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UK: Worst Storm in 15 Years Uproots Trees and Damages Buildings

By Sarah Graham – “Britain was today lashed by winds of up to 80mph which tore roofs off buildings, uprooted trees and knocked power out to thousands of homes.

In the worst storm to hit the UK in 15 years, ferries were cancelled and motorists were warned to take extra care when driving.

A couple from Wales have told how they were woken in the night to discover their entire roof had blown off in Hurricane Katia’s 60mph gales.

Grandparents Margaret and Derrie Yeardle were amazed at the strength of the winds which ripped off the top of their home in Mount Pleasant, near Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

Margaret, 61, said: ‘We are really shocked, I never expected anything like this to happen – we’ve lived here for 40 years and now our house is ruined.

‘In some ways we are lucky. It could have so easily come down on us while we were in bed.’

Ports around Britain have been battered by huge waves leading to the cancellation of ferries while trees have been uprooted, causing damage to cars and houses.

The swirling remnants of Hurricane Katia have crossed the Atlantic and hit land by this morning, sweeping across large swathes of the country.

The pensioners were woken at four in the morning by a huge crash and rushed downstairs to discover their roof lying in middle of the street.

Margaret, a retired home support worker, said: ‘I saw blue lights flashing through our curtains.

‘I looked out in to the road and there was huge mess. I thought: ‘There’s a nasty accident outside’.

‘So I went downstairs, opened the front door and the girl across the road said: ‘Are you alright?

That’s the roof of your house in the road’.” Read more.

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