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Retired Chinese General: China Could Be Planning Surprise Missile Attack on United States

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By Gordon G. Chang – “A retired Chinese general recently revealed that his country might be planning a surprise missile attack on the United States. The public comment of Xu Guangyu came in response to WikiLeaks revelations that last year Washington had warned its allies beforehand of China’s test of a missile interceptor.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a classified cable sent last January 9th, instructed American embassies in Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand to notify those countries of upcoming Chinese launches two days later. The cable included details of the launch sites for the interceptor and the target, the models of the missiles, the purpose of the test, and the test date.

Yesterday, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post carried comments from Xu, now at the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, to the effect that American satellites would have detected activity at the launch sites but that some of the information in the cables—specifically the types of missiles and the day of the test—must have come from a source on the ground. WikiLeaks’s release of this cable, revealing one or more American spies in China’s strategic missile corps, is perhaps the website’s most significant compromise of US security to date.

The Hong Kong paper noted that Xu said that ‘if China could no longer keep secret its missile launches, it would not be able to launch a surprise attack on the US.’

Is China really in the process of planning to destroy the American homeland with a preemptive barrage of nuclear-tipped missiles? Xu’s comment, of course, is not proof, but it does reveal that Chinese flag officers are thinking about doing so.” Read more.

Flashback: Chinese Submarine was not the first on US coast – “The firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile by a Chinese Jin-class submarine off the coast of southern California last Monday at the height of evening rush hour in Los Angeles was not the first time the U.S. Navy’s anti-submarine warfare sensors in the Pacific have failed… The Navy, clearly embarrassed over the undetected presence of a Chinese Jin-class SSBN submarine off the coast of Los Angeles, is, some 40 years after the Victor-III incident, continuing its age-old tradition of covering up when it screws up. Aiding and abetting the Pentagon are a group of recently-minted ‘experts’ from NASA, the Discovery Channel Rupert Murdoch’s array of claptrap publications, Pentagon-funded web sites and think tanks, and other ‘usual suspects’ in the conspiracy theory proffering business. The Pentagon, shown to have wasted billions of dollars on a useless ballistic missile defense system, is working overtime with the media and on the Internet to cover up the latest debacle. However, even some reporters who cover the Pentagon full-time are beginning to question the Pentagon’s version of events last Monday night over the skies west of Los Angeles.” Read more.

Flashback: Pentagon now says California ‘missile’ was an aircraft… a full 48 hours after the event – “It may have taken 48 hours, but the Defense Department is now saying that it was an airplane and, crucially, not a missile that left a mysterious vapor trail off the coast of Southern California. Pentagon spokesman Dave Lapan said: ‘There is no evidence to suggest that this is anything else other than a condensation trail from an aircraft.’ Colonel Lapan reiterated that there was no threat to America.” Read more.

Simulation Map of Cesium-137 Deposition Across the Pacific by CEREA Shows Contamination in US Greater Than That of Western Japan

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“France’s CEREA has the simulation map of ground deposition of cesium-137 from the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant accident on its “Fukushima” page. It not only shows Japan but also the entire northern Pacific Rim, from Russian Siberia to Alaska to the West Coast of the US to the entire US.

According to the map, the US, particularly the West Coast and particularly California, may be more contaminated with radioactive cesium than the western half of Japan or Hokkaido. It looks more contaminated than South Korea or China. Canada doesn’t look too well either, particularly along the border with US on the western half…

The page also has the animated simulation of cesium-137 dispersion from March 11 to April 6, 2011. If the Japanese think they are the only ones who have the radiation and radioactive fallout from the accident, they are very much mistaken, if the simulation is accurate. (Meteorological institutes and bureaus in Austria, Germany, and Norway all had similar simulation maps.)

Radioactive materials spewed out of Fukushima I Nuke Plant went up and away on the jet stream, reaching the other side of the Pacific. When the fallout from explosions (March 14, 15) reached the US West Coast, it came with an unusually heavy rainfall in California.” Read more.

Fourteen fault lines found near Japanese nuclear plants – “There are 14 potentially active fault lines in areas near the crisis-hit Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant and other nuclear-related facilities, the Japanese government has announced. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency announced the results of research undertaken by power utilities following the Great East Japan Earthquake. The 14 faults discovered to be potentially active were previously considered unlikely to cause earthquakes. According to the research, a magnitude-7.6 earthquake could occur on the potentially active Hatakawa fault line in Fukushima Prefecture, the largest magnitude earthquake estimated.” Read more.

Japan is Venting Radiation High Into Atmosphere – “Radioactive cesium exceeding 8,000 becquerels/kg has been detected in the ashes from burning the regular household garbage in Kanto and Tohoku regions. The Ministry of the Environment has decided to apply the same rule as the disaster debris and allow the ashes to be buried. The municipalities will be able to bury the ashes that they have stored temporarily, but it may be difficult to obtain consent from the residents living near the disposal facilities. ‘Burning that waste and with radioactive, rain will come down again upon their own people, as well as Canada and the U.S. They’re refusing to see the seriousness of this disaster and it’s making it worse.’, says nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen.” Read more.

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9/11 Report Card: Muslim-Americans Playing ‘Prominent Roles’ in Al Qaeda and Threatening More Attacks on Home Soil

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United States Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano must be dazed and confused when facts collide with her hallucinatory view of reality …

By PAUL BENTLEY – “Homegrown terrorists are playing increasingly prominent roles within Al Qaeda and are threatening more deadly attacks from within the U.S., the much anticipated 9/11 report card revealed today.

As the 10th anniversary of the devastating attacks on New York approaches, the National Security Preparedness Group issued a stinging assessment of just how far the U.S. needs to go to combat terror threats.

Airport security is still not thorough enough to stop a large-scale air bombing, the report claimed and, even more worryingly, the greatest threat to national security may well be coming from America itself, with the frighteningly common radicalisation of Muslim-American teens.

The report, issued today, stated: ‘Most troubling, we have seen a pattern of increasing terrorist recruitment of American citizens and residents to act as ‘lone wolves’…

‘Muslim-American youth are being recruited in Somali communities in Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon, in some respects moving the front lines to the interior of our country.’

In recent years, there has been a jump in the number of attacks on the U.S. by homegrown Muslim-Americans.

In 2009, there were two of these high-profile terrorist attacks in the U.S.” Read more.

Armed Muslim Extremists from Niger Helping Islamists in Nigeria Kill Christians

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“KADUNA, Nigeria, August 31 (CDN) — Armed Muslims from Niger entered Nigeria’s Kaduna state this month to help Islamists there invade Christian communities, where they killed two Christians, including a 10-year-old boy, area sources said.

In the early morning hours of Aug. 21, the Muslim extremists entered Fadiya Bakut village in Bajju district of the Zango-Kataf Local Government Area, and attacked the home of Andrew Allahmagani, the district head in Fadiya, Allahmagani told Compass by telephone.

Allahmagani said he was sleeping that morning when he suddenly heard gunshots near his residence.

‘They [the attackers] later moved around the house shooting into windows and doors, including that of my wife,’ he said. ‘Afterward, they moved to the quarters of my brother, where they shot and killed my nephew, Fidelis Ishaku, who was 10 years old, and shot and injured my mother, who is 70.’

A Christian security guard at the house, 52-year-old Zaman Kaki, was also killed in the attack by about 10 assailants armed with guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons, Allahmagani said. Kaki leaves behind a wife and four children.” Read more.

Iran, North Korea to Discuss ‘Expansion of Cooperation’ in Talks

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“A top Iranian official is scheduled to make an official visit to North Korea, the Islamic Republic announced on Tuesday, in order to discuss ‘expansion of cooperation’ with Pyongyang. The trip underlines the close ties between the two nations.

Israel and the West suspect Iran is trying to use its nuclear program to develop atomic weapons, and that North Korea had been aiding Iran by providing Iran with advanced missiles capable of targeting European capitals.

An announcement released on the Iranian parliament’s website on Tuesday indicated that parliamentary speaker, Ali Larijani, will arrive in Pyongyang for a three-day visit beginning Sunday.

Iranian and North Korean officials have said in the past that the two countries are in ‘one trench’ in the fight against ‘arrogant powers.’ Both are bitter enemies of the U.S.¬ and the West.” Read more.

Ahmadinejad: Iran is Determined to Eradicate the ‘Infectious Tumor’ of Israel, ‘Will Never Withdraw’ From This Policy – “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran was determined to eradicate Israel, ISNA news agency reported Thursday. ‘Iran believes that whoever is for humanity should also be for eradicating the Zionist regime (Israel) as symbol of suppression and discrimination,’ Ahmadinejad said in an interview with a Lebanese television network, carried by ISNA.” Read more.

Iranian nuclear bid could provoke attack: Sarkozy – “France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Wednesday that Iran’s alleged attempts to build long-range missiles and nuclear weapons could lead unnamed countries to launch a pre-emptive attack. ‘Its military nuclear and ballistic ambitions constitute a growing threat that may lead to a preventive attack against Iranian sites that would provoke a major crisis that France wants to avoid at all costs,’ he said. Sarkozy did not say which country might launch such a strike, but it has been reported that Israel — perhaps with US support — has considered bombing Iranian nuclear sites if it believes Tehran is close to building a weapon.” Read more.

Feds: Earthquake May Have Exceeded Virginia Nuclear Plant’s Safeguards

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By Andrew Restuccia – “The earthquake that prompted the shutdown of a Virginia nuclear power plant last week may have been more severe than the plant’s reactors were designed to withstand, federal regulators said.

The revelation is likely to put increased pressure on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to quickly implement a series of safety recommendations intended in part to protect plants from major natural disasters like earthquakes.

NRC said Monday that its preliminary analysis indicates that the ground motion caused by the magnitude-5.8 earthquake near the North Anna Power Station in Louisa County, Va., exceeded the maximum level the two reactors at the plant were built to handle.

But the commission noted in a statement Monday that ‘data is still being collected and analyzed to determine the precise level of shaking that was experienced at key locations within the North Anna facility.’

NRC decided to send additional inspectors to the North Anna power plant after conducting the analysis, the commission said Monday.” Read more.

Inspectors find that containers holding spent fuel shifted several inches in last week’s earthquake – “In another indication of the power of last week’s magnitude-5.8 earthquake, officials at North Anna Power Station said yesterday that 25 of 27 vertical steel casks that hold highly radioactive spent fuel shifted on their pads. Richard Zuercher, spokesman for Dominion power’s nuclear operations, said none is leaking, all are intact, and there is no danger to the public or plant employees. ‘The earthquake did move, slightly, some of the dry storage casks on the pad,’ he said. The steel casks, which weigh up to 115 tons when loaded, shifted between an inch and 4 inches. ‘We’re evaluating whether we need to move them back,’ Zuercher said.” Read more.

Texas: Massive ‘Biblical’ Fish Kill Found at Grapevine Lake

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“GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Just days before Labor Day weekend Lake Grapevine has had a massive fish kill.

Thousands of dead fish dot the lake’s shoreline, and floating atop the water.

‘It was biblical, it was really weird,’ said Michael Ott, who keeps his boat at Silver Lake Marina on the southeast side of the lake. ‘Just walk up and found all these fish floating around, it was really strange.’

Ott noticed fish of all species and sizes grouped around boat slips and washed up along the shoreline, when he came to get his boat ready for the holiday weekend.

‘I saw catfish, alligator gar, bass,’ he explained, ‘fish that usually compete with each other for food, they were all congregating in the same area trying to get air.’

The Texas Parks and Wildlife surveyed the lake Tuesday afternoon to determine how many fish were killed. Biologists believe low levels of oxygen in the water caused the fish to die.” Read more.

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California: 15 Brown Pelicans Die Along Central Coast From Mystery Puncture Wounds

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By LAURIE WHITWELL – “State Fish and Game wardens are trying to figure out why so many brown pelicans are appearing along California’s Central Coast with huge puncture wounds in their chests.

Fifteen birds have washed up dead in recent days, displaying wounds that could have been caused by a knife or other sharp object, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reports.

Three were brought into the Pacific Wildlife Care centre in Morro Bay last Thursday and two had to be euthanised because the injuries were so bad. The third is being treated.

The pelicans could be injuring themselves on rocks as they dive for baitfish in Port San Luis and Avila Beach, but officials say more sinister causes could be to blame.

‘We can’t rule out foul play,’ Warden Sean Kenady told the San Luis Obispo.

The wounds are more serious than typical injuries from fish hook and line entanglements, according to centre director Jeanette Stone.

‘These are wounds that are huge, gaping and ripped open at the chest,’ she said.” Read more.

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Taiwan: Fmr. Deputy Defense Minister Says China is Seeking to Paralyze Taiwan with an EMP Weapon

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“Taipei, Aug. 25 (CNA) Despite showing goodwill and friendliness in economic and cultural exchanges with Taiwan, China has never ceased its military exercises simulating attacks on Taiwan, former Deputy Defense Minister Lin Chong-pin said Thursday.

… China has accelerated its military modernization. In addition to deploying short-range ballistic missiles targeting Taiwan, the People’s Liberation Army has never stopped drills simulating attacks on Taiwan proper and its outlying islands, cities and airports.

‘Since 2004, the mainland military has refrained from conducting military exercises in its southeastern coastal areas opposite Taiwan, instead staging drills in the Chinese hinterland… While they do not hype their live-fire drills, neither have they ever suspended them,’ said Lin, who is now a professor at Tamkang University’s Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies.

Moreover, he went on, China has spared no efforts to develop electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons, which do not cause human casualties but disable electronic communication and command systems.

‘Beijing’s top goal is to paralyze Taiwan rather than destroy it,’ Lin noted, adding that the ultimate goal of Beijing’s military hardware development and training drills is to prevent the United States from taking control of Taiwan.” Read more.

Taiwan must have ‘strike back’ capability: US report – “Although former premier Tang Fei said on Aug. 17 that Taiwan’s indigenous Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile would be like a mosquito’s bite on an elephant, a new report by a US think tank argues that Taiwan must have ‘some means of hitting back against Chinese military targets.’ ‘The ability to hit back at Chinese military targets may not have profound operational effects, but when an inferior force takes on a superior one, the ability to strike back has a nontrivial strategic and psychological impact on an attacker,’ said the 38-page Asian Alliances in the 21st Century report, released on Tuesday by the Washington-based think tank Project 2049 Institute.” Read more.

Irene Reveals More Cracks in Quake-Damaged Washington Monument

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“Washington (CNN) — Small pools of standing water were found in the Washington Monument during inspections following Hurricane Irene, the National Park Service told CNN Wednesday, indicating undiscovered cracks.

According to spokeswoman Carol Johnson, when crews entered the monument Monday following the weekend’s hurricane, water was pooled in the observatory near the top and in the monument’s interior stairwell. Engineers had inspected the monument and tried to plug the holes before the hurricane, but Johnson said the amount of water found means that some holes were missed.

‘There were some leaks that we were not able to identify or able to plug,’ Johnson said. ‘What happened was a lot of mortar popped out, so much so that you can see sunlight above 450 feet in the monument.’

The Washington Monument, built between 1848 and 1884, is 555 feet, five and one-eighth inches tall. Its walls are 15 feet thick at the base and 18 inches at the top, and are composed primarily of white marble blocks, according to the National Park Service.” Read more.

Strong Quake Aftershock Shakes Virginia – “Central Virginia has been shaken by another aftershock from last week’s earthquake that rattled the East Coast. The U.S. Geological Survey reports a 3.4 magnitude aftershock at 5:09 a.m. Thursday. The epicenter was 4 miles south-southeast of Mineral. Mineral was the epicenter of last Tuesday’s 5.8 magnitude earthquake. More than 20 aftershocks ranging from 4.5 to 1.8 have followed the earthquake.” Read more.

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