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Egypt: Protesters Storm Israeli Embassy in Cairo and Destroy Israeli Flag as Egyptian Police Stand Aside and Do Nothing

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“Egyptian protesters on Friday night broke into the Israeli embassy in Cairo and succeeded in removing the flag from atop the high-rise after they destroyed a protective wall surrounding the building. An Israeli official in Jerusalem said that while activists had broken into the entered of the building, the mission itself had not been breached.

No Israelis were injured as Egyptian activists demolished the wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo during angry protests. Some activists who had entered appeared to be throwing documents from windows in the building, which the Jerusalem official explained as pamphlets and papers at the embassy’s foyer, and not from inside.

Israeli embassy workers were not located in the building while the protests were taking place.

After Friday prayers, thousands had converged on Tahrir Square, the epicenter of the protests that toppled former President Hosni Mubarak, for what was billed as “Correcting the Path” protests.

Some of the demonstrators later marched to the other side of the Nile in Giza, where they used hammers and large metal rods to destroy the wall, erected this month by Egyptian authorities after daily protests over the killing of five Egyptian border guards in Sinai.

‘This action shows the state of anger and frustration the young Egyptian revolutionaries feel against Israel especially after the recent attacks on the Egyptian borders that led to the killing of Egyptian soldiers,’ Egyptian political analyst Nabil Abdel Fattah told Reuters.

Egyptian police stood aside as activists tore down the concrete wall to the cheers of hundreds of demonstrators.” Read more.

Strong 6.4 Earthquake Strikes Near Vancouver Island Off Canada’s Western Coast, Felt in Seattla WA

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Friday, September 09, 2011 at 12:41:35 PM at epicenter
49.474°N, 126.974°W
Depth: 25.9 km (16.1 miles)

“A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has struck off the west coast of Vancouver Island, with tremors felt as far away as Metro Vancouver. The reading was downgraded from the initial magnitude given as 6.7.

But there is no tsunami warning advisory or warning for the U.S. or Canadian coasts, and local police say there are no reports of injuries or damage. However, there could be aftershocks up to magnitude of 5, seismologists warn.

At 12:42 pm PT, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 occurred under the Pacific Ocean about 90 kilometres south of Port Alice, on Vancouver Island. ‘Based on the earthquake magnitude, location and historic tsunami records, a damaging tsunami is not expected,’ the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center says.

However, the centre advised that underwater landslides may cause ‘local tsunamis’ at some coastal locations that experienced strong ground shaking.

In the small coastal community of Zeballos, the quake prompted some residents to ‘throw their cats and dogs into the car and prepared to head out of town,” said Carolyne Withrow, who runs the local fuel dock. “It shook for about 40 seconds, then there was silence, then it went again, a little harder.’

Students were evacuated from the village’s elementary school, and many of the 500 residents quickly gathered at the designated emergency meeting grounds, a large, flat field towards the outskirts, where mayor Ted Lewis and the fire chief assessed whether any further action was required.” Read more.

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Billy Graham’s Daughter: 9/11 Was ‘A Wake-up Call’ But ‘We’re Still Sleeping!’

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1 Thessalonians 5:6, “Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch …”

“Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of famed evangelical leader the Rev. Billy Graham, believes that the 9/11 attacks on America were a wake-up call from God.

She believes that the event, though tragic, served as a call to all Christian believers to start a revival in the church. It was this horrific event, Lotz explains, that further sparked and reinvigorated her interest in spreading the gospel. According to Beliefnet, as she watched the towers fall on television a decade ago, God set her ‘heart on fire’:

‘On that day, God woke me up and set my heart on fire to tell other people the glorious good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It made me more focused. As I watched the towers fall, I thought I was watching 50,000 people die, but many people had gotten out. It was less than 3,000, but it was still shattering. I asked myself how many were not ready to step into eternity. I remember that very day sharing the Gospel with strangers. I came out bolder. It was a time not to be silent.’

That passion apparently is still aflame inside of her as she says that she doesn’t want to see anyone ‘die without Jesus.’ Christians like Lotz believe that admittance to heaven is dependent upon an acceptance of and a relationship with Jesus Christ.” Read more.

‘Turkey Better Show Respect’: Israel to Fight Back as Turkey Calls Israel ‘Ungrateful Burden’ and Takes Hard Line Abroad

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“Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has decided to adopt a series of harsh measures in response to Turkey’s latest anti-Israeli moves, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Friday.

Senior Foreign Ministry officials convened Thursday to prepare for a meeting to be held Saturday with Lieberman on the matter. Saturday’s session will be dedicated to discussing Israel’s response to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent threats and his decision to downgrade Ankara’s diplomatic ties with Jerusalem.

Following Thursday’s meeting, officials assessed that Turkey is not interested in an Israeli apology at this time and prefers to exploit the dispute with Jerusalem in order to promote Ankara’s status in the Muslim world. Lieberman therefore decided there was no point in seeking creative formulas for apologizing, instead choosing to focus Israel’s efforts on punishing Turkey.

The Foreign Ministry has now decided to proceed with the formulation of a diplomatic and security “toolbox” to be used against the Turks. The first move would be to issue a travel warning urging all Israeli military veterans to refrain from traveling to Turkey. The advisory will be especially harsh as it will also urge Israelis to refrain from boarding connections in Turkey.

Another planned Israeli move is the facilitation of cooperation with Turkey’s historic rivals, the Armenians. During Lieberman’s visit to the United States this month, the foreign minister is expected to meet with leaders of the Armenian lobby and propose anti-Turkish cooperation in Congress.

The implication of this move could be Israeli assistance in promoting international recognition of the Armenian holocaust, a measure that would gravely harm Turkey. Israel may also back Armenia in its dispute vis-à-vis Turkey over control of Mount Ararat.

‘Turkey better show respect’

Lieberman is also planning to set meetings with the heads of Kurdish rebel group PKK in Europe in order to “cooperate with them and boost them in every possible area.” In these meetings, the Kurds may ask Israel for military aid in the form of training and arms supplies, a move that would constitute a major anti-Turkish position should it materialize.” Read more.

Turkish president calls Israel ‘ungrateful burden’ – “Turkish President Abdullah Gül said on Thursday that Israel is an ungrateful burden to its allies, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News reported. On his way to a multicultural conference in Russia, Gül accused Israel of offering to apologize four times for the Mavi Marmara incident, but then reneging each time. According to the Turkish president, Israel should consider an ‘honorable peace’ with its Arab neighbors and stop acting as if the world, especially Turkey, owes it favors, the report said.” Read more.

Turkey flexes muscle against Israel in bid to become leading power in the Middle East and North Africa – “ISTANBUL—Turkey is showing signs of trading its vaunted ‘zero problems with neighbors’ foreign policy for a more muscular approach to its bid to become the leading power in the Middle East and North Africa. The shift, analysts and diplomats say, could trigger clashes with Israel and force Washington to choose between its closest allies in the region. In recent weeks the policy change has been on display as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to deploy his country’s navy in a dispute with Israel…” Read more.

Italy: Mount Etna Again Comes Back to Life ‘Like A Rumbling Train’

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“On the morning of 8 September 2011, the New Southeast Crater of Etna has produced its 13th paroxysmal eruptive episode of the year 2011, generating a tall eruption column that moved south-southeast, and provoking ash and lapilli falls on numerous population centers including Trecastagni, Viagrande, San Giovanni La Punta, and the eastern part of Catania.

During this paroxysm, brief explosive events occurred also from various spots on the northern flank of the New Southeast Crater cone.” Source.

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Magnetic ‘CME Shockwave’ Measured in Norway Following This Week’s Solar Flare, More Expected This Weekend

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“Today. sept.09 2011 at 12.45 UTC the first CME arrived as a magnetic shockwave on my instruments. There is also an effect in signal strength from my vlf receivers, coming through electrons in the solarwind cloud. The magnetic field is unstable at the moment, it means a big change for auroras coming night.” Source.

“GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A polar geomagnetic storm (Kp=5) is in progress following the impact of a CME around 1100 UT on Sept. 9th. This could be the first of several hits from a series of CMEs expected to reach Earth during the weekend. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras after nightfall.” –

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Ground Zero Mosque Imam Speaks Against Free Speech: Being Critical of Other People’s Religious Beliefs Should Not Be A Right

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Apparently the US Constitution isn’t so compatible with Sharia Law after all.  What Imam Feisal Rauf is getting at when he says that “other’s religious beliefs” should not be “insulted or mocked” is this:  In America no one should be allowed to criticize or disagree with Islam.  If he truly believes that speaking not-so-glowingly about another person’s religious beliefs should be classified as “libel”, then he might want to think about rewriting large portions of the Muslim ‘holy book’.  In the Qur’an, for example, Muslims in heaven will entertain themselves by looking down on misguided non-Muslims in hell such as Jews and Christians, mocking them in their cursed torment …

Qur’an 7:44, “The Companions of the Garden will call out to the Companions of the Fire: ‘We have indeed found the promises of our Lord to us true: Have you also found Your Lord’s promises true?’ They shall say, ‘Yes’; but a crier shall proclaim between them: ‘The curse of Allah is on the wrong-doers'”

Qur’an 3:85, “And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers [because he is in hell].”

Qur’an 5:5, “O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.”

By Andrea Lafferty – “There is nothing that strikes deeper at the heart of the American experiment than a test of our liberties — the right to free speech, and the right of religious freedom. It was because of these liberties that Islamist terror struck on September 11th, 2011, costing thousands of lives and bringing the realities of the world a bit closer to home.

10 years later, the Islamist threat remains.

Yet the tactics have changed. Rather than planes, Islamists use mosques as nerve centers for resistance. Rather than terrorists, Islamists use imams and lawyers to drive the point home. Rather than bombs, Islamists use deceit and deception to say one thing while the realities on the ground are far different.” Read more.

North Carolina: Officials Warning Citizens Not To Eat or Touch Dead Fish Affected by Numerous Mystery Fish Kills

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“RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – The state Division of Public Health is warning citizens to avoid eating or touching dead fish in response to numerous fish kills in eastern North Carolina in the past week.

State Health Director Dr. Jeff Engel said officials cannot say what specifically caused the fish kills, so people are being discouraged from eating any fish found dead.

Engel said fish kills often result from low oxygen levels in the water, but after a hurricane and flooding, chemical contamination cannot be ruled out. He also recommended that people and animals avoid swimming in water where dead fish have been found.

Many of the state’s shellfish harvesting areas have been reopened since Hurricane Irene, following water sampling that indicated a return to acceptable bacteria levels.” Source.

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IMF Managing Director: Risk Levels Rising as World Enters ‘Dangerous New Phase’

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By Catherine Boyle – “Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, warned that the global economy is entering a “dangerous new phase” on Friday, ahead of the G7 summit in Marseilles, France.

She warned that both advanced and emerging economies faced key economic challenges, and that governments must “act now” to stop further contagion.

‘Policymakers should stand ready, as needed, to take more action to support the recovery, including through unconventional measures,’ Lagarde said.

‘The world is collectively suffering from a crisis of confidence, in the face of a deteriorating economic outlook and rising concerns about the health of sovereigns and banks.’

Her speech at Chatham House in London came after a turbulent week for the markets, with the focus on sovereign debt issues in the euro zone and job creation in the US.

She welcomed President Obama’s new $450 billion jobs package, announced Thursday, but added ‘it remains critical for the United States to clarify its medium term plan.’

The British government, including Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, who also spoke, was warned that ‘risk levels are rising’ in the UK and the government needs to have a ‘heightened readiness to respond.'” Read more.

Global economy looks increasingly gloomy – “From Seoul to Washington, policymakers are increasingly worried about the outlook for the global economy. Central banks in Europe and Asia took a new, more cautious stance on Thursday and Brazil said the deteriorating world economy prompted its surprise rate cut last week. U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the central bank would do what it takes to lower unemployment and boost disappointingly weak growth, but offered no details on what that would entail.” Read more.

World’s biggest economies ‘grinding to a halt’ – “Chancellor George Osborne today blamed negative international factors for the slowdown in the British economy, as a respected global think-tank predicted UK growth will stutter to a near-halt over the coming months. The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) forecast annualised growth of just 0.3% for the UK in the final quarter of 2011, in a report which painted a gloomy picture of prospects for most of the world’s biggest economies.” Read more.

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