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Obama’s Libyan Rebel ‘Allies’ Are Rounding Up and Jailing Thousands of Black Africans

If the Islamist rebel’s prophet Mohammed was prejudiced against black people and treated them like animals, then it is only reasonable to expect that black Africans in Libya could be treated with similar disdain …

By BEN HUBBARD – “TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Rebel forces and armed civilians are rounding up thousands of black Libyans and migrants from sub-Sahara Africa, accusing them of fighting for ousted strongman Moammar Gadhafi and holding them in makeshift jails across the capital.

Virtually all of the detainees say they are innocent migrant workers, and in most cases there is no evidence that they are lying. But that is not stopping the rebels from placing the men in facilities like the Gate of the Sea sports club, where about 200 detainees — all black — clustered on a soccer field this week, bunching against a high wall to avoid the scorching sun.

Handling the prisoners is one of the first major tests for the rebel leaders, who are scrambling to set up a government that they promise will respect human rights and international norms, unlike the dictatorship they overthrew.

The rebels’ National Transitional Council has called on fighters not to abuse prisoners and says those accused of crimes will receive fair trials. There has been little credible evidence of rebels killing or systematically abusing captives during the six-month conflict. Still, the African Union and Amnesty International have protested the treatment of blacks inside Libya, saying there is a potential for serious abuse.” Read more.

Mohammed the Racist  – “Did [Mohammed] own black slaves? This question is very important for black Americans because they have been conned by Farakhan and other black Muslims into thinking that Mohammed was a black man and Islam is the black man’s religion. But if it can be shown that Mohammed was a white man, that he was a racist, that he had prejudicial attitudes against black people, and that he was a slave owner of black slaves, then Islam will lose all respect in the black community. What is the truth? Mohammed was a white man. There can be no doubt of this because the Sahih Bukhari Hadith states this plain and simple. Since Bukhari is accepted by all Muslims as the greatest of all Hadith Scholars. His work is entitled ‘Sahih’ which means that it is absolutely authentic. In Hadith 63, vol. 1, when a man arrived at the mosque, he asked, ‘Who amongst you is Mohammed?’ The companions of the prophet replied: ‘This white man reclining on his arm’ … Mohammed was a slave owner of black slaves. In Hadith no. 436, vol. 6 when Umar came to visit Mohammed, he saw ‘a black slave of Allah’s apostle setting on the first step.’ Lest some Muslim fool claim that Mohammed had only one black slave, we will quote from ‘Ibn Qayyim Aljawiyya’ a great historian. In his famous book Zad al-Ma’ad (part 1, pg. 160 and pgs. 114-116) we read: [Mohammed had many male and female slaves. He used to buy and sell them, but he purchased more slaves than he sold, especially after God empowered him by His message, as well as after his immigration from Mecca. He once sold one black slave for two… ” Read more.

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