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Jordan: Israel’s Situation Today More Difficult Than Ever, Russia and Leading EU Countries Support Palestinian Statehood Bid

By Roee Nahmias – “‘Jordan and the future Palestine are stronger than Israel is today. It is the Israeli who is scared today,’ King Abdullah of Jordan said late Sunday in Amman.

The king described a recent conversation he held in the US with ‘one of the Israeli intellectuals’ who commented on events in the Arab world, arguing that they were good for Israel. ‘I replied and said that it was the opposite and that Israel’s situation today is more difficult than ever before.’

Abdullah reiterated that his country would not serve as an ‘alternative homeland to the Palestinians.’

According to the Jordanian leader, ‘Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine. We support all Palestinian rights and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state – our policy hasn’t changed. The subject of an alternative homeland must not be part of the discussion. It is unacceptable.'” Read more.

Poll: Leading EU countries support Palestinian statehood bid in UN – “A new opinion poll published Monday shows that a majority of people in Germany, France and Britain – three countries that are critical votes in the battle over the Palestinian bid for statehood – all want their leaders to vote in favor of a UN resolution to support recognition of a Palestinian state when it’s discussed in New York. The survey, which was carried out online by YouGov in Britain and Germany, and Ifop in France, on behalf of the global political web movement Avaaz – which is conducting an online petition in support of a Palestinian state – shows that in Germany 84% supported Palestinian statehood and 76% believed Germany should act now to recognize; in the U.K. the figures were 71% and 59%; and in France the figures were 82% and 69% respectively.” Read more.

Russia supports Palestinian bid to win UN statehood: envoy – “Russia supports the Palestinian bid to win UN statehood despite resistance from Israel and the United States, Moscow’s ambassador to the United Nations said on Monday. ‘We will, of course, be voting for any of the Palestinians’ proposals,’ Russia’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency. ‘We are saying that whatever you decide to do, we will support you.'” Source.

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