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Japan: Thyroid Radiation Exposure Found in Children Near Tepco Plant

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By Chisaki Watanabe – “Medical tests on children living in three towns near the crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant found 45 percent of those surveyed suffered low-level thyroid radiation exposure, Japan’s government said in a statement.

While the statement didn’t comment on the source of the contamination, the announcement follows reports of radioactive material found in food after radiation leaks from the meltdown of three reactors at the Tokyo Electric Power Co. plant.

The tests covered 1,080 children aged up to 15 in three towns, Iwaki, Kawamata and Iitate, between 38 to 47 kilometers from the reactors. The tests between March 24 and 30 showed none of the children’s thyroid glands exceeded the safety threshold of 0.2 microsievert per hour set by the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan, according to the Aug. 17 statement.

At least one child had 0.1 microsievert per hour, the highest level observed, while more than half of those exposed absorbed 0.01 microsievert per hour, the statement said. Children are susceptible to poisoning from radioactive iodine, which can accumulate in the thyroid and cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization.” Read more.

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Japan: ‘The China Syndrome’ Begins as Ground Under Facility Continues to Crack, ‘It Seems Like Nuclear Reaction is Happening Underground’

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This tragic catastrophe continues to worsen. It is an epic global disaster of Biblical proportions, yet one that remains ‘blacked out’ from being adequately reported in the mainstream media.  One Fukushima employee wrote recently that “cracks came up in the ground, massive steam is coming up from there. It’s too smoggy here, can’t see a thing. It seems like nuclear reaction is happening underground. Now we are evacuating. Watch out for the direction of wind.”  This is a chilling admission …

Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear – “We know now that there have been three meltdowns at the reactors at this six-unit site and that the vessel has failed.  Now what seems to be the situation is that this Corium, this melted reactor core, has burned through the concrete core of the reactor building or buildings and has now burned into the earth and, reaching groundwater, is creating steam.  The readings we’re seeing now suggests that it’s off scale for the instrumentation that’s being used by workers … 500 rem is a lethal dose. This is 1000 rem coming out of these cracks … The permissible dose for the public is 100 millirem per year.  This is 1,000,000 millirem per hour …”

Flashback:  Dr. Helen Caldicott Explains Why She Is Leaving British Columbia Forever

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Pakistan: Dozens Killed After Suicide Bomber Attacks Mosque in Ghundi

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“PESHAWAR, Pakistan – A suicide bomber struck a mosque in a Pakistani tribal region during Friday prayers, officials said, killing at least 40 people and wounding 85 others in the deadliest attack in the country in recent weeks.

The attack came during the holy month of Ramadan, a time of fasting, sharing and heightened community spirit for Muslims.

No group immediately claimed responsibility, but the Taliban and other Islamist militants have previously targeted mosques, especially if they believe enemies — such as army soldiers or anti-militant tribesmen — are using the facilities.

The mosque hit Friday is in Ghundi, a village in the Khyber tribal region, a part of Pakistan’s tribal belt. Khyber has long been a base for Islamist militants, and the Pakistani army has waged multiple operations aimed at pacifying the region but with limited success.

Khyber also is a key region for the U.S. and NATO, because a large portion of non-lethal supplies heading to U.S. forces in Afghanistan passes through it.

Some 300 people had gathered for prayers Friday afternoon in the Sunni mosque, and many were on their way out when the explosion occurred, local administrator Iqbal Khan said.

‘All the evidence we have gathered confirms that it is a suicide attack,’ said Fazal Khan, another local official who also confirmed the casualty figures. He said witnesses alleged the bomber was a young man.” Read more.

Obama: Islam ‘Known for its Diversity and a Commitment to Justice and the Dignity of All Human Beings’ – “‘No matter who we are or how we pray, we’re all children of a loving God,’ he said… ‘To the millions of Muslim Americans across the United States and more – the more than one billion Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a time of reflection and a time of devotion,’ Obama said in his brief remarks. ’It’s an occasion to join with family and friends in celebration of a faith known for its diversity and a commitment to justice and the dignity of all human beings. So to you and your families, Ramadan Kareem,’ he said.” Read more.

Tennessee: Officials Investgate Cause of Massive Fish Kill in Gateway Island Reception Center Pond

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“MURFREESBORO — City officials aren’t sure what caused a massive fish kill at the Gateway Island Reception Center pond Thursday morning.

‘Early Thursday morning,’ Murfreesboro Environmental Engineer Sam Huddleston said, city staff was notified of a fish kill at the Gateway Island Reception Center pond.

Parks and Recreation, Murfreesboro Water and Sewer and Engineering staff were sent to investigate.

‘When we arrived, an estimated 2,000 pounds of dead fish were discovered on the lower or western pond,’ Huddleston said.

Since then, some living fish have been discovered in the lower pond and no dead fish were found in the upper pond, he said.

‘As with most fish kills in closed pond systems,’ he said, ‘we suspected the culprit was an overnight transient water quality episode involving dissolved oxygen.’

‘Other contributing factors considered included temperature, chlorine content, and possible failure of pond water circulation equipment,’ he continued. ‘City staff and contractors checked and reset these systems on Thursday.'” Read more.

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Strong 6.8 Earthquake Strikes East Coast of Japan Near Fukushima, USGS Says 6.3

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“TOKYO — A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.8 struck off Japan’s northeastern coast Friday, triggering a tsunami advisory that was later lifted. [USGS says it was a 6.3].

Japan’s Meteorological Agency said the quake hit at 2:36 p.m. (0536 GMT) and was centred slightly south of where a massive magnitude-9.0 temblor struck in March.

The agency issued a tsunami advisory, predicting waves of 50 centimetres along the coast of Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, where a nuclear plant crippled in the March 11 quake is located. But about a half-hour later, the advisory was lifted.

There were no abnormalities in key equipment at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, said Chie Hosoda, an official with the Tokyo Electric Power Co., the plant’s operator. She said some of the plant’s workers assigned to the coastal side of the facility temporarily retreated inside the building.” Read more.

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