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PA Official: Some 140 Countries Expected to Vote for Palestinian Statehood Bid at UN, IDF: We Are Fully Prepared

Israel will likely need to call upon some reserves before and/or after the September 20th vote, but what if mass protests devolve from non-violent to violent?  We have all seen, after all, the Palestinian propensity toward violent confrontation instead of peaceful protest, and their instinctive alacrity to blame Israel for anything and everything that goes wrong …

By DPA – “Some 140 countries support a United Nations General Assembly resolution recognizing Palestine, a senior Palestinian official said Sunday.

‘Around 140 countries would vote in favor of an independent state of Palestine during the United Nations General Assembly meetings due to start on September 23,’ Nabil Shaath, a senior negotiator, told a news conference in Ramallah.

He said his estimated number was the result of marathon visits by Palestinian leaders across the globe over the past months.

‘Many Palestinian leaders and officials (including Shaath) went on separate tours and visits to convince the world’s countries to recognize the Palestinian state on the territories occupied by Israel in 1967,’ said Shaath.” Read more.

Israel defense officials: IDF fully prepared to cope with mass Palestinian protests – “Senior Israeli defense establishment officials told U.S. diplomats last year that they were concerned about the Israel Defense Forces’ ability to deal with nonviolent protests on the part of the Palestinians, according to documents published this weekend on the WikiLeaks website… Following the WikiLeaks publications, sources at the Central Command said the statements made to the U.S. diplomats were no longer relevant, and that the IDF was now well prepared to cope with mass demonstrations in the West Bank after the UN vote.” Read more.

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