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Inferno: At Least 57 Wildfires in Texas Burns Down 1,000+ Homes, Ravages Over 3.5 Million Acres Since December

By WILL WEISSERT – “AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — More than 1,000 homes have been destroyed in at least 57 wildfires across rain-starved Texas, most of them in one devastating blaze near Austin that is still raging out of control, officials said Tuesday.

Gov. Rick Perry, who cut short a presidential campaign trip to South Carolina on Monday to return to help oversee firefighting efforts in Texas, toured a blackened area near Bastrop, about 25 miles from Austin, where a fast-moving blaze destroyed nearly 600 homes on Monday.

At a news conference afterward, he marveled at the destruction and pointing out that more than 100,000 acres in the drought-stricken state had burned over the past week, and that more than 3.5 million acres — an area roughly the size of Connecticut — had burned since December.

‘Pretty powerful visuals of individuals who lost everything,’ Perry said. ‘The magnitude of these losses are pretty stunning.’

Some residents said they were surprised by how quickly the blaze engulfed their neighborhoods.

‘We were watching TV and my brother-in-law said to come and see this,’ Dave Wilhelm, 38, who lives just east of Bastrop said. ‘All I saw was a fireball and some smoke. All of a sudden: Boom! We looked up and left.’

Wilhelm returned Tuesday to find his neighbor’s house and three vehicles gone, some of his own children’s backyard toys destroyed but their house spared.

‘Some stuff is smoldering on the lot behind us. Inside of the house, we smell like a campfire. We’re definitely very lucky.’

The fire had scorched some 30,000 acres by Tuesday, and the Texas Forest Service said crews were still trying to contain it. State emergency management chief Nim Kidd said that the fire was the most destructive fire of the year in Texas, and that the number of homes destroyed will likely go up, once the hardest-hit areas are assessed.

The blaze was one of dozens that started Sunday in Texas and that were fed by strong wind gusts caused by Tropical Storm Lee.” Read more.

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