fact of the matter is this: there will always be persecution of Jews and Christians in Muslim countries, regardless of any ‘moderate’ label, either directly from the government itself or from the local Muslim population.  And a ‘moderate’ Libya will be no different

The Mark of the 'Moderate Islamist'

“Libya will be a modern, democratic state founded on ‘moderate Islam’, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, the prime minister of Libya’s interim National Transitional Council, has told a cheering crowd in Tripoli.

Joined in Martyr’s Square by several dozen revolutionary leaders, and backed by a firework display, Jalil told the thousands of flag-waving supporters that Libya would not be a secular state.

Jalil said: ‘We strive for a state of the law, for a state of prosperity, for a state that will have Islamic sharia law the basis of legislation.’

‘We are a Muslim nation, with a moderate Islam, and we will maintain that. You are with us and support us – you are our weapon against whoever tries to hijack the revolution.’

Urging the crowd not to take retribution against political opponents, Jalil said that ‘moderate’ Libyans should accept their differences without resorting to fighting.

‘Absolutely, there will be tensions. There will be different views. That’s the whole point of the revolution … The main thing now is how to solve these conflicts in a peaceful way, not resort to armed fighting.'” Read more.

Libya: Rebels ‘execute 85 mercenaries, including 12 Serbs’ – “Libyan rebels who control most of the country after defeating Muammar Gaddafi’s military, have executed 85 foreign mercenaries, including 12 Serbs, in the city of Misrata alone, Serbian media reported on Tuesday. Belgrade daily Press said the executions took place in the state insurance building in Misrata after it was taken by the forces loyal to rebels’ National Transitional Council (NTC). Among the killed mercenaries, who fought on Gaddafi’s side, were also nine Croats, 11 Ukrainians and ten Colombians, the paper said. The report was also confirmed by Zagreb daily Vecernji list whose correspondent in Misrata, Hasan Hajdar Dijab, said many mercenaries had been killed in fighting, but those arrested were shot in the head.” Read more.

Obama’s Libyan Rebel ‘Allies’ Are Rounding Up and Jailing Thousands of Black Africans – “Rebel forces and armed civilians are rounding up thousands of black Libyans and migrants from sub-Sahara Africa, accusing them of fighting for ousted strongman Moammar Gadhafi and holding them in makeshift jails across the capital. Virtually all of the detainees say they are innocent migrant workers, and in most cases there is no evidence that they are lying. But that is not stopping the rebels from placing the men in facilities like the Gate of the Sea sports club, where about 200 detainees — all black — clustered on a soccer field this week, bunching against a high wall to avoid the scorching sun.” Read more.

Sweden: Imam Calls to Kill Converts on Radio Sweden, ‘It is the Duty of Every Muslim to Kill Those Who Leave Islam’

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“‘It is the duty of every Muslim to kill those who leave Islam.’ This statement was made on Radio Sweden recently when an Imam from Rinkeby (Stockholm) was allowed to speak about how people should act against Somalis who convert to Christianity.

The program with the death threats against converts was broadcast by the Somali department of Radio Sweden and was a follow-up on a previous segment about a group of Christian Somalis who came to Rinkeby Square to evangelize. They also got to talk about it in the radio report.

‘I was there when they preached about Christianity. I also spoke with the guys who converted,’ said Kenadid Mohamed, the reporter who did the segment.

Rinkeby is a suburb of Stockholm where many Somalis live, and the evangelizing Somalis got a crowd who understood the language.

‘Some saw it as a provocation that they came and preached about Christianity outside the [mosque] during Ramadan,’ says Kenadid Mohamed.” Read more.

Calling a Spade a Spade: Sun News Interviews Robert Spencer

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Michael Coren of Canada’s Sun News interviews Robert Spencer and explains why Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent comment regarding Islamism was telling it like it is …

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Deep 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes in Pacific Near Fiji Islands

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“(CNN) — A 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck early Friday in the Fiji islands region of the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

According to the U.S.-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, ‘a destructive tsunami was not generated, based on earthquake and historical tsunami data.’

The quake struck at a depth of 626 kilometers, or about 390 miles below the earth’s surface, the Geological Survey said on its website. Its epicenter was 74 miles south-southwest of Fiji’s Ndoi Island, 281 miles south-southeast of the Fijian capital, Suva, and 264 miles west of Nuku’alofa in Tonga, according to the U.S. agency’s estimations.

It happened just after 7:30 a.m. Friday, or 3:30 p.m. ET. Initially, it was reported as 7.2 magnitude.” Read more.

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Palestinians: We Will Seek Full UN Membership on September 23, Netanyahu to Address UN Before Vote

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“Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki said Thursday that the Palestinians will submit a bid for full membership at the United Nations Security Council on September 23, but said that they would be open to other suggestions.

The remarks by Malki put an end to speculation that the Palestinians might avoid a showdown with the United States by sidestepping the Security Council and going directly to the UN General Assembly to seek a lesser status of a non-member observer.

Malki said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will personally submit the Palestinian request for membership to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon after addressing the General Assembly on the afternoon of Sept. 23. In the meantime, he said the Palestinians would listen to suggested alternatives.

‘We will see if anyone carries with him or her any credible offer that will allow us to look into it seriously and to be discussed in the Palestinian leadership. Otherwise, on the 23rd at 12:30, the president will submit the application,’ Malki told foreign journalists in Ramallah.

The U.S. does not wield veto power in the General Assembly, and a Palestinian bid there would be expected to win majority approval.” Read more.

Netanyahu says he’ll address UN ahead of PA statehood vote – “After weeks of deliberation, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced Thursday that he would go to a United Nations General Assembly meeting next week to discuss the Palestinian statehood bid. Speaking at a press conference with visiting Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas, Netanyahu said he will ‘speak the truth to those who want to hear it’ at the UN General Assembly. Netanyahu said that the General Assembly is not ‘the place where Israel generally gets reasonable hearing,’ but it was nonetheless important to present Israel’s position.” Read more.

Magnitude 6.0+ Quakes Strike Off Coasts of Japan, Cuba, New Zealand and the Aleutian Islands

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“TOKYO – A magnitude-6.2 earthquake struck off Japan’s battered northeastern coast Thursday, but there was no risk of a tsunami and there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency said the quake was centered off the coast of Ibaraki, about 140 miles east of Tokyo, at a depth of 6 miles. The agency said there was no danger of a tsunami from the quake…

Also Thursday: The U.S. Geological Survey has registered a magnitude 6.0 earthquake (Edit: Downgraded to 5.1) that hit off the coast of Cuba.

The quake happened early Thursday at 4:43 a.m. local time about 25 miles off Cuba’s coast and 375 miles southeast of Cuba’s capital Havana.

USGS geophysicist Randy Baldwin says earthquakes are common in that area of the sea and no tsunami warnings have been issued. He also said the quake wasn’t expected to cause damage on land, citing its remoteness.” Read more.

Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 07:53:12 PM
35.430°S, 177.878°W
Depth: 13.4 km (8.3 miles)
Read more.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 09:10:07
53.138°N, 173.022°E
Depth: 1 km (~0.6 mile)
Read more.

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US: Multicolored Fireball and ‘Strange Lights’ in the Sky Dazzles Southwest, NASA: Likely an ‘Asteroid’

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“A brilliant bright light seen streaking over the Southwestern sky Wednesday night was most likely a fragment of an asteroid that entered Earth’s atmosphere, a NASA scientist said.

Residents from Phoenix to Las Vegas to Southern California’s coastal areas reported to local authorities and media outlets that they saw the light move quickly from west to east at around 7:45 p.m. PT (10:45 p.m. ET). Experts said a fireball — or very bright meteor — was likely to blame.

‘I saw something that looked like a falling star but it must have been a fireball in the atmosphere,’ one witness told NBCLA. ‘It was huge. It had a green glow in front of it and a white tail. It looked like green fireworks going across the sky.’

While many witnesses reported the light as bluish-green others said it appeared yellow and orange.

‘We can’t say 100 percent,’ said Don Yeomans, manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program, ‘but it’s almost certain that the object was a fireball’ or very bright meteor, ‘the size of a basketball or baseball that likely disintegrated before it hit the ground.’

Experts said that a meteor is slower than a regular shooting star, and it’s not unusual for it to appear to change colors.

Ed Krupp, the director of the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, said witnesses were probably seeing ‘a piece of interplanetary debris’ that ‘passed through the Earth’s atmosphere and burned up.'” Read more.

Southland Residents Report Seeing Strange Lights In The Night Sky – “Residents in and around the Southland and southwest US Wednesday reported seeing a series of strange lights up in the sky. Viewers described shooting lights, with many colors, including many reports saying the object or objects ‘had a tail.’ The first reports came from Riverside County around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Within a half hour of the first reports, several Orange County residents also reported seeing the lights. After about an hour, reports were coming from all over the West.” Read more.

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