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Swiss Member of Parliament Has Had Enough!

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“Excellent speech by Swiss member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger said with passion and truth that no politician in Washington is yet ready to speak from the floor of Congress. In order for us to beat back the Islamists we need some key leaders in Washington to make a similar speech and lead the nation against the Islamist threat head on.” Source.

UK: Worst Storm in 15 Years Uproots Trees and Damages Buildings

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By Sarah Graham – “Britain was today lashed by winds of up to 80mph which tore roofs off buildings, uprooted trees and knocked power out to thousands of homes.

In the worst storm to hit the UK in 15 years, ferries were cancelled and motorists were warned to take extra care when driving.

A couple from Wales have told how they were woken in the night to discover their entire roof had blown off in Hurricane Katia’s 60mph gales.

Grandparents Margaret and Derrie Yeardle were amazed at the strength of the winds which ripped off the top of their home in Mount Pleasant, near Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

Margaret, 61, said: ‘We are really shocked, I never expected anything like this to happen – we’ve lived here for 40 years and now our house is ruined.

‘In some ways we are lucky. It could have so easily come down on us while we were in bed.’

Ports around Britain have been battered by huge waves leading to the cancellation of ferries while trees have been uprooted, causing damage to cars and houses.

The swirling remnants of Hurricane Katia have crossed the Atlantic and hit land by this morning, sweeping across large swathes of the country.

The pensioners were woken at four in the morning by a huge crash and rushed downstairs to discover their roof lying in middle of the street.

Margaret, a retired home support worker, said: ‘I saw blue lights flashing through our curtains.

‘I looked out in to the road and there was huge mess. I thought: ‘There’s a nasty accident outside’.

‘So I went downstairs, opened the front door and the girl across the road said: ‘Are you alright?

That’s the roof of your house in the road’.” Read more.

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Israel Facing “Diplomatic Tsunami” with Surrounding Muslim World

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Joel 3:11-12, “Hasten and come, all you surrounding nations, And gather yourselves there. Bring down, O LORD, Your mighty ones. Let the nations be aroused And come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat, For there I will sit to judge All the surrounding nations.”

By Sheera Frenkel – “JERUSALEM — The attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo has brought into sharp relief Israel’s increasing isolation in a still region grappling with the changes of the Arab Spring.

Israel was forced to evacuate its ambassador and most of its diplomatic staff from Cairo this weekend after hundreds of Egyptian protesters tore down a security wall protecting the Nile-side embassy, ransacked its files and burned an Israeli flag. It came less than a week after Turkey, Israel’s other major ally in the Muslim world, announced it was expelling the Israeli ambassador and downgrading its relationship to the lowest possible level after a deadly skirmish involving a Turkish aid vessel that was attempting to deliver supplies in defiance of Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

With another potential predicament brewing later this month when the Palestinians are expected to request membership and statehood at the United Nations, Israeli-Arab relations appear to be plunging to their lowest point in years.

‘Within a week Israel has found itself two friends down and about to face a so-called diplomatic tsunami with the Palestinians,’ said one European envoy in Jerusalem, who spoke on condition of anonymity under diplomatic protocol.

‘I would be nervous if I was an Israeli diplomat today.'” Read more.

Iran parliament voices support for attack on Israeli embassy in Cairo – “The Iranian parliament on Monday applauded the recent attack against the Israeli embassy in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, state media reported. Ismaeil Kowsari, foreign policy committee spokesman, said the members of parliament had voiced full support for ‘the ransacking’ of the embassy by Egyptian Muslims, news network Press TV reported. Thousands of Egyptians stormed the embassy Friday, climbing over a security wall, breaking windows, bursting inside, lighting fires, painting anti-Israel slogans and looting the mission’s offices on the building’s upper floors.” Read more.

Crisis threatens Israel’s Mideast ties – “Israeli leaders are struggling to contain an escalating diplomatic crisis on multiple fronts amid mounting concern that both Egypt and Turkey, the country’s two most important allies in the Muslim world, are slipping from its grasp. Following scenes of violence and mayhem on the streets of Cairo, Israel was forced to evacuate its ambassador and almost the entire diplomatic staff from the embassy in the Egyptian capital in the early hours of Saturday. The dramatic move followed the storming of the embassy premises by a group of violent protesters on Friday night.” Read more.

Jordan: Israel’s Situation Today More Difficult Than Ever, Russia and Leading EU Countries Support Palestinian Statehood Bid

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By Roee Nahmias – “‘Jordan and the future Palestine are stronger than Israel is today. It is the Israeli who is scared today,’ King Abdullah of Jordan said late Sunday in Amman.

The king described a recent conversation he held in the US with ‘one of the Israeli intellectuals’ who commented on events in the Arab world, arguing that they were good for Israel. ‘I replied and said that it was the opposite and that Israel’s situation today is more difficult than ever before.’

Abdullah reiterated that his country would not serve as an ‘alternative homeland to the Palestinians.’

According to the Jordanian leader, ‘Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine. We support all Palestinian rights and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state – our policy hasn’t changed. The subject of an alternative homeland must not be part of the discussion. It is unacceptable.'” Read more.

Poll: Leading EU countries support Palestinian statehood bid in UN – “A new opinion poll published Monday shows that a majority of people in Germany, France and Britain – three countries that are critical votes in the battle over the Palestinian bid for statehood – all want their leaders to vote in favor of a UN resolution to support recognition of a Palestinian state when it’s discussed in New York. The survey, which was carried out online by YouGov in Britain and Germany, and Ifop in France, on behalf of the global political web movement Avaaz – which is conducting an online petition in support of a Palestinian state – shows that in Germany 84% supported Palestinian statehood and 76% believed Germany should act now to recognize; in the U.K. the figures were 71% and 59%; and in France the figures were 82% and 69% respectively.” Read more.

Russia supports Palestinian bid to win UN statehood: envoy – “Russia supports the Palestinian bid to win UN statehood despite resistance from Israel and the United States, Moscow’s ambassador to the United Nations said on Monday. ‘We will, of course, be voting for any of the Palestinians’ proposals,’ Russia’s UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency. ‘We are saying that whatever you decide to do, we will support you.'” Source.

Turkey: Israel’s Raid on Gaza Flotilla Was ‘Cause for War’, Three Warships Being Sent to the Eastern Mediterranean

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“Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan saw ’cause for war’ with Israel last year after a deadly raid on a Turkish ship headed for Gaza, according to a transcript of a recent interview.

State news agency Anatolia released late on Sunday what it said was an original Turkish-language transcript of an interview Erdogan gave to Al Jazeera television last week. It included elements not broadcast as well as original wording for sensitive comments that had been transmitted only in Arabic translation.

Among previously unpublished elements, Erdogan said Israel’s deadly raid last year on the Gaza-bound flotilla would have justified going to war: ‘The attack that took place in international waters did not comply with any international law. In fact, it was cause for war.” Read more.

‘Turkish Navy sending 3 warships to eastern Mediterranean’ – “Turkey is planning to send three warships to the Eastern Mediterranean to defend against Israeli vessels if necessary and ensure freedom of navigation for Turkish ships, Today’s Zaman reported on Monday. The Turkish ships will provide protection for ships bringing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip and confront Israeli warships outside of Israel’s territorial waters if necessary, according to the report.” Read more.

Palmer Commission Report Released, Turkey’s Position is Severely Weakened – “The UN Palmer Commission finally released its report on the May, 2010 Mavi Marmarra flotilla incident on Friday, even as the Turkish government warned Israel of severe diplomatic repercussions if it did not issue a formal apology for the nine Turkish citizens who were killed after they attacked Israeli commandos who boarded the Marmara. The Turkish position is severely weakened by the Palmer Report, which harshly criticizes Turkey for failing to reign in Islamist activists which it knew were bent on violent confrontations with Israeli troops, and declares that Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip was legal under international law.” Read more.

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