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UN ‘Increasingly Concerned’ About a Stream of Intelligence Suggesting That Iran is Developing Nuclear Weapons

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By GEORGE JAHN – “VIENNA (AP) — The U.N. nuclear agency said Friday it is ‘increasingly concerned’ about a stream of intelligence suggesting that Iran continues to work secretly on developing a nuclear payload for a missile and other components of a nuclear weapons program.

In its report, the International Atomic Energy Agency said ‘many member states’ are providing evidence for that assessment, describing the information it is receiving as credible, ‘extensive and comprehensive.’

The restricted 9-page report was made available Friday to The Associated Press, shortly after being shared internally with the 35 IAEA member nations and the U.N. Security Council. It also said Tehran has fulfilled a pledged made earlier this year and started installing equipment to enrich uranium at a new location – an underground bunker that is better protected from air attack than its present enrichment facilities.

Enrichment can produce both nuclear fuel and fissile warhead material, and Tehran – which says it wants only to produce fuel with the technology – is under four sets of U.N. Security Council sanctions for refusing to freeze enrichment, which it says it needs for fuel only.

It also denies secretly experimenting with a nuclear weapons program and has blocked a four-year attempt by the IAEA to follow up on intelligence that it secretly designed blueprints linked to a nuclear payload on a missile, experimented with exploding a nuclear charge, and conducted work on other components of a weapons program.” Read more.

Ahmadinejad: Iran is Determined to Eradicate the ‘Infectious Tumor’ of Israel, ‘Will Never Withdraw’ From This Policy – “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran was determined to eradicate Israel, ISNA news agency reported Thursday. ‘Iran believes that whoever is for humanity should also be for eradicating the Zionist regime (Israel) as symbol of suppression and discrimination,’ Ahmadinejad said in an interview with a Lebanese television network, carried by ISNA.” Read more.

The ‘Truthophobes’: Western Defenders of Sharia Present It As Nothing More Than a Benevolent Moral Code, Islamic Scholars Say Otherwise

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By Joseph Klein – “The far Left George Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP) has been busy of late trying to ‘expose’ those evil hatemongering ‘Islamophobes’ and their enablers who have the audacity to tell the truth about Sharia law and Islamic ideology. CAP’s most recent publication in this regard is entitled ‘Fear, Inc.,’ which claims that a ‘small, tightly networked group of misinformation experts’ has been ‘spreading myths and lies about Islam.’

The uncredentialed authors of ‘Fear, Inc.’ – all part of the Center for American Progress rather than outside experts on Islam – are truthophobes. They seek, in their words, to ‘marginalize’ such people as Nonie Darwish, a woman raised as a Muslim who lived in Egypt under the yoke of Sharia law for thirty years and has provided first-hand accounts of its brutality.

Other articles on this site have already demonstrated the shoddiness, illogic and outright untruths permeating ‘Fear, Inc.’ I am not going to repeat the obvious. Instead, I want to focus on what one of the world’s leading Islamic scholars says about Sharia law, which is far closer to how the so-called Islamophobes who are the targets of CAP’s invective describe Sharia than to the CAP authors’ idealized version.

In ‘Fear, Inc.,’ the authors describe Sharia as nothing more than the ‘Muslim religious code,’ focusing on ‘charitable giving, prayer, and honoring one’s parents—precepts virtually identical to those of Christianity and Judaism.’

In a previous CAP publication entitled ‘Understanding Sharia Law Conservatives’ Skewed Interpretation Needs Debunking,’ written by two of the same Center for American Progress authors who participated in writing ‘Fear, Inc.,’ Sharia is described as ‘personal religious law and moral guidance for the vast majority of Muslims.’ The ‘core values’ of Sharia, say the authors, are ‘theological and ethical and not political’ and are ‘in harmony with the core values at the heart of America.’

To see if this benign characterization of Sharia can possibly be true, I consulted the writings of one of the most prominent Muslim scholars in the world today, Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi. He is listed as fourteenth out of 500 of the world’s influential Muslim figures, according to the most recent study released by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center and the Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University.” Read more.

Nigeria: Christian Pastor and Son Brutally Murdered by Islamic Extremists in Jos

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By ACHOR ABIMAJE – “For those who know Pastor G.C Shawari, a senior pastor with the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) on Haliru Street, Kwararafa in Jos North local government Area, of Plateau State, he was a personification of peace. He had devoted all his sermons in a religious crisis-riddled state to preaching religious tolerance among different religions and ethnic groups.

But, on Monday, Pastor Shawari and his son became victims of ‘highly intolerant’ hoodlums in Jos, during a bloody clash between supposed Christians and Muslims that claimed over 23 lives. They were butchered to death by some Muslim religious fanatics, who gained entry into their home within the church premises. But, the pastor’s wife escaped, even as the church building was also vandalised.

The bereaved assistant Pastor of the church, Emmanuel Adetula Oludare, who escaped death with machete wounds on his head, described the killing of Shawa and his son as horrific.

‘On the fateful day, Pastor was at home with his family members, when at about 1pm, some Muslim youths, on their way back from Eid-El-Fitr prayers, forced the gate of the church open and picked quarrel with the pastor,’ Emmanuel said. ‘There was nobody they could call for assistance and, within a twinkle of an eye, the youths emptied about three cans of petrol on the building, the church and vehicles within the compound before setting them ablaze.'” Read more.

Iraq: ‘More Than 12,000 Civilians’ Died in Seven Years of Iraqi Suicide Bombings

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Revelation 6:8, “… and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth …”

“Baghdad, 2 Sept. (AKI) – More than 12,000 civilians and some 200 coalition soldiers died in suicide attacks in Iraq between 2003 and 2010, according to a report in medical journal The Lancet.

The paper by London-based Iraq Body Count and others highlights the much higher impact suicide bombings had on civilians than foreign troops following the American invasion of Iraq backed by some allies.

In excess of 30,000 Iraqi civilians were injured by suicide bombs between 20 20 March 2003 and 31 December 2010, and 12,284 Iraqi civilians were killed in more than 1,000 suicide bombings. These amounted to around 10 percent of 108.624 civilian deaths and 25 percent of civilian injuries from armed violence in that period.

Of the 200 troops killed in suicide attacks, 175 were American, the report said.

The report was part of a Lancet series on the health effects of the 11 September terrorist attacks.” Source.

Hurriet Daily News: With 10 Million Muslims Killed Since 1948 at the Hands of Fellow Muslims, Golda Meir Was Right – “It has been more than two and a half years since Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told to Israeli President Shimon Peres’s face, ‘You (Jews) know well how to kill.’ Prime Minister Erdoğan has also declared more than a few times that the main obstacle to peace in this part of the world is Israel, once calling the Jewish state ‘a festering boil in the Middle East that spreads hate and enmity.’… In a 2007 research, Gunnar Heinsohn from the University of Bremen and Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum, found out that some 11 million Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, (0.3 percent) died during the six years of Arab war against Israel, or one out of every 315 fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.” Read more.

Syria: Hundreds killed during Ramadan crackdown – “At least 473 Syrians were killed during protests against the Assad regime during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, human rights campaigners said Wednesday. The death toll of 360 civilians included 25 children and 14 women, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. It said 113 members of government forces were also killed during the month, which has just ended.” Read more.

Number of reported terrorist attacks DURING the Muslim holy month of Ramadan 2011 (Source):


In the name of
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Report: Hizbullah Establishes Cuba Base ‘Hoping To Facilitate An Attack On An Israeli Target in South America’

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By Gavriel Queenann – “According to reports, Hizbullah is founding a Cuba-based terror cell to seek vengeance on Israel for the 2008 death of Imad Mughniyah.

Mughniyeh, a senior commander and head of Hizbullah’s security section, was killed when a car bomb he was passing in the Kfar Suseh neighborhood in Damascus, Syria detonated. Hizbullah has long alleged Israel was behind the attack and has sworn it would avenge him.

To this end, Hizbullah has reportedly established a center of operations in Cuba, thereby expanding its foothold in the region while hoping to facilitate an attack on an Israeli target in South America, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported.

According to the paper, three HIzbullah members have already arrived in Cuba with the purpose of establishing the terrorist cell. It is to include 23 operatives, hand-picked by Talal Hamia, a senior member tasked with heading the covert operation.

The operation, titled ‘The Caribbean Case,’ was reportedly allocated a budget of $1.5 million. The Cuba base is to be initially used for logistics purposes, including intelligence collection, networking and document forgery.

Hizbullah has been active in South America for quite some time, primarily in Paraguay, Brazil and Venezuela.” Read more.

Flashback: Arizona Police Acknowledge that Islamist Terrorist Group Hezbollah is Operating in Mexico – “Literally meaning ‘Party of God’, Hezbollah began as a militia in 1982 in response to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. The Shi’a Islamist organization has since grown into a worldwide political and paramilitary network with seats in the Lebanese government, numerous social services programs, long-standing ties with the Syrian and Iranian governments, and an annual income estimated to be anywhere between $200-$400 million. Hezbollah’s main goal is to cast out any form of Israeli rule and/or occupation. Due to the U.S.’ political and financial support of Israel, Hezbollah regards our nation as a viable target.” Read more.

New York: Muslims at Rye Playland Assault Police and Park Rangers, Didn’t Like Safety Rule Banning Hats and Head Coverings on Rides

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“Rye Playland was shut down Tuesday after cops scuffled with Muslims upset that women wearing head scarves were barred from the rides, witnesses said.

Fifteen people, including three women, were charged with disorderly conduct and assault in the chaos, authorities said.

The Westchester County park was packed with Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr – the holiday marking the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

One woman, Entisai Ali, began arguing with cops over the amusement park’s head scarf, or hijab, rule, said Dena Meawad, 18, of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

The ban, which is not Muslim specific, was imposed about 3 years ago mostly to prevent hats from falling onto the tracks of roller coasters and other rides, park officials said…

John Hodges, chief inspector of Westchester County Public Safety, insisted that police did not use excessive force.

He said up to 100 cops from surrounding departments converged on the park.

Two park rangers were injured in the melee, prompting felony assault charges against two people arrested, officials said.” Read more.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas to host Muslim Day – “Up to 3,000 Muslims from around the state are expected to converge Sunday on Six Flags Fiesta Texas for ‘Muslim Family Day.’ The event is designed to celebrate Ramadan’s conclusion and spread the post-9-11 message that most Muslims are peaceful and mainstream.” Read more.

‘Peaceful and mainstream’ until there is a law or a rule you don’t like, it seems.  Then out comes the ‘victim’ card, along with a few fists of fury …

Australia: Local Muslim Extremists Plotting Terror Strikes as Anniversary of September 11 Attacks Nears

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My only question is, why are they still ‘local’? …

By Keith Moor – “HOME-grown extremists are actively considering launching terrorist attacks in Australia.

The latest intelligence also suggests sporting venues, transport hubs and other places of mass gatherings have become the favoured targets of terrorist planners, the Herald Sun reported.

‘Clearly there are extremists now on our shores,’ Australian Federal Police counter-terrorism chief Steve Lancaster said.

‘There are people out there who genuinely think about doing bad things, or support terrorist acts overseas.’

In an interview with the Herald Sun to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Assistant Commissioner Lancaster also revealed:

POLICE have secretly foiled several potential terrorist threats in Australia by disrupting them at an early stage.

RELIGIOUS extremists who follow a distorted and militant interpretation of Islam are still the biggest threat to Australians.

IT is incredibly difficult for any agency to stop a lone terrorist who decides to walk into a crowded place with a gun or bomb.

TERRORIST groups al-Qa’ida and Jemaah Islamiyah remain powerful threats to Australia.

A Federal Government counter-terrorism White Paper warned last year that some Australians were known by authorities to subscribe to the violent jihadist message sprouted by Muslim extremists.” Read more.

U.S. Issues Worldwide 9/11 Travel Alert to Americans

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Threats from ‘right-wing extremists’ are inexplicably absent …

“WASHINGTON – The U.S. State Department on Friday issued a worldwide travel alert ahead of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, calling on Americans living and travelling abroad to remain vigilant.

The department said it had not identified any ‘specific threats’ about possible attacks but that al-Qaida and its affiliates had ‘demonstrated the intent and capability to carry out attacks’ against the U.S. and U.S. interests.

‘In the past, terrorist organizations have on occasion planned their attacks to coincide with significant dates on the calendar,’ the State Department said.

The alert expires on January 2, 2012, it said.” Read more.

Turkey: Israel No Longer A ‘Friend’, ‘It’s Time For Israel To Pay The Price’, Israeli Ambassador and Diplomats Expelled

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The Palmer Report has been released, and it ‘harshly criticizes Turkey for failing to reign in Islamist activists which it knew were bent on violent confrontations with Israeli troops’.  Keep in mind, however, that since Turkey is now lead by an Islamist government under Erdogan, its actions today against Israel come as no surprise whatsoever. Besides, a ‘friend’ who only pretended to be a ‘friend’ in the hopes of becoming a member of the European Union was never really a ‘friend’ to begin with …

“Israel-Turkey relations sink to a new low: Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu announced on Friday that following Jerusalem’s adamant refusal to apologize over the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid, Ankara will be downgrading its diplomatic relations with Israel and suspending key military agreements.

In a dramatic turn of events, Turkey announced that it was expelling Israeli Ambassador Gabby Levy from Ankara. Davutoglu said Turkey’s diplomatic representation in Israel would be further reduced to second-secretary level. In accordance, all lower Israeli diplomatic personnel above the second-secretary level have also been expelled.

The announcement followed a press conference, in which Davutoglu said that some of the UN’s Palmer Report findings on the raid were ‘unacceptable,’ adding that it was ‘time for Israel to pay the price… The highest price it can pay is losing our friendship.’

‘Today, we reached a point where Israel has, in fact, spent all of the chances that were given to them. The Israeli government, on the other hand, see themselves (as being) above international laws and human conscience,’ the Turkish FM said.

Turkey withdrew its own ambassador to Israel immediately after last year’s raid.

Davutoğlu’s stated that Ankara views the Israeli government as responsible for the situation, and that Turkey will not revise its position on the matter until Israel reconsiders its stand on the flotilla incident. Davutoğlu added that despite the Palmer Report findings, Turkey does not recognise the legality of the Israeli blockade on Gaza.” Read more.

PALMER COMMISSION REPORT RELEASED – “The UN Palmer Commission finally released its report on the May, 2010 Mavi Marmarra flotilla incident on Friday, even as the Turkish government warned Israel of severe diplomatic repercussions if it did not issue a formal apology for the nine Turkish citizens who were killed after they attacked Israeli commandos who boarded the Marmara. The Turkish position is severely weakened by the Palmer Report, which harshly criticizes Turkey for failing to reign in Islamist activists which it knew were bent on violent confrontations with Israeli troops, and declares that Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip was legal under international law.” Read more.

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