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Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive Steam Escapes Danger Zone

“Workers at Japan’s Fukushima plant say the ground under the facility is cracking and radioactive steam is escaping through the cracks. The cooling system at the plant failed after the devastating tsunami hit Japan in March, sparking a nuclear crisis. But new evidence suggests that Fukushima reactors were doomed to cripple even before the massive wave reached them. RT’s Anissa Naouai talks to Dr. Robert Jacobs, a Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute.”

Flashback: Michio Kaku – ‘This Could be the World’s Record Holder for an Industrial Accident’ – “Physicist Michio Kaku on Fukushima: ‘If they have another aftershock … the accident could start all over again … In the last two weeks, everything we knew about that accident has been turned upside down. We were told three partial meltdowns, ‘don’t worry about it.’ Now we know it was 100% core-melt in all three reactors. ‘Radiation minimal that was released’. Now we know it was comparable to the radiation at Chernobyl. And as far as evacuation, ‘yeah 12 miles that’s it. You don’t have to evacuate beyond 12 miles.’ Now they find hot-spots. Four hot-spots outside the evacuation zone. 34,000 school children now have radiation badges when they go to school, down to 4 years of age! Could you imagine that, kindergarten kids with radiation badges going to school?'” Read more.

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